A photo inside Diehipster’s apartment

This is a screenshot Diehipster uploaded from this post. We can assume this is his home.  I brightened up the photo.  Bottom right, we have a reflection on the HDTV of a grey xbox 360 controller.  So Diehipster is on the younger side, with his videogames in tow.  His HD LCD tv appears to be an Insignia tv.  I think that’s the brand from Bestbuy.    He has white speakers to the left of the tv.  Doesn’t tell me much.  Anyway, here’s his home.  This is where he does a lot of his work from.  The videogame playing explains something – his propensity towards cartoon violence and fantasy.  Unless of course he’s not playing Gears of War but Barbie’s Big Date.  Also this setup right here is not cheap – with the additional detail that he probably has HD service on his Time Warner Cable.  Anyway I’m going to wager that Diehipster is not a working class man.  Even though he could be – I did community service when I was in high school for a family that lived in poor Kentucky.  They had a dying dog, no running water and HBO.

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39 Responses to A photo inside Diehipster’s apartment

  1. M says:

    10% — that’s the percentage of Brooklyn residents that actually cited hipsters as their top annoyance. In case you were wondering, that was fourth among the four annoyances listed by Fox 5, behind slow-walking tourists (which you can’t blame on hipsters… or can you?), blocking subway doors (you could probably blame that on hipsters), and cabbies on cell phones (not likely a hipster-based problem).

    First, we need to ask what exactly earns you a bullet point on Fox 5 News, because the inclusion of 10% of respondents on a list that features far bigger groups is disingenuous to say that least.


    Diehipster has to be trying pretty hard to make this an issue out of this. A whopping 10% of Brooklyn residents earns the title “What do New Yorker’s[sic] REALLY Think,” which is funny because city-wide the response was only 6% citing hipsters.

    In a 300-person poll, is 6% even above the margin of error? Probably, which might be why diehipster laughably called this poll “official.”

    It’s also worth noting that when informed of the 10% number diehipster actually responded: but imagine if they asked every resident in the city how high that number would be.

    Uh… probably still 10%. Because that’s how polls work.

    • Texas Insipid Rant says:

      Well back in Texas we have polls, even when I was in California and Boston. Sure back in Texas we have hipsters. I wear pointy boots to kill cockroaches in the corners.

      • M says:

        Well, my point, TIR, was that this poll hardly shows a widespread disdain for hipsters, in the city or in Brooklyn, yet diehipster is holding up a Fox 5 public interest article as “official” proof of his crusade.

        What was your point again? That you have pointy boots? That’s nice.

      • Are you, Texas, related to Texas Triffid Ranch?

      • Texas Insipid Rant says:

        Yes this is a rip on Texas Triffid Ranch, whose insipid and often irrelevant post pollute diehipster.com

        Most of his posts are so boring and tangential that they are unreadable. I think he’s barely tolerated at diehipster, as most NY’ers could give a shit about Texas and the myriad other places he claims to have lived. Kind of hipsterish in his own right.

        Most of his posts begin with, “Well, in Dallas…” like these Brooklynoids give much of rats ass, evidenced by the lack of responses.

        And just WTF is a Texas triffid ranch supposed to be anyway? Is that supposed to be funny or interesting?

      • he has a website called texasterrified ranch or whatever. I like his commentary from Texas. He can be mean but so can all the guys.

  2. Lee Jones says:

    M, what exactly is your point? What exactly are you trying to defend hipsters from? You seem to be making hipsters into the hum equivalent to stray cats. These cute little things you see around every so often that occasionally force you to slam the breaks on your car to avoid hitting one, but that’s OK cause they’re “cute.”
    Hipsters are not a species or a race or a religion. The exist within the human world but choose to make themselves into a recognizable and “unique” group. It’s not something they’re born into and thus they have to be held responsible for the repercussions of their actions.

    And Ed, Diehipster may very well be making loads of money (he’s clearly well educated and a good writer). So what? Wealthy journalists often write articles on the “plight of the poor” then go out for a $100 steak and home to their condo in the wealthiest part of town. Does that make their writing commentary less valid? Does that make them a hypocrite? No. The rich can write/think about the poor and the poor can write/think about the rich.
    There’s this weird double standard that dictates that the well-off can never “understand” the lower classes and should therefore never try. I certainly don’t advocate that.

