Post-Modernist Hat Trick?

To all the budding post-graduate students, just did something amazing.

In the comment sections of the above link, a reader named, “I Killed JOSH!” criticizes an article I posted to criticize an article diehipster posted to criticize hipsters.  In other words, he just started the string theory – making an article that could be posted on a website named  The string of infinity has started!

Thank you, “I Killed Josh!”  My goal was achieved so quickly – in less than a week.

P.S.  Knifefight, if you are reading this do not go on the comment section of their message board – they are writing some pretty mean stuff about your appearance, etc.  Which is funny because they haven’t written anything mean about my appearance. Maybe I am too ugly to warrant a nice beating?  Or maybe they are attracted to me and would only have nice things to say, therefore choosing not to post anything at all?

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10 Responses to Post-Modernist Hat Trick?

  1. Trey Parasuco says:

    If his missed connection was actually posted in NYC CL, it appears to have been flagged and removed by now. Don’t forget, Diehipster lives on the F-line so he has no business taking the L…unless he’s just another one of “them” with his iPhone, Twitter, and WordPress.

    I wonder if there’s any way we could track down who some of these regular commenters are? I do know that “I Killed Josh” occasionally boasts about how he “scared” off a “hipster” in Washington DC by going up to him and asking him where he was from, in a way to solidify his premise that anyone that looks in any way a “hipster” MUST be an out of town transplant. According to him, the “hipster” wouldn’t look him in the eye and kept on going. This probably says more about IKJ’s appearance and the fact he likely looks like a total creep.

  2. Hipmart says:

    I am not going to speak for the rest of the diehipster crew, some of the people on there obviously have some major issues. I have been following diehipster since its inception because I saw my friends, family and culture destroyed over the last few years. I grew up in the NYC and due to the fascist policies of Guilliani and Bloomberg I have seen my native city go from one of the best places in the world where one could find all sorts of culture to a rich persons paradise. I don’t like Hipsters because I find them to be obnoxious and I see through them. They are frauds through and through, for example I live in New England now (which is also a Hipster area) and went out for dinner with my mother. We are Italian Americans, my mother is from the Bronx. We talk fast, we look like Italians, we have accents. However, I have a graduate degree and speak three languages. I killed myself through state school by working in kitchens and hate the way I get treated by these people.

    As we sit down for dinner at a trendy hipster place I noticed the looks of “What are these Guidos doing here”. The hipster waitress treated us like crap and the people next to us decided to have a conversation about Jersey Shore Guidos. Tell me this, what kind of person does that. For people who claim to be so diverse and open minded I often see the way they treat people of ethnic backgrounds. I often here “Thats a sketchy part of town” when the refer to areas with large African American populations. I also work with these people and they buy into the cultural stereotypes of Italians that they see on TV.

    I think the reason people at Diehipster act the way they do is because Hipster’s are a product of the Me, Me, Me generation. They are born and bread by the television and are brought up with a sense of entitlement through their parents who never let them struggle. Through my eyes I look at these people in disgust because they don’t know what its like to see your father kill himself for nothing. They don’t know what its like losing your friends to the streets. They don’t know what its like to turn on the TV and see a show that makes your ethnic heritage look like shit. They don’t know what its like to be arrested for jaywalking due to the color of your skin.

    I don’t think anyone would have any problem with them if they didn’t walk around with this smug sense of entitlement. I also don’t think people would despise them as much if they actually acted responsible and paid there own way. My reasons for hating hipsters is because many of them mock the way working people live. They see the city as some sort of playground where mommy and daddy can pay for them to drink and fuck while the rest of us struggle to get by. Imagine walking in our shoes and seeing this leisure class, seeing once proud ethnic neighborhoods become extensions of white anglo saxon culture. Imagine seeing the church you were baptized in turned into condos where people mock the religion that your family used to survive.

    Not to ramble, there are reasons why people hate hipsters and I can see why people would get angry and vent the way they do. I don’t blame Hipsters, I don’t think they know what they do. I personally feel many of them were raised in environments where they were prevented from struggling and also sheltered from the real world. They move into areas where people struggle and can’t see the world from their view.

