DH sabotage of Improv Everywhere is great and stupid


The DH guys went on the “Improv Everywhere” blog and started to mess with them – which is super well-deserved.  But unfortunately they didn’t stay the course when they have a great point –  a bunch of white people wearing tuxes might ruin the beach experience for others who go there to relax.  But instead of staying the course and telling them that they were there and people seemed annoyed, they just vanished.  In the end, the Improv Everywhere group won and revealed the DH crowd as the trolls that they are and the DH guys go retreat to their DH blog and blog all tough about it in a safe environment where they won’t be questioned just like the little babies they accuse IE of being.  So many great ironies to find.  But then again isn’t this what we all do?  We all at the end of the day run off to our friends who believe in everything we do because we hate to have to defend ourselves or be confronted with who we really are, just so we can go to bed at night and feel like we are all right.

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9 Responses to DH sabotage of Improv Everywhere is great and stupid

  1. Lee Jones says:

    A quick look at the blog doesn’t make them seem like hipsters. Just idiots.

  2. Steve Ham says:

    What would you do if I told you I know who diehipster is.

    • Well at this point I think that hipmart guy is right – even if he or she is revealed, they would probably keep doing what they are doing. And at this point I kind of don’t care. I think the Texas guy and I Killed Josh and probably Bill is my favorite person on the site. I also really like the Rabbi guy. They have better stories. No offense to DH, but he’s just the guy who has the house party. And well the Texas guy is already out there with his website and I don’t feel like harassing any of them. Truth of the matter, now that I spent about a month on the site I am kind of getting used to them and kind of enjoy hearing what they say. Of course them doing their thing without the homophobic comments or antisemetic comments and without threatening my life would be a tad bit nicer, but really it’s okay. But again, I wouldn’t pass down the sweet, sweet intel.

  3. Steve Ham says:

    Where is the racism and antisemitism, I am with you on the homophobic stuff but I think it is done more because people who are brought up in traditional working class backgrounds are bread not to act like a women. I get more racism and classism from Hipsters and Yuppies anyways. Granted, working class people do it to your face but I hate the way these Hipsters and Yupsters talk about being so proggressive when they congregate with their own people. That is, non ethnic white (aka not Jews, not Catholic) and more or less segregate once diverse neighborhoods.

  4. Bye Hater says:

    The funniest thing about Texas Triffid Ranch is the fact the he’s a old goth and calls hipsters freaks. He also makes fun of urban farmers yet makes a “living” off of carnivorous plants.

    i wonder if he weeps at the beauty of the night.

    • We all have our hypocrisies, right? Goth is super lame. How did you find that out about him? Again now it makes sense. He’s a conformist in his day so he’s in some ways akin to hipsters so he has to spend his waking hours making fun of them.

  5. Bye Hater says:

    I dont necessarily think goth is lame, considering Sex Gang Children and Bauhaus are 2 of my favorite bands. I just think its lame for one ,who follows by a certain set of subculture standards ,to spend so match time bashing hipsters with the same people who woul have tormented him 20 years back.

  6. Steve Ham says:

    There is American Goth which is a bunch of freaks who got picked on in high school and pretend they are vampires. Then you have European Goths which is more like a neo-romantic movement.

  7. Trey Parasuco says:

    @Steve Ham

    You want to see racism? Check out the comments in the following months after Dec. 2009 when Diehipster “outed” me as Steve Lam, and Asian “hipster” in Toronto.

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