    Secondly, does it matter if Diehipster is 25 or 45? Does his fancy TV and video game system make him a “bigger hypocrite?” And remember, he has kids. Maybe the video game system is for them?

    • Lee Jones says:

      Here’s the issue that gets me most. For all we know, Diehipster might be a bearded 22 year old “painter” living in BK who really, genuinely and sincerely despises hipsters.

      I know that if that were revealed to be the case, all the hipster defenders would have a field day saying how Diehipster is a fraud because he LOOKS like a hipster. But what does it matter that he LOOKS like a hipster or makes $100,000+ a year? Does that make his views dishonest or disingenuous? If he’s sincere in what he says on his site, I respect him for it, especially if he IS a hipster. It takes a lot of balls to dress the part but refuse to become yet another lemming.

      I’ll say this, and I know I’ll get some backlash from it, but I technically LOOK like a hipster. I’m quite skinny (not as much of my own doing but because I have ulcers), have a beard and mustache, wear tight clothes, etc.
      However, I never have and likely never will ride a bike (I don’t know how and I don’t care to learn), I don’t drink/get drunk, I don’t support/attend any hipster related events, I have a real job (multiple, actually), I cannot stand gentrification or the hipster influx into MY neighborhood (yes, it’s MY neighborhood; I grew up here and I’m sick of seeing 50-70 year old businesses close so trendy shit can move in), my parents are totally working class and do not support me (nor should they), etc.

      Could I possibly qualify as a hipster by some people’s definition? I guess, if they only looked at my body type and the way I dress, but if anyone spent one day with me, they’d (hopefully) see that I spend my time doing productive things; things that don’t just benefit other vapid 20 somethings; that I have passions and ambitions beyond drinking PBR. And yes, I absolutely, positively cringe when I see those vapid “art-making” 20 somethings going into their overpriced bars or having “group shows,” running red lights on their “fixies,” etc. I cringe mostly because I see them as the ugly side of me; the useless scum I COULD BE, but have worked so hard to rise above. I cringe because I’m afraid I’m being judged with them, by people who don’t see/can’t see the difference. I cringe because I see the unfortunate generation I was born into doing nothing but things that make me feel sick.

      I bring all this self-indulgent crap up to make it clear that someone’s personal/private life or lifestyle should not be used as ammunition to defame or discredit them as long as they 1) practice what they preach and 2) mean what they say.

      So Ed and everyone else, why harass Diehipster for his way of life? He’s done nothing but express his views in a clever and sarcastic way (though again, I agree, he shouldn’t have personally attacked you). You may disagree with what he says. You may dislike him as a person. You may feel he unjustly singles out good people for ridicule. That he may, and yes, if he does, he ought to be torn apart for it.
      But if the attacker feels justified in making an attack, they should do so intelligently, instead of falling into the same traps they find Diehipster guilty of. Don’t accuse someone of being a racist by pointing out their race. Don’t accuse someone of sexism by pointing out their gender. Don’t fight fire with fire. Everything ultimately gets burned. And say what you want, as long as you genuinely mean what you say. But don’t ever assume that you’re empirically “right” and anyone who disagrees is empirically “wrong.” Life isn’t like that and anyone intelligent should know it. When the question is ethics, there is no definitive irrefutable answer.

      • Lee all I am is fascinated by the character of Diehipster – I just want to find out more about him. I also think it’s cool to brighten up a photo to reveal hidden objects. That’s some amazing detective work. But really you’re right – if he’s a self-loathing hipster it makes no difference. But at the same time I like revealing his identity slowly because I honestly still do believe to this day that if he had to stand behind his words with his name out there, he wouldn’t say half the things he does out of fear of the law, et cetera. But really don’t you think it’s cool that he had a xbox 360 controller hidden in his photo? Reminds me of that scene in Blade Runner where Deckard discovers the flaw in that old photo of himself. God bless you Photoshop.

