Diehipster loves Vice magazine!


Guess what?  Diehipster reads Vice magazine!  For you who don’t know, Vice Magazine is as hipster as hipster gets. I mean, they hand them out at American Apparrel.  I love Vice magazine and I’m a giant hipster.  I have their books. It’s smart, edgy, controversial and deals with important issues, just like diediehipster.com.  I’m so glad Diehipster feels the same way.

For Diehipster, someone with so much hate, wow it stands as quite an obsession of his.  How could he stand to flip thru the photography of Terry “hipster” Richardson and the Do’s and Don’t section that attack hipsters.  It must really boil his pan, if you know what I mean.  I hope he doesn’t fry his iphone that he uses to post to twitter with, because, well he might get just too steamed up while reading it.

Anyway check out the link to the article he mentions: VICE.  It’s funny.  Not like Diehipster funny but actually funny.

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13 Responses to Diehipster loves Vice magazine!

  1. Killer of Hipster/Yuppie Garbage says:

    Man, I suck me tooth when I hear
    How dem croptime fiddlers lie,
    And de wailing, kiss-me-arse flutes
    That bring water to me eye!
    Oh, when I t’ink how from young
    I wasted time at de fetes,
    I could bawl in a red-eyed rage
    For desire turned to regret,
    Not knowing the truth that I sang
    At parang and la commette.
    Boy, every damned tune them tune
    Of love that go last forever
    Is the wax and the wane of the moon
    Since Adam catch body-fever.

    I old, so the young crop won’t
    Have these claws to reap their waist,
    But I know “do more” from “don’t”
    Since the grave cry out “Make haste!”
    This banjo world have one string
    And all man does dance to that tune:
    That love is a place in the bush
    With music grieving from far,
    As you look past her shoulder and see
    Like her one tear afterwards

    The falling of a fixed star.
    Yound men does bring love to disgrace
    With remorseful, regretful words,
    When flesh upon flesh was the tune
    Since the first cloud raise up to disclose
    The breast of the naked moon.

  2. Mike says:

    Delightful, H/Y.

    Now — do you have any particular reason to compare the plight of colonial slaves and their descendants to hipsters, or are you just particularly adept at misinterpreting poetry and reciting it out of context?

  3. M says:


    That makes waaaaaay more sense.

    Listen, I thought: maybe there’s a metaphor here I’m missing. I was pretty sure there wasn’t, but I’ve sensed undercurrents in these conversations that feel like racism. It’s not racism, of course, but it’s certainly a class-ist clash.

    Because when you boil down the complaints against hipsters, it’s really a complaint about gentrification.

  4. Mike this is my mistake – H/Y has been trying to post mean things on this blog and I decided to edit his posts into poetry. Derek Walcott is one of my favorite poets, and I guess I didn’t really look into the content of this poem that I posted.

    I want to commend you for the work you are doing on diehipster.com – you are revealing their hypocrisy and their hate. You are working at the same level as them but able to deflect anything they say, and you are doing it without flinching. You’re a stronger man than me.

    • I'm so unhip says:

      Hypocrisy? Mike, if you’re M as well, you’re a hypocrite. You’re making racist remarks, attacking people as fat, making fun of them for shopping in Walmart. How is it not hypocrisy to accuse people of being racist, hateful, and spiteful…just by doing it yourself? If you were really trying to accomplish anything at all besides insults you’d converse respectfully and show some insight, and not engage in battles that can only turn into hate. Even those who curse you out would still have to read your post to do so. “Working at the same level” while insinuating you are a better person is exactly what hypocrisy is.
      I don’t like hypocrites.

      • This Blog Sucks says:

        + 1

        Hypocrite in a major way.

      • I’m So unhip, the Mikey character who posted on Diehipster reached an emotional level I never say – he caused Hipster Holocaust to break down and actually feel bad and apologize on this site. What’s with this whole, “you have to be better than your enemies.” It’s almost like a Republican tactic that kept the democrats from slinging back the same amount of mud. M or Mikey or whomever he is gets these guys to feel the pain thaey are inflicting. Whatever he is doing, it’s working.

        Now for myself, I can’t do that because my name is attached to everything I do. And these are just words, right, no one is getting hurt as you said?

      • M says:

        To be clear: I’ve been posting as M.

        My name is Mike, but I’ve been posting as M. I’ve never shared my name because no one thought to ask.

        Yes, I accidentally typed Mike this one time here, but I’m not at all associated with this Mikey character. I’ve never made any comments about Walmart, and I do avoid calling people names. (It’s a little tough, as the company around these parts is pretty liberal with the name-calling.)

        I do want to clear that point up, because I try to steer clear of the personal stuff.

        I understand and respect (to some degree) anonymity on the internet, but I believe that it’s only useful when people are acting as they would anywhere else. Protecting your identity is not an excuse to act like an ass.

      • I'm so unhip says:

        I didn’t say he had to be better. You pointed out he was revealing hypocrisy. I pointed out he was doing so by himself being a hypocrite. He can be mean too. I don’t care. But don’t act like he’s better than then.

  5. This Blog Sucks says:

    + 1

  6. Also one more thing, I’m So Unhip – everyone is a giant hypocrit, especially people who doesn’t like hypocrits. Nobody knows anything about anyone. We are constantly contradicting ourselves with every single word out of our mouth. I should know – I work on documentary films.

  7. A commenter on diehipster.com just posted that I look like a child molester. I guess he mistaked me for Terry Richardson.

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