Another example of the extreme cruelty of

First read this post:

It’s about a white guy in Bushwick getting mugged and getting a bunch of staples in the head.  It’s saddening and a good lesson to everyone know thinks there are so tough to know that your actions could easily get you killed.  You immediately feel so horrible for him.  All he did was resist for a brief second.

Here’s how the guys from Diehipster reacts:

FROM Rabbi Buddy Booth – “OK, this might possibly be the funniest hipster related item I have ever seen:
“…when a rhinoceros of a man grabbed the handlebars and said, “Drop the bike!” ”
“So, with one hand on still holding the handlebars, I simply said, “No.” ”

Hahahahahahahaa. Wrong answer, SCHMUCK!

Other classic lines:
“the pain was real, and I instinctively yelled, “Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!” with every strike that hit the back of my head. ”

“Puzzled by their reluctance to act, I looked up at them and shouted, “Why are you standing there? How can you just watch this? Do something!!!” But, like zombies, they just stood up, turned around, and went inside their building, leaving me alone with the mugger — who, by the way, kept slugging away. ”

“It was then that I finally let go of the bike and roared the biggest roar of my life, shaking the humid air on my quiet residential street: “WHY WON”T ANYBODY IN THIS FUCKING NEIGHBORHOOD HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!” ”

Amazing, he’s totally unselfconscious of what a putz he is.

And here’s From BILL:

I remember this wonderful story from last year. DieHipster posted this on the old site. What a fucking douche. Deserved everything he got.

Finally here’s from Hipster Holocaust:

Yeah, i remember this one too…makes me smile a little on the inside every time i hear about it! its one thing if the person defended himself against the robber, or even avoided the whole beatdown together and given him whatever he wanted…but he had to try a bernhard goetz and get in his face and talk shit…and tried to make it everyone elses fault for “NOT FUCKING HEELLLLPPING MEEEE!!!!!!” what a douche. If you cant stand the hood, stay out of brooklyn! (or whatever projects they wanna invade)

And i absolutley LOVE the tshirt hes wearing in his “ooohh pity me look at what happened to me in my safe neighborhood” picture to blog to the world…

absolutely sickening. Yet laughable

What does this remind you of?  To me, it reminds me of the scene in 1984 where Winston Smith goes to the movies and they are watching a scene of a mother holding her son on a boat.  Helicopters approach and they proceed to fire on her and her son.  She tries to protect the son – which draws the immense laughter of the crowd.

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9 Responses to Another example of the extreme cruelty of

  1. Lee Jones says:

    Maybe I’m just a pussy, but a quick read through of the original article makes it seem like the only reason this guy got beat so badly was because he wouldn’t give up the bike.

    I certainly don’t condone violence against anyone (well, can’t exactly say that), but seriously, if I were attacked by a mugger while on a bike and told to “let go of the handlebars,” I sure as hell would. What was this guy trying to prove?

    I wouldn’t exactly call the replies “extreme cruelty.” In fact, “hipster holocaust” makes a valid point how the writer, instead of writing about why such incidents happen and taking a pro-active tone, he makes it into a self-severing and self-pitying piece in which he used, abused, neglected, ignored, and only remarks that his building is made safer because of what happened to HIM.

    That’s not to downplay what happened to him (not all hipsters deserve to be injured) but there’s something terribly irritating about his written response.

    • I'm so unhip says:

      Thank you. That was the feeling I was trying to get at when I read the article. I felt terribly bad for the guy. But at the same time there was this part of me that was just screaming “get over yourself”. I couldn’t put my finger on why and I was starting to feel guilty. But you nailed it. This wasn’t a personal blog post. It was a “news” site. But it reads like a very egocentric blog. I hope they caught the guy and I hope charges are pressed. But I also hope that this guys takes away from it some street smarts, some drive to fight back, something other than that this was just random and could happen at any time. Also, please stop disrespecting the police. Please, please, please. I know they can be a pain to deal with, but there are hundreds of calls a day and the cops are understaffed. No, the beating you took which you lived through, had only minor injuries from, and in which nothing was stolen is not going to be at the forefront of their minds at all times. He states it’s been “a couple of weeks”. I hope he recovers well and I hope nothing like this ever happens again. But he does need to stop acting as if the universe centers on him.