    • M says:


      My gripe specifically with diehipster’s poll posting is that he’s taken what was a shoddy survey at best — let’s be honest, a 300-person survey in a city with, what, 7 or 8 million people is hardly enough of a sample size to accurately report on trends city-wide — and he’s misrepresented its findings anyway! There’s no honesty in his post. It’s willful ignorance at worst, sloppy homework at best.

      Which goes to the heart of my issue with diehipster:

      He winds up in that place because of his complete and utter detachment from objectivity. He wants to see the world only as he sees it with zero regard for as it actually is, or as it might be seen by someone else.

      (Granted, that’s the same problem I have with a lot of hipster-types, but at least they’re not spewing hate and venom at every opportunity.)

      I have great sympathy for people who have seen their neighborhood change dramatically, but I have little sympathy for someone who advocates, supports, or condones violence as recourse, and who otherwise attempts to do absolutely nothing proactive to address his or her situation. Sarcastic or not, diehipster promotes — and actively attempts to justify — violence.

      It’s nothing more than local xenophobia, of which I detect no small undercurrent in your own postings. I’m not sure which neighborhood you’re from, specifically, but why does someone riding a bike automatically become “scum” to you? Running a red light, sure, that’s beyond obnoxious, but that’s decidedly not a hipsters-only phenomenon. So what is it?

      Honestly, I think you’re judging people and you don’t even know them. I’ve met a lot of hipster-looking types that make me cringe — constantly taking pictures of their own parties just to post them online and talk about them later, rinse, and repeat — but I’ve met a lot that surprised me — people who work really fucking hard at their jobs, some creative, some not, and who just identify with a certain aesthetic.

      Ed is one of those people, although I’d hardly call his aesthetic trendy (sorry, Ed.) I’ve worked with him. His attention to detail, his work ethic, his dedication to understating his craft, it’s beyond what I expect from other professionals . To think that people want to make fun of him because he’s a talented guy who works hard and wants people to see what he’s done just because they have a misguided, myopic view of what’s happening around them pisses the ever-loving fuck out of me.

      There’s an awful lot of people in this city who choose to ride bikes, wear old clothes, grow beards, reclaim instead of buy the things they need for life — that’s a trend that is far, far wider than this city. And to automatically see a bike with a 20-something person on it and to call them “scum” for it, honestly, it’s hate. You’re a hateful person. And I don’t mind calling you out for it.

      This isn’t a debate about gentrification. That’s not a hipster-only phenomenon either, but diehipster loves to pull that card and trumpet his righteousness. No, this is about not like people who look different.

      I’d rather make the mistake of assuming the best in someone and finding out I was wrong. Nobody deserves to be though ill of for no reason whatsoever.


      • M this is an incredible post. I love this, “I have great sympathy for people who have seen their neighborhood change dramatically, but I have little sympathy for someone who advocates, supports, or condones violence as recourse, and who otherwise attempts to do absolutely nothing proactive to address his or her situation. Sarcastic or not, diehipster promotes — and actively attempts to justify — violence.”

        He really does promote violence – even if he pretends its all cartoony. And violence is bad no matter once. On that note, now I am starting to make violent comments about big business. I guess if you can’t beat em, join em.

      • Trey Parasuco says:

        I’d have to agree with everything you said. The most amazing thing about the stupidity of the idiot Diehipster regulars is that they hold hipster stereotypes as described in The Hipster Handbook as gospel when it is widely known that the book is really about extreme caricatures of people. Yet the Diehipster idiots will dogmatically insist that everyone who lives in certain areas of Brooklyn who wear skinny jeans MUST have trust funds. I think it says a lot that it’s always the SAME dozen idiots who have always been present since the inception of the blog that are responsible for most of the racist, homophobic, misogynistic, hateful rants.

      • Lee Jones says:

        M, I never accused Ed of being a hipster. 1) He actually works, 2) He doesn’t really seem like he’s part of that social group and 3) He clearly has ambitions and cares about things besides hipsterdom.

        Also M, I can almost guarantee you sight unseen that I’ve dealt with way more hipsters way more often than you and you’re absolutely right that I shouldn’t judge any individual without knowing them/about them, but I’m not.

