The fun has started

Since the introduction of, the comments board on have been a-buzz:

Well not really “buzzing,” more like five diehipster people have commented about it.  My favorite comment comes from the very-reasonable “I’m so unhip” –

1- Is that REALLY you?
2- Why? Seriously? Does this site affect you that much? I mean, it’s a blog. (No offense DH.)
You’ve said some things that bug me, but you don’t seem like an idiot overall. But this…well…is kinda idiotic.
Anyway, if you’re going to persist, at least change the title page to something your own and original. You’re good with a camera right? Stealing the exact same format complete with photo just isn’t right. First the neighborhood and now even the diehipster logo? *tsk tsk* Can’t a hipster do ANYTHING original?

I’m sorry “I’m so Unhip” – I’m kind of an idiot.  News flash.

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6 Responses to The fun has started

  1. I'm so unhip says:

    Since I’m typing it’s going to be hard to read my tone here since about 90% of communication is nonverbal. But you should know I was more or less chuckling and rolling my eyes, shaking my head. No animosity is meant. I don’t believe in using hatred and threats to get my point across.
    That being said…. is just what it claims to be. It’s a place to “vent” about hipsters. It isn’t advertised as a place to talk reasonably, find solutions, come to compromise. It’s a place to vent. Anything the writer posts is, to him, hipster related-even if the so-called “hipster” in the post may not be what others consider the stereotypical “hipster”. That’s the name of the game. (For instance my view of hipsters leans more toward the self-centered, entitled, judgmental, faux artist/musician/film maker/writer that moves into an area just because it’s the cool thing to do with no concern for anything in that area that is displaced and looks and acts just like all the other cool people – the nonconforming conformist. For others, it’s a guy with a beard and glasses. Though I will admit I “hipster profile” on occasion.)
    The people on the site that frequently comment, especially those with hatred and threats, are generally from the working class, maybe poor, and struggling with the gentrification of their neighborhood, the pushing out of all they know and care about. They have watched families they know leave, maybe lost their homes due to inability to keep up with rent, watched businesses they frequented close up shop. And, in real life, they can do nothing to stop it. Because, as you’ve said, neighborhoods change and time moves on. Of course they’re angry and spouting hatred! Wouldn’t you be angry? Anonymity allows them to do that and being together on the website provides them with that and with a “safe haven” to vent their frustration in whatever form they choose. It’s cathartic and might actually help keep them from acting violently in the real world. Me? I mainly go to laugh, read the linked articles, and maybe put my two cents in to try and bring reason to things. I’m on the fence with many issues expressed. But I don’t get involved with the angry guys. I don’t push buttons. You went on there looking for controversy and looking to change minds for some reason. That’s not what the site is for in the least bit. You also lowered yourself to insults and to threats, while chastising them for doing the same. You can’t beat them, just make them angrier and further “prove their point” about what scum the people they’ve already decided they hate are. Or don’t you know human nature?
    When I was growing up I was a pretty good kid. I spoke early, learned to wait, shared, showed respect. Then I had a baby sister. Well, she cried a lot, as babies do. But I was only 3. All I saw was that she was getting the attention for her tantrums. Diehipster is kind of like my sister. It’s a tantrum. But it tantrums for the purpose of tantrums, whether it gets its way out of it or not. It’s not necessarily for attention, a call to action, or a true purpose. It’s not doing anything wrong but existing and no one is being hurt by it other than imaginary hipsters being beaten up in cartoonish ways. Now me? What did I do? Well, I wanted that attention I wasn’t getting. So I started throwing tantrums myself. Loud, angry, spiteful tantrums. Because I wanted to spite that annoying baby and get the attention back on me, even if it was negative attention. You’re kind of like me at three. This site, by it’s very name and purpose right down to the picture and format you use, is like throwing a tantrum to spite someone else’s tantrum. It’s more childish than the site it’s mocking. Maybe not in content, but in purpose.
    Now, I don’t say you can’t have your parody site. You do have freedom of speech after all. I can’t stop you. But I do ask you to just consider who you’re actually mocking. The people already affected by gentrification. The poor. The blue collar. Perhaps various ethnic groups being gentrification is typically a white thing. The people already angry by the callous attitude shown them and their neighborhoods by “hipsters”. The people who are angry, not simply because hipsters exist, but because they’ve already been negatively affected by them. People who have a reason and a right to be angry, even if they express their anger in non-constructive ways. They’ve already been hurt and this parody of a site may be fun for you, but it’s throwing salt into wounds and will just cause more anger and worse hatred.
    Again, I’m leaving Brooklyn very soon. I have a kid now and I actually want the suburban life for my children. Hipsters are something I see as a temporary annoyance, just one more barrier before I go. But to others they’re a huge problem. They’re the difference between being able to live in the neighborhood they’ve grown up in and know and love, and being shoved out into an inconvenient and possibly dangerous area, or having nowhere to go at all. It isn’t a joke. I may not always agree with the wording on the site, I may outright dislike some of the commenters, but I do understand their rage. And I wouldn’t make fun of them as you’re doing here. Either I feel for them or I dismiss them mentally, but never respond. While you may come across as more intelligent, witty, and insightful than someone who yells “HO” all day long, I don’t respect you any more than I do him if you’re actually going to make it your business to devote so much time and energy mocking him. If you’re really superior (to most of the regulars), as you seem to feel you are based on comments you’ve made, why do you need to go on a crusade to prove it? Unless you do need attention and approval? In which case, you sort of prove the “knuckle draggers” point and sort of fit in my definition of hipster. And I really don’t want to lump you in there. As I said about some of the so-called “hipsters” – intelligent, but misguided.
    And with this post you may actually be able to figure out who I am since email is required. I truly don’t care. But leave me anonymous. I don’t need real world harassment from hipsters or natives as I’m sure I’ve said things that would anger both. Like many people, I’m just trying to live my life. Thanks.

