Here’s my real identity, where is yours, diehipster?

Above is a link to an interview done about me for Defgrip.

I don’t quite understand the anonymousness of  What if people took responsibility for what they said?  I think your blog would become even stronger. Hatred could still be there, but hatred about real problems, not just picking on people.

Speaking of which, here’s why I think Diehipster is a hipster hipster-hater, which makes his blog even more fascinating.

1. He uses wordpress.  Very hipster.

2. He uses twitter.  Very very hipster.

3.  He posts to twitter via his iphone.  As hipster as humanly possible.

So why is a “hipster” writing all this?  Grief?  Anger?  Whatever it is, it’s good.  More people need to be critical of where they come from.

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11 Responses to Here’s my real identity, where is yours, diehipster?

  1. xgo says:

    Kudos to you for putting yourself out in the open, and not hiding like diehipster. Since I agree with both your views I’ll add diediehipster to my entertaining reads.

    Been trying to figure out who diehipster is.

    I believe he is a white guy, maybe Irish or Irish/Italian who lives in south Brooklyn, probably in a mostly white neighborhood. I’m not sure where, but he may encounter hipsters in his daily life, or often, but maybe not often enough to know many or any personally, otherwise he would have dropped the stereotype hatred, and seen people as individuals, rather than a group.

    He might be a renter, since his tirades include rent increases, so my guess is it would preclude home ownership. Maybe he was priced out and had to settle for a lesser apartment during the real-estate boom, or perhaps he can’t afford to move from his parent’s basement, to Williamsburg, because of prices. He might be a failed or low-income writer, who, ironically, (there’s that word again) has his very own blog.

    He would also be single, because he is brutish and coarse, and full of hate. What woman would tolerate a man who spends so much time brooding over hipsters and lives in a basement? Or perhaps he’s in an old, stale, or failed relationship.

    With low employment and lack of female companionship, he has much time to stew in his hatred of those different from him, but specifically only white people. (Of which hipsters with their “pasty faces’ and “red beards” are mostly comprised of). It would be entirely too racist for a person of color to originate such a website.

    He is not really, unlike those whites who lamented the large waves of Latino immigration in the last century, who bristled at the thought that their precious neighborhoods were changing.

    He may also have low self-esteem, much like Klansmen, and Neo-Nazis, who project hatred on those deemed inferior, in order to boost his own self-esteem.
    Personality-wise, he is akin to a redneck, mind closed to foreign and alien ideas, and only comfortable in the familiar. A conservative.

    Those who write are often “people persons” but diehipster probably only closely associates with a familiar circle of people with whom he has a lot in common. Mostly conformist, generic Brooklyn tough-guy types probably, few outsiders get close to knowing him well, and probably fewer know of his “secret” blog.

    He will try his best to hide behind the internet mask, and avoid being exposed to ridicule and personal mockery, which he avoids by directing focus on hipsters.

    He may be Anti-semitic too, and has difficulty discerning bearded native Brooklyn Jews from bearded hipsters, and so probably lives in a neighborhood with a scant Jewish community, or has few Jewish friends. Few would be interested in his boorish rants.

    I bet if you knew him well, and were one of his own people you’d hear him launch into bigoted tirades about other ethnic groups and people of color. It comes with the territory of intolerance for other groups. But you’d probably never know it if you meet him on the street. Hence the “secret blog” he uses to vent through.

    He might actually be a funny guy to hang out with with his mocking manner, but could be a boorish oaf. Hard to tell.

    I partially share his exasperation at these odd people, but nowhere to the degree he exhibits.

    I imagine he is a Republican, Rush Limbaugh type backer, with his hard-headed, narrow, self-destructive opinionated views, preferring pesticides to organics, SUV’s to bicycling, war to peace, killing to helping, etc.

    Just a guess.

    • John from Around the Way says:

      “He may be Anti-semitic too, and has difficulty discerning bearded native Brooklyn Jews from bearded hipsters, and so probably lives in a neighborhood with a scant Jewish community, or has few Jewish friends. Few would be interested in his boorish rants.”

      From someone who grew up in South Brooklyn, that is a very ignorant comment. There are virtually no areas of South Brooklyn, especially off the F train that don’t have sizable Jewish communities. Secindly, plenty of “Jewish Guidos” from South Brooklyn a la Andrew Dice Clay would fit these “boorish” stereotypes you seem to want to label Catholic Irish and Italians as. This statement clearly shows an anti Catholic, Pro-Jewish chauvinism/bigotry.

      So to paraphrase your own words, why are you Diediehipster, allowing “hate to flourish?”