        When I say “hipster” I’m not talking about an individual, I’m talking about a blanket term to describe individuals who fit a certain archetype. I never know if someone who looks like they MIGHT be a hipster is indeed a hipster until I interact with them, but my interactions have taught me that if it smells like trash, it usually is.

        I can count on two hands the number of real honest, hard working and non “me-complexed” hipster looking types that I’ve met in my entire life.

        So yeah, some really do surprise me, but those are so few and far in between I can feel pretty secure in continuing to use the term to describe the whole lot.
        I just cannot defend them. I feel sorry for the handful of good ones who have been lumped in with the useless masses but for those few good ones I’m not gonna give the group the benefit of the doubt.
        Am I wrong? Maybe, a little bit. But my countless real-life interactions have shown me otherwise.

      • Lee Jones says:

        My last response was a bit too vague, but I was rushed. Here’s a more detailed reply:

        “It’s nothing more than local xenophobia, of which I detect no small undercurrent in your own postings.”
        — I think “xenophobia” is the wrong word. That assumes too much of the collective nature of hipsters. Hipsters are not a “culture” a “demographic” a “race” an “ethnicity” or anything else. It’s a look and mindset that can be adopted by anyone for however long they choose and then given up or altered at any moment. It’s not something you’re born into. It’s not something you’re taught. Hell, I wouldn’t even call it a subculture because hipsters don’t really share any common traits or beliefs and they often indiscriminately steal aspects of many other cultures, subcultures and organized groups. So disliking hipsters is hardly a “xenophobic” reaction.
        To compare the hipsterization of Brooklyn, or any other American neighborhood, to a a historically German neighborhood becoming Irish is giving hipsters way too much credit. They never change the culture of an area simply because they offer no new culture. They simply raise its price-range.

        “I’m not sure which neighborhood you’re from, specifically, but why does someone riding a bike automatically become “scum” to you? Running a red light, sure, that’s beyond obnoxious, but that’s decidedly not a hipsters-only phenomenon. So what is it?”
        — I’m not from NYC and I’ve never lived there. However, I do live in a neighborhood which has gone completely hipster and is now going completely yuppie so I can certainly sympathize with those in Brooklyn.
        I don’t thibk I ever said that riding a bike makes you scum. If I did, that was stupid wording on my part because I certainly don’t believe that. I know plenty of good people who ride bikes and respect traffic laws.
        And now, running red lights on a bike is definitely non a hipster-exclusive behavior. I think it’s deplorable no matter who does it. But I see hipsters doing it far more often than anyone else, and at far more dangerous intersections. The other major group I see doing it is typically bikers who are over 50, but they tend to make illegal turns on red than actually running a light and going through an intersection.

        “Honestly, I think you’re judging people and you don’t even know them. I’ve met a lot of hipster-looking types that make me cringe — constantly taking pictures of their own parties just to post them online and talk about them later, rinse, and repeat — but I’ve met a lot that surprised me — people who work really fucking hard at their jobs, some creative, some not, and who just identify with a certain aesthetic. ”
        —I agree completely, as I said in my previous post. And, since I assume you missed another posting of mine from a couple days ago, I look 100% like a hipster, down to the beard, mustache, tight clothes, etc, so I clearly identify with the clothing aesthetic.
        And I think that’s also why my hatred (which is, admittedly, a bit narcissistic) is so vehement. I don’t want to be lumped in with people I find deplorable. I don’t want to be judged simply because of how I look or how I dress, because that’s not me, as a person.
        But I know that no matter what, I’ll always be put in with those ugly masses and that horrifies me. It’s because I work for a living, I have ambitions and passions and because I grew up in a working class home that I become so infuriated when I see all these rich entitled lowlifes playing poor, getting drunk every night, pretending to make “art” and getting upset when anything doesn’t go their way.
        My rage is hardly blind. It comes from what I see and hear every day. It comes from all the hypocrisy I witness, and maybe a bit from jealousy that I can’t afford to live like that…Ever.