  2. Wow. That was such a beautiful post, “so unhip.” Thank you so much for having the time to write that.

    I completely agree with you – I should not be there to mock these people who are getting displaced by people like me.

    And I don’t want to be seen as such. All I want to do is let them be angry, and angry as hell – but to not hurt feelings while they are doing it.

    They deeply hurt me and my girlfriend after the Mast Bros post. They hurt that “Steve” guy. They hurt a author who wrote about her bike getting stolen. Granted, you get what you get by posting yourself on a blog or the likes or by commenting on Diehipster.

    But I see Diehipster perhaps as more than a place to vent – it’s a powerful form of anonymous expression against gentrification and I want everyone on the site to be angry but to do it in a persuasive way. Because they can influence people.

    And DH affected me – I can see more clearly the bad parts of my personality. But I’m not like most people. I have a pretty thick skin so I was able to take the “hazing” to get to the point to see this.

    For instance I see the “Steve” character as totally, totally affected. As if picked on by bullies as school. I want that to stop. I want all the “Steves” of the world to have a place they can talk about gentrification and not fear being beaten into a pulp.

    The site parodies more the Diehipster character and what he brings. Right now I know that he posts to twitter using his iphone and he uses wordpress, all three big signs that point to him not being working class and that of the displaced-class, but rather another “hipster” like me. For that he can be mocked.

    I also like how you say you don’t like this site but there’s nothing you can do about it. Yes there is – you can post on it and show the hypocrisy of my words and what my posts are about. You can keep me honest. You can reveal me for how you see me – as putting this on to get attention because my little sister is getting it all. I want you to do that. But I also want you to start to see that I too care about gentrification, urban planning, hipsters, and the changing cultural landscape of the U.S.A and small businesses. That these are all issues I hold dearly and maybe I wanted to create a safe place where I could talk about them without feeling like total shit at the end of the night.

    • Don’t worry about that Steve guy. He’s from Canada and not even aware of the Diehipster site. I baited the Diehipster dimwits ages ago into thinking him and myself are the same person because I wanted to reveal to the world the true nature of the low-life scumbags that fill the site…and don’t forget they only number about a dozen in the end. In truth I knew about the existence of Steve for quite some time, I knew he would be an attractive target for Diehipster to mock, and seeing as he’s in another country and doesn’t follow the blog, I figure no harm done. But it should be no surprise that soon after Diehipster “outed” me as “Steve” that the native Brooklyn idiots would spew racist anti-Asian comments in addition to their usual tired drivel. The idiots have marginalized themselves and their cause, making them look worse than the hipsters they mock. It’s clear everyone with any type of intelligence knows this, and hence blogs such as this one have risen.

      I also don’t believe for a second that the native Brooklyn knuckle-draggers on Diehipster are REALLY poor working class people that are being threatened in any way. If they were, they’d probably be too busy trying to make ends meet than to be sitting in front of their computers spewing their crap 24/7 in the way they do. They are clearly lonely and bored people mainly from Craigslist Rants and Raves, who seek some needed sense of camaraderie, and use Diehipster to pat each other on the back and to self-medicate.

      It should also be brought into question whether “hipsters” are REALLY the root cause of gentrification, or whether they are simply a cog in the wheel of an extremely complex and inevitable urban phenomena that exists because of certain economic principles and government policy. It only takes a brief second of thought to realize the latter is probably true. The fact that the Diehipster idiots puts all their focus on blaming the “hipsters” reveals that they probably don’t really care about gentrification as much as they care about pissing people off and being immature scumbags behind the safety of anonymity.

      • I'm so unhip says:

        Ed (David?), I suppose you’re growing on me. And you have valid points. It’s not what you’re doing I find objectionable, it’s the spite within it. I suppose if you were to change the format and the name I’d respect it much much more. As it stands it still feels childish to me. I find it hard to take seriously when it’s so blatantly a spiteful jab.

