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No one is cool with trust funders complaining that expressing their feelings is nearly as hard as fitting into their skinny jeans. I don’t wish death upon them though, maybe a hard days work though.

I can testify Ed is not one of these and generally up at 4am home at 11pm from working all day 6 days a week. That’s why I’m shocked he’s tuned me into his secret shame of posting this week on this site.

I thought the people following thread might be interested in my 2 cents.

Although, I live with this self-described hipster. I, coincidently, used to work internationally for one of the largest manufacturer of candy in the world. Something I learned there was that you should check the packaging, most “chocolate” in america legally has to be called “chocolate flavored” because there’s not enough actual chocolate in it. The FDA mandates a certain amount of the product to actually contain cocoa, which companies like mine didn’t put in and then we sold it by the container load to wal marts and stores across america. Undoubtedly there is a quality difference between the Mast Brothers and large scale manufacturers. However, I probably will not be paying $10 for a chocolate bar anytime soon. If the “beardos” can make a living doing it or spend their inheritance on it, why should I care? Let them pursue their happiness.

I don’t know how to even address the dialogue of “gentrification” Life is what it is, places change, people are annoying, people are cool, “the good old days” argument is an expression used by impotent people in the present. If it wasn’t hipsters, it was hippies, or yuppies, and preps, greasers, or dear god ethnics.

I can hear my immigrant grandfather talk about how the Italians ruined his neighborhood. And his son married an italian lady…he got over it as will the “native hard working Brooklynites”

This false nostaglia of the “Good old days” also applies to Wal-Mart or as ed describes “cultureless” small town america. Wal-Mart does what every business tries to do-make money, they just do it better than most. As the mast brothers the Walton’s wanted to influence their local culture, than they thought bigger.

Personally though my take is this is how it affects me. I’m not sure which is better when shopping, checking out with the hipster beardos or the wheezing obese lady with skin tags on her neck at wal mart. I generally prefer salty latinas or chatty old russian ladies, which is harder to find back home in small town america.

Wal-Marts might be annoying in the homogenization of the Globe, but that’s life.

I think Ed posted the video here to get feedback from a critical audience-a very unhipster move in my book. He’s working right now as I type-very unhipster on a saturday.

I’m not sure what the core of anyone’s argument is on here, that is the source of anger which i imagine for everyone is based on personal experience. Did a hipster kill your mother? Did he take your job for a lower wage? steal your girl?

I’m not sure if the Mast Brothers chocolate or Ed’s film is “changing the world” in the do-gooder sense. Statements like “the X people are ruining my neighborhood” presumes a static world which simply doesn’t exist. The bitching back in forth has made a pretty entertaining morning though.

Ed likes people who do what they love, so he filmed them for a few hours.
Diehipster fans LOVE hating hipsters.

I suggest a creative reconciliation. Can Ed shoot a piece on some of the people who love hating hipsters? Volunteers? Ed?

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