        I can totally understand the mindset of someone who’s lived somewhere all their life and is being confronted with spoiled playing-poor trash moving within walking distance of their home. Why should they have to move? Why should they have to accept their home and community being changed by a group of people who literally have nothing to offer to anyone?
        Again, as I said at the beginning of this rant, if a German neighborhood turns into an Irish neighborhood, as an example, you’re at least replacing a rich German culture with a rich Irish culture. You’ve still got culture. What do hipsters bring to any area they take over? Higher rents? More expensive “boutiques?” “Art” galleries? Organic street festivals? More bike racks? More vegetarian/vegan/health food stores and restaurants? Easier PBR access? More “underground” music venues? Is that culture? Are these things making any area more desirable to live in for anyone but other hipsters and yuppies? Does having Am. Appy around the corner make somewhere a more unique place to live?

        In regards to Diehipster, you’re right. He is biased, but that’s the point of his site. It’ not “a place for intelligent debate on the merits of hipsters and their effects on gentrification in urban communities,” it’s “A place for real New Yorkers to vent about the invasion of attention starved, useless adults that we know as hipsters.” And that’s just fine.

      • Lee Jones says:

        I’m writing this literally 5 minutes after witnessing it:
        I was just sitting on the front steps of the apartment building I live in, basking in the hot summer breeze.
        I live on a major business and residential street. A young woman was getting something out of the driver’s side back seat and therefore had the car door open, partially blocking the bike lane.

        A very stereotypical looking hipster (plaid shirt, tight cutoff jean shorts and wearing a baret) was biking in the bike lane towards her (unbeknown to her) and as he approached her he screamed angrily “Close your fucking door, bitch!”
        The woman was shocked and jumped back against her car as the hipster biked by, completely unobstructed by her open car door, but then proceeded to give the woman the finger.

        The woman, completely unsure of what she had done “wrong” finished getting her belongings and went on her way.

        No, not all (or even most) bikers or hipster bikers are scum, but I literally see this sort of thing every day, and it’s not those 50+ year old bikers, making illegal turns on red, who are responsible.

  3. Trey Parasuco says:

    Also supposedly he has two kids of unknown age. I’m sure the Xbox doubles as a babysitter from time to time, and no doubt Diehipster himself probably uses it too. And don’t forget that he works in midtown. My hunch is that it’s not a working-class job.

  4. How come you edit the comments of everyone that disagrees with you on your site? Diehipster doesn’t do that. How do you suppose this makes your site look to the average commenter?

    • I only edited one person so far – the Park Slope guy cause he kept posting the “c-word” on my blog which I think is offensive to women. No one else so far has been edited. As long as you don’t use hate or offensive language you are in the clear. I like you, Arturotedesco! Another responsible one from the pages of Diehipster.

  5. Hipmart says:

    So question for you, how do you even know that diehipsters photo. I mean he could have ripped it off from any place online. I mean look at Trey Parasuco, his facebook and myspace page are pictures of different abercrombie models.

    • M says:

      Who else would have posted a picture online of a TV paused on that screen?

      It’s plausible that perhaps a friend of diehipster’s saw the report, sent him the pic, and he found the article.

      But I’m inclined to believe the simplest answer is the most likely here: diehipster took the pic, added the oval, and posted it.

    • this is a great mystery 🙂

  6. this is also more fun to the story – I downloaded the original pic – whomever made the pic used a program called Paintnet. http://www.getpaint.net/download.html
    So if it was Diehipster it looks like he has a PC! Not a MAC!! Good job, Diehipster!!!

  7. more about Paint Net – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paint.NET
    Diehipster is some kind of computer nerd – I never heard of the thing before.

  8. Hipmart says:

    Bro no offense, your starting to act like the people on Diehipster who obsess over Steve Lam. I have to admit I was kind of turned off by some of the regulars on Diehipster when one of my friends friend was recently hit by a drunk driver in Manhattan. Someone on the blog said “Another Meghan down” which really pissed me off because I had met this person. If I were to have met that person in real life I would have probably broke him in half, but I figured he is probably some slob behind a computer. I have a feeling I know who on that site harassed you, word from the wise, if they are that crazy to harass you its best to turn to the authorities because there are some sick mother fuckers in NYC.

    • I’m just messing around though with Diehipster and really I just think it’s interesting to be able to see so much in a photo. Anyway I’m sorry about the drunk driver thing. The people on DH are desensitized to violence and so you should not expect anything more from them. I’m really, really sorry – that’s horrible. They can’t see past a person who looks like a hipster. It’s bigotry, pure and simple. If you are white and have a beard they want you dead.