        Trey, you need to step back and think about what you type. You don’t believe any of the people posting on diehipster are working class because they have the time to post? Did you ever think maybe the regulars have time because they are retired? Disabled? Elderly? On worker’s comp? Laid off? On maternity leave? I’ve been lurking around and have been a “regular” for the past week or so and might continue to do so because sometimes I’m amused. I am absolutely working class and have absolutely seen the effects of gentrification. I am also intelligent, educated, and definitely not a knuckle dragger. It was mentioned more than once that gentrification affects the most vulnerable first. Perhaps these “bored” people actually do have the time to rant and rave, but not by choice. I won’t deny there are some angry, insane, and clearly sociopathic people over there, but you’re overgeneralizing. You’re also dismissing out of hand their anger when you know nothing about the root cause. Second, you’re the one who directed them to Steve Lam…but you’re not Steve Lam? So….essentially you gave the sociopaths a target to spew hatred at who had nothing to do with them, and never engaged them himself. They have his social networking information. You don’t think the more delinquent members then went on to harass him via MySpace or Facebook or the myriad of other ways to cyber stalk someone these days? They may be slinging the arrows of racism and homophobia and hatred, but you painted the target on an innocent person’s back. Like them, you are guilty of possibly hurting someone with complete disregard.

        Yes, hipsters are a cog in the wheel. Most intelligent people know that. But they’re a tangible cog. We don’t see what goes on behind the closed doors of big business meetings. We don’t know the details of the deals the governments of the world have with the banks. We can’t see the workings of overseas factories. What we do see are self-centered, attention seeking, educated idiots changing our neighborhoods and feeling entitled to do so. It’s natural to lash out at the tangible. I have some clue as to what’s going on in the world and know that hipsters are just a small part, but they’re still a part I sometimes wish I could walk around punching in the face. Quite frankly, it would be more satisfying than trying to fight city hall.

  3. Thanks I’m So Unhip. I like you a lot. You remind me of my friend from Florida who now works as a lawyer for the army. It’s funny how when you read a post you can hear that person’s voice in it.

    I agree with you about the problems associated with “Trey” and “Steve.” If we are led to believe that “Steve” is an innocent person who knows nothing of this world, I find it deeply troubling that these guys have all his personal info, thanks to “Trey”. Thank goodnees for privacy control. Anyway it’s very unfair and hopefully he didn’t get any weird emails or messages like I’ve been getting.

    Which gets me thinking – why did I start posting on DH Lawrence with all my info and my real name? I kind of had no choice. Because when I submitted the Mast Brothers post to Diehipster, all my info was there in the piece and my email to DH Lawrence. My name was at the end of the piece and it wouldn’t take more than five minutes of work to know it was me and do a google search to find my webpage, etc. I guess I could have not started replying to these guys but anyway…now I am very exposed. And it’s kind of chaotic because I really don’t know what kind of people the diehipster crowd are. I hope they are good guys who are just projecting cause it’s the internet and that I shouldn’t fear for the safety of my family and friends and myself. But life is too short to live in fear.

    Anyway I agree 100% with you – hipsters are a tangible sign of the bigger problem. It’s easy to hate on them. But it’s also easy to hate on big business. I wish more people were hating on BP in the same style during the oil spill. BP is going to go back to normal and everyone is going to go back to looking at celebrities and god knows what. It feels like there is no good source of outrage anymore, that all people are so scattered and isolated by our technology. No more strong unified movements really unless there is a presidential election. If we could only channel this good anger towards something bigger and more important than the hipsters who walk up and down the street.

    Which brings me to one last thought – people think most people in Williamsburg and Greenpoint are just loaded and coasting thru life – this is because a lot of them are freelance – so you see them at all hours. I think hipsters suck – but I also think any other young person with lots of money and a lot of free time usually sucks too except for the fact that this is the most brutal economy ever for young people. No one can find work. So they start to drink and get depressed and acting like stupid hipsters. Making fun of these hipsters cause they don’t work is kind of – well it’s still funny – but when you find out the truth behind some of them – it’s really sad.

    All these college-educated young people who have talent who aren’t really doing much. And that’s a lot of them. I thank God everyday that I have a job and a job I love as well.

    Times are really bad in America and it’s not time to tear each other apart but instead get mad and try to do something about it.

  4. Trey Parasuco says:

    @I’m so unhip

    Point taken about working class people having the time to post. Every time I say “knuckle-dragger”, I refer specifically to ONLY the small group of Diehipster regulars, the ones who claim to be Brooklyn natives but are clearly idiots (I Killed Josh, Parkslope=yuppietoilet, etc), and not to working class or native New Yorkers in general. Maybe I should make that distinction more clear in the future, but I always accuse them of being an embarrassment to all hard working New Yorkers so I believe it’s implied I know better than to think all working class people are idiots like them.

    As to painting a target on Steve Lam’s back? I don’t think so. I simply used the handle “Steve Lam” a couple of times and they did the rest with their paranoia and mental pathologies. I never specifically referred to any particular person actually named Steve, or linked them to any online profiles. I figure it’s a reasonable compromise in terms of stirring the pot and bringing the true colors out of the Diehipster knuckle-draggers for the world to see. It just shows that they, including Diehipster himself, will simply lash out at anyone and everyone they can find. I simply planted a seed and now they will destroy themselves from within. The birth of this blog is only the start of it.

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