I was wrong – Diehipster was right

So all this started with this blog post:


I went on to defend the Mast Brothers, and in many, many ways I got my ass handed to me.  Occassionally I showed some reason, but overall there were enough smart people on there who outsmarted me, which of course isn’t that hard – cause well I don’t really debate that much often beyond the world of cameras.

It was hard to see that they won, because nearly every post (minus a few kind soles like I’m so unhip and Lee Jones) were filled with anger, insults, death threats and more.

Looking back on it I see that at many certain turns I came across as entitled, annoying and selfish – a true hipster.  But by the end the hazing worked – I feel more aware of my short-comings.

Even if I don’t think I’m affecting the world in a negative way, I am.  Sometimes its really heartbreaking, like for me, being part of the gentrification of Williamsburg.

But in the end all cultures and neighborhoods change – some for the worst, and some for the better.  Today we visited Long Beach, CA which seems to be improving in many ways.   I was working on a project about small businesses.  The small business is so vital to the local and national economy.  And therre in the back of my mind were the Mast Brothers – making a product in Williamsburg, Brooklyn while more and more companies are moving out.  They are doing good work.  And people on Diehipster started to acknowledge that.  But at the same time they expressed concern with the overexposure of hipster, and to them the Mast Brothers are no different.  But unlike other hipsters, they need exposure.  That’s what you need as a business.  And they are doing what they can to make their product successful.  There is nothing wrong with that.  They aren’t whining.  They aren’t loud.  They are good people, with beards. Now the bad people with beards – they are there including me.

It’s kind of heartbreaking that Diehipster has to spread its knowledge in between hate-fueled language.  I guess it’s only fitting though – with the cloak of anonymity, you can really say what you want, for good and for bad.

I need to go back and read “I’m so unhip” and “Lee Jones” posts some more.  I could learn a lot of things and, as they said to me, start to grow up a little.

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