Rich White Executive Beating

Today I was riding the 4 train really early and saw an executive from BP sitting at a handicap-friendly seat.  I knew cause he had that silly little green construction hat on with the BP logo.  I wheeled over to him and asked him to let me have the seat and he took out his knife and said. “you have no right to not let me have this seat, you crippled little Somerset Maugham character” and he took the knife and slit my throat.  There was three other people on the train, and he then got them and slit their throats – they were screaming but he got them all.  Afterwords, he took out a wad of $100 bills and smoked them and then started to eat what remained of my flesh and the other people on the train.  By the time the Chambers stop opened up, everything looked nice and tidy in the train that some people commented, “Wow, BP did a great job of cleaning up this train.”

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3 Responses to Rich White Executive Beating

  1. JallzyJip says:

    dude, I read this post and thought to myself “this guy sucks gammatically”. Then to my surprise I read the post below it and thought “I hope this is intentional irony” because your grammar sucks dick. A word of advice, proofread. I guess what you are doing is semi-ok, but try to conduct yourself with a tad more respect for the english language. thanks.

  2. You are right, JallzyJip – I should proofread a little before posting. I will take your advice into consideration.

  3. Lee Jones says:

    Still too political. This makes me sad. It doesn’t make me laugh.

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