    • I'm so unhip says:

      I’m white anglo-saxon decent. I hate them just as much as you and for the same reasons. One of the jokes I share with my best friend (she’s black) is “I’ll be nice, please don’t make me hang out with the white people!” They often act sort of friendly to me if I’m out alone or with my kid. But soon enough some nonsense slips from their mouths and just kills my goodwill towards them all over again. Then there are others who try sooooo hard to be not racist they drip with “white guilt”. They’re so careful to be PC. They’re so uptight with the fear of being called racist, sexist, homophobic that they seem like they’re speaking from scripts while constantly checking their internal thoughts. It’s fake. Sorry, not eloquent tonight. I’m sleep deprived.

  3. Hipmart, I love your post. I hate hipsters too and I hate people with smug attitudes and those are who classists and rascists. We are fighting the same battle. At the same time that gives no right to people on diehipster from acting this way to “hipsters” and to be homophobic and rascist toward white people. Anyway my point with this site is to root out the bad folks on diehipster and in essence, police it – so that people can use it for what it is – a good place to vent about gentrification. Thank you for having the time to write this post. I really appreciate it.

    To see where I come from – I hate bullies. I used to fight them growing up. To me several people on the site are acting as bullies and they beat me up. Now it’s time for the sheriff to clean this up. I am talking about my experience on the site being like I was being hazed.

    I love that your parents and you busted your ass so you could have a good life. I love that. I bust my ass.

    Don’t worry man – I am not here to mock the good ones.

    P.s. I am working on a doc about one of the greatest Italian-American police that ever lived with my good friend who is an Emmy award-winning director who also is Italian-American. The cop was murdered in Italy as he was about to get thousands of the U.S. mafia locked up. It was the first time ever that a policeman was murdered overseas. Anyway we firsthand deal with stereotypes against Italian-Americans. The Sopranos, the Godfather, now the Jeresy Shore.

  4. Lee Jones says:

    Post modernism is the field of thought/criticism which has both allowed for (and even encouraged) both hipster (and hipster style) “art” and proliferates the ironic “appreciation” of “retro” culture.

  5. Hipmart says:

    Hipsters are the new fascists, they just don’t realize it. I love urban news spoof on them, especially the “Judgmatron” which shows how the way they act is no different then the people the claim to hate. I am no fan of the tea party, but to me Hipsters are their counterparts. Both of them want to shove their ideas down everyone’s throat and don’t like people who disagree. Way I see it is were fucked on both sides, on one hand you have the right wing tea party wackos who yell and scream at you if you want healthcare reform, then you have the left wing granola hipsters who yell and scream at you if you think the city should spend money on schools and not bike lanes.

    • Hipmart, I completely agree with you – there are people who are on the left who are unreasonable as people on the right – and it’s damn annoying. That’s why I like Diehipster – people on it are conservative but also have this liberalness in them just the same.

      The problem with U.S. politics is that it is so polarized – no one is really able to take stances that can have elements of liberalism and conservatism at the same time. For instance, I hate extreme wealth but I also don’t 100% support the fight of the working class. That is a contradiction in all senses, yet it’s what I beleive. I believe in regulation of the extreme wealth and capitalism but with some regulation, not so far of course as socialism.

      There are wackos everywhere – especially New York City. I see crazy people constantly. Older people mostly. Why is everyone so crazy here? I think it’s cause no one has any place to channel their anger. So it just eats them up inside. That’s potentially why there is so much art here – people need to channel what they got.

      I remember years ago, like in 2004, coming back from hanging out with my girlfriend at the time in New Jeresy, we came in at like 11pm on a sunday night to the Port Authority from the nice Jersey countryside and immediately stepping off the bus into the bus terminal, people were yelling at each other, getting angry. There was so much negative energy in the air I wanted to get the hell out of the city. But here I am, finally starting to like this place. Just learning how to deal with the left and right wing and middle wing nuts who are frustrated with their lives and shove that hate into stranger’s faces.

  6. Hipmart says:

    You might want to check out the Italian Movie Gomorrah for your film. It shows the Italians perspective of the mob, not the American version which people tend to think Glorifies the mob. In reality the godfather and sopranos was like Fellini’s Italian Neorealism, it looks at what got these people into that life and the reality of the life.

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