      • Mildly-amused by bigoted make-believe/pretend killers says:

        Andrew Dice rules, I would never call him boorish.
        Are you calling Dice boorish? Wrong, Dice is funny, not boorish.
        Or are you saying that diehipster is like funny like Dice? haha, wrong.
        Are you calling me diediehipster? Wrong.
        Are you calling me an anti Catholic, Pro-Jewish chauvinist/bigot. Wrong again.
        Are you saying diehipster lives off the F train. Possible.
        Am I preaching hate? Hate is murder fantasies shared by a group against people based on their skin color, (pasty) beard color (red) as you would find in daily.

  2. He defends big business almost blindly – even going to defend Walmart on several occasions when we all know they are union-busters and small mom-and-pop store destroyers and sweat-shop users. That maybe the most telling sign.

    The other thing I think is that he posts using multiple personoas. For legal reasons, he has the worst tirades come out of the mouth of people like Hipsteriminator. So he can be free of blame.

    Which is interesting is how secretive he is. His domain name is hidden. And he fades away for days at a time. Does he always do that? Which makes me think he’s traveling a lot. Also he doesn’t post too frequently. Anyway I’m new to all this so I have no idea, really.

  3. Bye Hater says:

    Have you ever thought that he might be a she.

  4. I did a bit of online research years ago and came across an online interview that featured him on a now defunct link:

    Unfortunately Google doesn’t have the page cached, but I speak the truth. I also do not know much about the site. It seems to have changed a lot since then, but it may give away certain clues to the type of person he might be. I’ll summarize the major points below:

    1. Diehipster is male, but no clues to his age were given.

    2. Diehipster lives in S. Brooklyn.

    3. Diehipster has kids…two if I remember correctly.

    4. The reporter brought forth concerns that his blog might be anti-immigration and xenophobic, but Diehipster denied those claims and said he welcomes any newcomer to the neighborhood as long as they “contribute”.

    5. The event that sparked the creation of his blog was one day when he was with his kids at Coney Island, a bunch of “hipsters” butted in line in front of him and somehow made fun of him when he protested.

    Other clues about him can be found in his blog verify that he lives in S. Brooklyn and takes the F-train. I also believe he’s given away clues that he works in the midtown area of Manhattan. My guess is that he’s a single father…perhaps divorced or separated. Perhaps if he has periodic custody of the kids, that might explain certain cyclic behaviors.

    I personally don’t believe he comments on his own blog under alternative usernames like “Hipsterminator” because he probably doesn’t have THAT much time on his hands, but he used to post “Today’s Hipster Beating” almost every single day to NYC Craigstlist Rants and Raves for a period of about 1.5 years. He also still tries to advertise his blog on RnR’s of various East coast cities like NYC, Philly, Boston, but people flag them off pretty fast because making fun of “hipsters” is such a tired topic.

    • Trey that’s kind of a cool superhero backstory about Die Hipster. Just him and his kids in line at Coney Island when he gets overtaken by hipsters – such a nice mental image. It kind of adds some warmth to his character.

      Instead of putting on a mask and fighting the hipsters, he took it to the nerdy world of wordpress blogs – in essence the hipster’s home turf. And he fights them left and right – swinging and swinging and knocking them down.

      Too bad he’s taken it too far – in essence resorting to the hipster’s rudeness with his blog posts about fantasy violence and allowing homophobia and racism to flourish. I don’t think his kids would be proud.

      • Trey Parasuco says:

        Oh…another thing about him is that apparently he’s never heard of those bahn-mi Vietnamese sandwiches. A couple of months ago he ran a post mocking their rise in popularity. He posted a comment on his own blog in reply to his regular commenters, who apparently had been aware of them since forever as you could get them in Chinatown before “hip” eateries started selling them.

        This means despite Diehipster claiming he’s a New York native, he probably doesn’t really get out all that much or that he’s not really THAT into what other cultures in NYC have to offer. It’s a little surprising…and adds another piece to the psychological puzzle.

    • Mildly-amused by bigoted make-believe/pretend killers says:

      He must be a short wimpy guy, if a bunch of garden hosed hipsters disrespected him in front of his kids, and he didn’t do anything but have a tantrum online about it.
      Napoleon complex.
      The picture is getting clearer.

    • meeotch says:

      Article still exists in at

      “Josh Van Bedford (a pseudonym for obvious reasons)”

      I thought the “obvious reasons” bit was funny. All the obvious reasons I can think of are pretty uncomplimentary… (E.g., He’s afraid of reprisals; it’s illegal to incite violence; it’s a hoax / he’ s a hipster himself.) Or was that the author’s point?

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