Example of Funny vs. Unfunny. DieHipster.com vs. Knifefight

Shockingly, another blog named “the chuck” posted that Diehipster is not funny.

Here’s the proof – a Diehipster piece of “fiction.”

Today, as I was harpooning 34 year old bearded skateboarders from my roof I noticed a gender puzzled hipster couple beginning their day of art gallery hopping in the ancient artistic community of Greenpoint. So I ground them into dust and melted them in the Masturbation Bros. chocolate factory. End of story.

Well, kind of funny.  I like the Masturbation joke.  Made me chuckle. But not too funny.  I.E. it was a waste of my time to read.

Anyway here’s actual funny.  Knifefight in BK.


I know humor is a matter of opinion, but I can’t stop laughing at Knifefights’s blog and think it deals with gentrification and the absurdities of hipsterism in a more effective manner in that  I don’t feel like taking a turpentine bath after reading it. It looks at the funny parts of living in New York – the absurd people and everything in between.

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6 Responses to Example of Funny vs. Unfunny. DieHipster.com vs. Knifefight

  1. Mike says:

    It seems to me that diehipster hates hyphens almost as much as he hates gentrification.

    Also, how did he grind hipsters into dust? That story has some serious holes in it.

  2. Yes it definiately jumps way too quickly. I would have enjoyed some more exposition in how he saw the couple and got them into the Mast Brother’s factory. Like he maybe charmed them a little by saying, “do you guys want the best tour of the neighborhood?” And then even putting little details into it, like the fact that he bought a factory visit for them. It’s the little details I feel that make a piece of fiction come alive.

    • Lee Jones says:

      Humor certainly is subjective. The “hipster beating” series is one of my favorite aspects of Die Hipster. Sure, they’re ridiculous, but they’re also extremely clever and well composed.

      The article you linked isn’t terribly amusing; probably one of those “you had to be there” things. But even so, I don’t see any commentary on hipsterdom or gentrification. Just a pseudo hipster girl trying to pretend she can see beyond her hipster vapidity…Maybe she can? It’s sorta hard to tell.

  3. I'm so unhip says:

    I really don’t find her funny at all. Mostly because it feels forced. It feels like she is searching for words, trying so hard to be aloof, yet intellectual, yet amusing. She just falls flat and insincere to me. Now, the article recently linked about the man who took a beating and has some tips for his attackers? That was funny. Not for the beating part though. That was funny because the man managed to relay his story, ridicule his assailants, and throw in some self-deprecating humor all at once. And it flowed. I don’t imagine him trying to appeal to an audience. I imagine him actually writing for himself as catharsis, taking himself with “a grain of salt”. I like the hipster beatings. It doesn’t have to be a great piece of writing to be funny. It isn’t trying to be a great piece of writing. And that’s part of why I like it.

  4. M says:

    “Ancient artistic community of Greenpoint,” well, that’s actually pretty funny. Probably because it doesn’t imply that somebody should die for looking at art or riding a bike.

    Well composed, Lee? And extremely clever? The Hipster Beating entries? At a fifth-grade reading level, maybe.

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