The Ground Zero Mosque

Nicholas Kristof writes an amazing editorial about the subject here.

I find the issue highly-annoying and overplayed in the news but  it’s a relevant issue for Die Die Hipster and of course, the main focus,  Blocking the mosque is about hate – it’s about not taking in a new building because of stereotypes surronding it.  Just as Diehipster hates Hipsters moving in because they are all annoying and spoiled and gross, the U.S. hates Muslims moving in because they are all terrorists and violent.  Of course a Mosque is a peaceful place – and very very few Muslims are terrorists, yet our paranoia continues just as the hate still continues on Diehipster over hipsters.  Doesn’t hating on hipsters get old after awhile?  I swear, I’m pretty bored of it after three weeks.

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5 Responses to The Ground Zero Mosque

  1. Lee Jones says:

    Hating on hipsters does get boring (hence why I’m now posting here, instead of on Diehipster). But I, like most Americans, love bitching and feeling vindicated. Character flaw? Yes. Lots of fun? Totally.

    Anyway, the whole Mosque this is deplorable. it’s blind hate. It’s misguided rage.

    Indeed all the things you’ve leveled against hipster haters.
    But is that comparison really accurate?

    Is being a hipster the same as being a believer in a certain religion or having a certain skin color? No.
    As I’ve said before, being a hipster is a choice. It’s a personal construction. It’s a CHOICE. It’s not something your born as or develop into or are taught. It’s not infused with any religions or cultural beliefs. It doesn’t have its own laguage or even its own dress (all the tight and “vintage” clothes were worn and popularized in decades past and are just being recycled).
    So hipster hating isn’t racism, sexism, or even ageism. It’s disdain for for a certain attitude that usually goes hand in hand with a certain style of dress and lifestyle. But there’s no common thread linking hipsters.
    To place “hipster-bashing” on the same level as racism, sexism, antisemitism, or hatred of any religion or religions person, diminishes the severity of the mindless discrimination which is still being suffered by so many people all iver the world.
    [Not that you’re doing this], but to compare gluing bike locks closed to the prevention of the construction of a peaceful religious center is a mockery of this ridiculous modern day racism being leveled against the Muslim religion.

    Hipster-hating is fun. The same as teasing anyone. Hell, hipsters constantly make fun of people for how they dress and how they behave. Hell, hipsters make fun of objects and art, simply for being products of their time. Why should hipsters themselves be spared the harassment?
    As long as no-one declares war on people just cause they’re skinny and have facial hair, I’m cool with it.

  2. I agree with you – hipster hating is fine and dandy and I just read a great post by Bill about some annoying shitheads not liking his music on the jukebox – including the Funky Meters – who I love and saw a bunch of times in New Orleans. They are amazing. And for everyone who doesn’t know – FUNK is fucking amazing live. It’s better than any Indie rock shit in my opinion. Anyway you’re right – they should attack hipsters as they deserve it when they are being rude and stuck up. But they shouldn’t be like violent about it and also throw out antisemiticsm and in the end attack anything that they think is a hipster. They should just really make sure they are attacking hipsters. Also really, why can’t they attack snot-nose preps too and other spoiled rich brats who live on the Upper East Side? Or the idiots who live in Midtown East – those people you always wanted to get away from in college. Why must it just be hipsters? As I say countless times, there are so many shitty people in NY to make fun of? Can I do that? And yes overall they are stupid-ass white people who are completely and utterly spoiled and could use a good moment to get made fun of. I just got back from shooting in Mumbai and wow, I wish there was some way to show these stupid asses in the USA what they have v.s. these people. I know the Onion does that a lot and that’s why I love that website.

    Anyway I’ve noticed in the past few days things on DH have been much more civilized – I don’t feel like total crap after going on it. I’m proud of them all.

    • The King of Never Lose says:

      I think you should enjoy the website, its humorous.

      I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I am fairly sure no one really wants anyone to die.

      My ex-hipster roommate who I think I can write a book about even likes the site.

      Its definitely a losing battle defending hipsters on the message board, whether right or wrong, though.

  3. Trey Parasuco says:

    I agree. All forms of blind misguided hate comes from the same dark place deep down inside us.

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