Holy Sh*t – am I mostly just talking with Sock Puppets?

The sad thought just crossed my mind – I think I am having conversations on this site with Steve’s sock puppets.  I mean, there are like 3 other people who are posting.  There’s M, there’s Lee Jones.  And sometimes Hipmart.  But shit man – am I getting bamboozled?  Is Trey and all just really “Steve?” posting with me?  I guess I’m the big childish idiot everyone has been telling me that I am.

Also to address everyone’s comments that I’m just doing this for attention – I’m really not.  I’m doing this blog to start to make Diehipster.com go away.  And I think I can do that.  By being as goddamn annoying as I naturally am, I sincerely really believe that I can take out the site.

No that’s not honest.  Why am I doing this?  Because I’m not good at losing. And Diehipster is my nemesis.

Also two quick things for the DH crowd.  I am not a documentarian.  I am a director of photography.  I use the camera.  I work with cameras.  Directors work with me.  And Mast Brothers chocolate bars cost $7 at the store or 3 for $20.  Online they are $10.

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11 Responses to Holy Sh*t – am I mostly just talking with Sock Puppets?

  1. Bye Hater says:

    I think the sock puppet paranoia the DH suffers from is based on their delusional belief that anybody if real validity would never disagree with them. When people such as myself get annoyed by the shit they spew and write something about it, they just assume its all the work of one person.

  2. Texas Insipid Rant says:

    That’s one step better than diehipster, who is only having conversations with his own alter-egos.

    • Thanks – I think after looking at all the IP addresses – there is no Toronto either. I think the DH crowd has been getting played. So does Steve Lam know anything about this stuff? Is his personality being hijacked? How did the connection between Steve and Trey start?

  3. Hipmart says:

    Why don’t you email Steve and find out.

    • I just did. We will see what he says.

      • Trey Parasuco says:


        If you check my IP now, you’ll see that I’m indeed using a Canadian IP for this comment. This is because I AM originally from Canada and I’m on vacation at the moment, spending some time with the family for the week. You’ll also see that my IP isn’t based in Toronto, and that in all my previous comments my IP was based in NYC. I think you have enough proof that I’m not Steve Lam, and that everyone else commenting on this site isn’t a sock puppet of his…but I think you were smart enough to figure that out already.

        So how did Diehipster get played? I don’t think he really did. But he played his followers into thinking I’m Steve Lam as a means to put a “face” to someone who had been openly mocking his blog and to further fuel his hate machine. See…last year around X-mas while I was in Canada with my family, I commented on his blog just after it started up again after a 3 – 4 month hiatus (The blog actually went down sometime from the end of summer 2009 to just before X-mas of Dec. that year because he didn’t bother to renew his hosting). As a consequence of me leaving the first few comments from a Canadian IP using the handle “Steve Lam”, Diehipster thinks I’m really that Steve Lam and that somehow I “slipped” and revealed myself. Why did I choose to use the Steve Lam handle? Because he’s a prominent Canadian “hipster” in a country where “hipsters” are few and far between, as the population of all of Canada is smaller than that of California. That Steve Lam also isn’t white, which blows the whole myth that “hipsters” are spoiled rich white trust-funded Josh’s and Meagan’s who move to Brooklyn from middle America.

        After a week Diehipster wrote that “expose” on Trey=Steve post where he put up pictures of Steve Lam of Toronto and directed everyone to his Myspace and Twitter pages. I don’t really care who Diehipster thinks I am, but it should be noted that the WORST part of this is his intellectual dishonesty all this time. Deep down I think he knows I’m not Steve Lam from Toronto because like yourself, he can see the IP’s of all my comments. He should have been able to see that I commented from a Canadian IP only a few times, and that in those few times, my IP wasn’t even based in Toronto where Steve actually lives! The only connection to Steve Lam of Toronto is that according to Steve’s Myspace page, his home town is the same as where my Canadian IP’s are based. But of course with this knowledge, Diehipster is content on fueling this misdirected hatred against Steve, not because he REALLY thinks I’m him, but simply because Steve’s looks like a “hipster” and has a very visibly active lifestyle both online and offline. Steve Lam of Toronto is apparently the best lightening rod for anti-hipster sentiment and Diehipster’s followers have been played like a pipe all this time. It’s a shame and it really shows how low Diehipster is willing to go.

        P.S. I never got your e-mail. It might have automatically been directed to the spam folder…who knows.

      • Trey or Steve – I have to say – and I’m going to have to side with Diehipster on this one – there is something a little bizarre about you. Are you messing with me now? Just be honest – you don’t have to be playing a game on this weird virtual world. I think if anything you were honest then they wouldn’t try to attack you as much. Anyway, who cares what they think, right?

      • Never mind – I believe you. I just think if you revealed yourself besides hiding behind some weird myspace pictures of a shirtless man people might take you more serious.

      • Also – attacking “jocks” and “guidos” is just as lame as people attacking hipsters. That’s just the same – using hatred towards them. They are a pretty diverse crowd ethnically and grouping them together is just as shallow as them lumping all young White people together as hipsters. There needs to be some understanding between everyone.

  4. Hipmart says:

    He is Steve Lam, the people at Diehipster found a few people on his friendster accounts he made that alluded to the fact that he was “Steve the indie Asian kid”.

  5. Trey Parasuco says:

    A reference to Steve from a single Friendster comment way back doesn’t automatically mean Trey = Steve. There are countless possibilities. Perhaps Trey = a friend/co-worker of Steve or perhaps Trey has mentioned Steve, or used him as an example before to others. It makes absolutely no sense why someone living in Toronto should care what happens in Brooklyn. Think about it.

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