      • Hipster Holocaust says:

        thx for the shout out….wasnt expecting that! LOL

        i thought there were some comments on there that was WAYY meaner than mine hahaha…

        anyway, I agree with unhip 100%. It wasnt the situation (an unsuspecting person gettin cracked) that got my goat, it was this dude himself! He really could have handled it w a lil more maturity and less patheticness (i know, its not a word…:-P). Dont blame yr neighbors for not helping you, why, so they can get fucked up as well? And as for the cops…at least they came to him. Does he realize that if he didnt have his skin color how much longer it would have taken for them to respond? If they had come at all?

        But thx for at least giving me the benefit of the doubt though (to Lee). a lot of times i come across as more harsh than i intend…that goes for on as well.

      • Hipster Holocaust, I am so so happy you posted on here. Thank you for this apology. I completely accept it. We can all get a little too heated sometimes. But unlike the others, you came clean. Both you and that Mikey guy said some pretty mean things to everyone and I know why – when someone puts you on the spot – you want to get out of it. Anyway, now knowing you’re an African-American women helps clarify a bunch of things. I know race shouldn’t matter, but it does help in explaining where we all come from. Thank you.

  2. It reminds me of a bunch of socially-challenged special-ed dropouts that have nothing productive to do in their lives than to buzz around a site like Diehipster like flies around a warm fresh pile of shit. The most telling aspect about Diehipster and its followers is that even on X-mas day you’ll find the same group of native Brooklyn idiots spewing hate and intolerance, and inciting violence against pretty much everyone and anyone they deem a “hipster”. Go check the comments on Dec. 25th, 2009…I kid you not.
    This shouldn’t be a total surprise as Diehipster had been previously advertising his blog on NYC’s Craigslist Rants and Raves, which everyone knows is full of racists, homophobes, misogynists, frustrated Republicans, and various social rejects. Another thing to keep in mind is that although Diehipster has been around for a few years, after all this time, it’s STILL the SAME dozen or so idiots that comment on a regular basis there. And Googling some of their usernames reveals hundreds of immature childish comments that they leave all over the internet on various people’s “hipster” blogs. That says a lot about the target demographic of the circle-jerk for idiots known as — the lowest of the low and an embarrassment to all New Yorkers. The winning formula on is if you act as dumb as dumb can be, anyone with any intelligence will simply leave you alone because it’s not worth their time interacting with you.

  3. The King of Never Lose says:

    None of you have ever laughed at anyone being hurt on the internet? Whether blogs or youtube videos? I see your point but I don’t believe its that big a deal. Look at cartoon violence, for example.

    • That kind of reminds me of the Simpsons episode where Marge goes on a crusade against Itchy and Scratchy and makes them non-violent and boring as shit.

      However I think there is a big difference between laughing at a guy getting hit in his balls on AFI and a guy getting attacked and possibly killed. Part of being a good functioning adult in our society is being able to discern between the two. Funny violence and the real serious stuff.

      In other words, did you laugh when you watched the scene in American History X where the guy crushes the other guy with his boot? I’m sure you didn’t.

  4. Mildly-amused by bigoted make-believe/pretend killers says:

    I saw both sides of it.

    The lesson is know and be friends with your neighbors.

    Also, try to fit in a little. “When in Rome…”

    Brooklyn has always had the tough guy reputation, so tough up a little, if you want to mingle with the natives.

    Maybe try some looser clothes. Trim your beard in the local fashion. Assimilate. Try not to be a complete affront to others in your appearance. Re-evaluate your wardrobe and stop being a girlyman. Maybe join a gym or work out and get healthy.

    Good job fighting the robber and keeping your bike, but it would have been better if you gave him an injury to remember you by. And deflected the umbrella hits to the head.

    On the other hand, all this rooting for the crackhead thief is pretty stupid.

  5. Mike says:

    Let me get this straight? Some of you people are capable of placing a mugging entirely within the context of what happens AFTER a demand to hand over property?

    That’s incredible.

    Because I suppose in your perverse world saying “no” and succumbing to a beating would necessarily be inevitable most of the time, thus, if not deserved, certainly earned.

    And this is justified because a “neighborhood” has a tough reputation, therefore the “neighborhood” can demand property any time it feels like it?

    I’d love to know how a neighborhood earns this right and who passes out merit badges entitling residents to one free bike at the time of their choosing.

    (I’m guessing the enlightened response here is going to be, “if you’re strong enough, take it,” to which I would reply, “maybe you should go live with some fucking mountain lions, asshole.”)

    But I get it: if everybody just lived in the same neighborhood they grew up in, none of this would happen, right?

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