      • Lee Jones says:

        There’s bigotry on both ends. Diehipster shouldn’t be supporting or condoning violence of any sort, nor is it justified for a drunk driver to hit someone riding a bike, hipster or not.
        However, I’ve seen far more car/bike accidents, involving people in cars and hipster bikers, that were caused by the biker violating traffic laws, not the irresponsibility or impairment of the driver.
        In this particular case that doesn’t seen to be the case at all and the biker appears to be completely the victim of a drunk piece of shit.

        But I’m tired of seeing hipsters drinking IN PUBLIC while riding their bikes, careening through intersections as cars with the right of way go whizzing by.

        And, with one memorable exception, all the the dozen or so bike/car collisions I’ve seen have been caused by bikers. Hell, Once I even saw a stupid hipster biker riding down a very busy and narrow business street holding an ice cream cone in one hand and talking into his expensive cell-phone with the other. So no hands on the bike to steer it, of course, but he was clearly too cool for that. And what does this idiot do? Rides right into a car that’s pulling INTO a parking space, falls off his bike, narrowly misses getting his head crushed by other passing cars, then starts screaming at the poor driver for not clearing the bike lane in time!
        I can share more anecdotes, like the time I saw a Jane Birkin inspired hipster girl, grooving to her ipod, fly out of an alley without checking to see what traffic was coming, and immediately get smacked by a car being driven by an elderly woman who was going at 5 miles and hour. Ms. Birkin Jr., clearly uninjured, started to cry as the elderly woman rushed out of her car to see if she was OK, at which point the hipster girl started smacking the poor old lady and pushed her on the blacktop, injuring her to the point that an ambulance needed to be called!
        I stayed for the whole duration of this one, as the ambulance arrived and took the old woman to the hospital, all because she had the kindness to want to help the idiot hipster rode in front of her car without looking. Luckily the stupid hipster girl was arrested.

        So yes, while this case is an exception, it’s a rare exception, at least compared to what I’ve seen.

    • Trey Parasuco says:

      It sure sounds a LOT like him doesn’t it? But I could have sworn that there had been another person who was using the username “restless_native” or something like that before. Maybe they are the same person? Who knows. It’s best we do some deeper digging now.

  9. I'm so unhip says:

    Lee, I can’t tell you how much I like reading your posts. I hope if I had met you in your store I’d look past your “hipster” look and see you for the person you are. I can’t promise I would have (if it looks like a hipster it usually is), but I do hope so.

    • Lee Jones says:

      I appreciate the kind words.

      I’m with you on the whole “if it looks like a hipster it usually is” and I’ve gotta admit that I’ve misjudged a few as well (kinda funny considering I “have the look” and I’m immediately disparaging of others who also “have the look”) but I find the revelation to be a pleasant surprise every time, as rare as it is.

      I love thinking “wow! He/she looks like scum but is actually a decent human being.” I makes me feel all warm inside.

      • M says:

        Fill in the blank:

        “If it looks like a ______ it usually is.”

        Can you think of more than a couple wildly inappropriate of offensive choices? I can.

        Everyone at diehipster loves to throw out the infamous Supreme Court quote, but completely neglects to point out the the Court also hears weeks-worth of testimony before resorting to the aforementioned technique.

        I know Lee has mentioned his potentially hipsterish appearance, but how about you Unhip? Anything about the way you look that you wouldn’t want anyone to judge you on?

  10. Hipmart says:

    Trey, you know allot about being someone else don’t you.

  11. Hipmart says:

    I still don’t get the obsession with trying to undercover diehipster, are you going to show up at his doorstep and tell him/her off or something.

    • Nope, I just want him to be responsible for the stuff he says. Would he say half the things he did if his name was out there? Ahhhh anyway I don’t really care anymore about them. Their black and white view of the world gets boring after awhile. Time to move onto my next project.

  12. Hipmart says:

    To counter your point, everyone knows who Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh , Alex Jones and Glen Beck are. Nothing is stopping them from spewing hate and people know who they are.

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