The bad about Diehipster

Recently they attacked this blog post.

A hipster leaves her bike, goes to a show, comes back and it’s gone.  She then proceeds to find the bastard who stole her bike and set up a sting operation from watching old episodes of Law and Order.  It’s a great story.

Diehipster obviously doesn’t approve cause she’s leaving her bike for a bunch of hours and well he’s right – she shouldn’t be leaving her bike like that – it’s part of a bigger issue that we all have with D-bags who leave their bikes for weeks or months chained up and ugling up the street ways.

If you look at the diehipster comments – it almost all becomes about how ugly she is and how she’s a terrible writer and how unfair it is that she has two published books.  It becomes truly horrendous how they started to attack her.

It strays really hard away from the issue.  And for what reason?  This is a totally important topic – how to deal with the rise in people biking everywhere and the stupid idiots who leave their bikes chained forever.

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9 Responses to The bad about Diehipster

  1. Finally we have a blog that encourages intelligent commenting. You should advertise your blog on Craigslist in the Rants and Raves section. It’s great exposure. Diehipster was doing this until the CL community got sick of his incessant idiocy and now flags and removes his posts on site. He’s also been blocked by the NYTimes and various blogs such as BushwickBK. Diehipster hasn’t been able to advertise in any free public forums for ages…but I don’t think you’ll have any problem.

    • Lee Jones says:

      The other side of this is that I’d imagine that if the “krazy glue hero” were gluing the gas refill holes on people’s cars shut, the hipsters would be having a field day talking about how great it is to have a bike instead of a useless “non-green” car.

      • Die Die Hipster says:

        I agree with you – if the crazy glue hero (the guy who was glueing bike locks shut) was instead targeted towards cars all the hipsters would be loving it. But then again, I mean, cars pollute and really help contribuate to global warming. I understand it’s more than this – it’s still a criminal activity. And really I think glueing bike locks shut is still pretty questionable – like how do you get the bike out of there – do you then have to call the cops?

        Anyway I wish there was some way to know how long a bike has been there short of taking a photo and seeing. The police need to find a way to do this or the city will be littered with millions of forgotten bikes.

  2. Lee Jones says:

    Oh, but come now!

    The above cited blog post is indeed the product of an entitled hipster bitch and ought to be attacked in every way.

    I don’t take issue with a thief being caught, but the irritating and nauseating way in which the post was composed is enough to make me want to break that disgusting piss yellow bike into dozens of pieces.

    I mean, I shouldn’t hate a piece of writing due to word choice, but this was just irresistibly infuriating. Here are some highlight quotes:

    “Then I went to the show which was awesome. Spoon was awesome. Arcade Fire was awesome. It was a truly inspirational musical event of both delicate and epic proportions.”

    “It was a genuine sad face. I tried to stop the sad face but I could not…I sad-faced myself to sleep.”

    “Thumbs up, South Williamsburg police officers. You guys are the shit.”

    “It was now 11:30 AM and we had made some justice happen in a very short period of time.”

    i mEan suruslee who rights like that except illiterate 13 year old girls…and hipsters?

    What that blog boiled down to was a spoiled brat bitching and whining til she got her way then blogging about it so she could further bask in the glory of feeling superior to everyone, cause not only did she get her extremely sentimentally valued bike back, but she got some lower class petty thief arrested. Great job and justice for all!

    • The girl may seem annoying and all that; however, she does have a job, has two published books, and DID in fact take the initiative to get the thief arrested in a way that took some planning and thought. These last three facts certainly go against the “hipster” stereotype of being a complacent, job-less, trust-funded layabout…which are the stereotypes that the half-dozen, intellectually-challenged, class-less, Diehipster regular commenters constantly drill into people’s heads 24/7.
      This all just goes to show you that the word “hipster” is essentially a meaningless term that ignorant Brooklyn nativists inaccurately and indiscriminately call pretty much everyone and anyone not from NYC. And the bike-glueing is an extension of this in which personal property is being indiscriminately damaged simply because it happens to be on a street called Bedford Ave. This is why one has to be a total idiot to celebrate criminal activity such as this. Maybe the “hipster” girl with the bike will be clever enough to set up a sting to get the “krazy glue hero” arrested.

      • Lee Jones says:

        If the “Krazy Glue Hero,” the cops should also set up a sting operation to arrest every hipster as they come to retrieve their “precious” bike from every illegally used pole, fence, etc.

        Bikes tend to get a free pass; if a biker runs a stop sign or red light and gets hit by a car, more often than not the driver is scolded for not being more careful when going through the intersection, even if it’s completely the biker’s fault.
        If a car is parked in a tow zone, they get a ticket. If a hipster biker blocks a public walkway with their bike and then their bike lock gets glued shut, they get a mourning choir of losers trying to defend to poor hipsters from misguided cruelty.


        So it boils down to that if a car is parked in violation of the law, giving the driver a ticket is OK, but literally dozens of bikes locked up illegally simply gets a free pass? Is that really OK? I think there’s a bit of discrimination right there.

        “And the bike-glueing is an extension of this in which personal property is being indiscriminately damaged simply because it happens to be on a street called Bedford Ave.”

        Did you even look at the picture? It’s not a few bikes here and there, that entire scaffolding is covered in them! I personally don’t care where it is, but that type of entitled behavior is just pain rude, not to mention technically illegal.

        Let’s say, theoretically, that the “hero” were apprehended. If justice is truly being served, shouldn’t every illegally locked up bike also have its lock cut and be confiscated for breaking the law?

  3. Bye Hater says:

    These are also the same people who laugh there asses off when gays are victimized and mothers of 2 are killed in hit and runs, so I’m not surprised.

  4. Bicycles are legally vehicles and therefore should be subjected to the same rules and enforcements that apply to every other vehicle out there. There is no arguement there. But not all hipsters are bike riders and not all bike riders are hipsters, and the worst rule-breaking bike riders are not always hipsters. The logic behind the targeting of bikes SIMPLY because they are on Bedford Ave., because they somehow MUST all belong to “hipsters” is misguided and flawed, just as it is stupid to think that ANYONE who lives in that part of Brooklyn MUST have a trust fund.

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