Bodega – it’s a list of Bodegas that deliver

Diehipster jumped on a new website called Bodega Delivery – which is simply a resource of bodegas that deliver.  It’s a pretty simple site created by a guy who lives in Williamsburg.

But it’s also a useful tool.  A simple and easy and useful idea for fat lazy people, the old (the seven of them who surf the web) and the handicapped and the blind.  Is it newsworthy?  No, of course not.  It’s a kind of lame tool.  I mean don’t get me wrong, if you’re sick and you need some tea at 3am this is useful.  But it’s not that useful.  It’s not useful.  So why is it in the news?  Why isn’t it just a blurb on someone’s hipster blog?  Why did ABC do a story on it?   Slow news day?  Maybe Diehipster should be attacking ABC instead of hipsters when ABC can be profiling all the exciting breaththrus in Alzheimer’s research. Maybe ABC is run by hipster-apologists?

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8 Responses to Bodega – it’s a list of Bodegas that deliver

  1. Texas Insipid Rant says:

    As bigots invariably paint with a broad brush, they get some paint on everyone

    • Recently on Diehipster:
      From Hipsternator:

      “Wow Ed. A while back you were a documentary film maker. Now you’re just a director of photography. No, you’re just a guy with some expensive video equipment. No more.

      How do you say: your documentaries suck?”

      Dear Hipsternator,
      Thank you for your comments. It’s nice to get feedback on the projects I work on. Please let me know how my “documentaries” suck? Please comment further so I can help make them better. It’s with feedback from fans like you that will help make sure my quality will improve.


  2. Lee Jones says:

    Uh…How should I feel about this?
    Whenever I’m in NYC, I need to get an egg salad sandwich for a deli/bodega that’s open at 4 AM. They’re cheap, they’re delicious, and tend to have rather expansive product ranges.
    But the fun is always walking there, talking to the guy at the counter, wandering around and picking up bottles of mystery drinks while he makes my food, etc.
    I’d never order out from one of them, but that’s just me.

    So here’s where it gets tricky. This website seems to be helping local businesses make more money; i.e. by offering delivery services for customers who don’t want to bother walking there. But it was clearly created by a hipster. Is that possible?
    I watched the video twice and it sits well with me in principle, but the 24 year old hipster who made it must have some ulterior motives? Or maybe it’s just laziness, as implied by one of the interviewees in the video who says “I can believe that a 24 year old probably wouldn’t wanna go outside on a hot day like this to get his own groceries.” But I don’t know.

    That picture of “David Hawkins, the founder” makes me see red, but I can’t justify it as much as I try.
    Whether or not there’s some level of irony, me complex, or other form of entitlement and hipster superiority hidden in the content of this site (which I’m sure there is), I don’t really care right now because it seems like it can do nothing but good for local businesses. Hopefully, it won’t get polluted by hipster “sensibilities” too much.

    • It’s a service that’s good for bodegas. Yes the kid seems a little entitled, but who cares? If it works, do we need to love the owner? I read an article about the owner of Trader Joes who seems like a total A-hole. But Trader Joes is awesome.

  3. Lee Jones says:

    This has nothing to do with bodegas or delivery services, but since there’s no hipster “discussion forum,” I’m gonna post it here.

    I’m sure it’s already made the rounds, but in case not, I think it speaks directly to why so many of us just cannot stand disgusting hipster bike scum.

    Here we have a hipster piece of shit, fitted with a bike cam for some stupid reason, going THE WRONG WAY down a major city street, ram into a middle aged man, knocking him to the blacktop, and then simply biking off and EXCUSING his actions saying that the man was j-walking so “we’re even.”

    Yes, the man was j-walking but he looked IN THE DIRECTION OF TRAFFIC to make sure no cars were coming. He clearly didn’t expect to be knocked off his feet by an entitled hipster piece of shit going the WRONG WAY down the street.
    And this human garbage actually tries to excuse his actions by the fact that the man was j-walking?
    What would this biker have done if he’s hit this man at a crosswalk, or if the man had been entering the street to get into his car?

    How about, instead of hunting down immature idiotic bloggers who post mean things all day, we form a task force to track down this piece of hipster shit who might have ACTUALLY hurt someone instead of simply making up funny “hipster beatings.”

    This just makes me sick.

  4. Trey Parasuco says:

    The bicyclist was an idiot and totally at fault, but seeing as this blot is about hipsters, how is that video even relevant unless you now define “hipster” as any white male who rides a bike in an urban environment? That was the only real information about the rider available in the video…nothing more. I’m just pointing out the inherent dangers in blanket labeling anyone and everyone a “hipster”.

  5. Lee Jones says:

    Trey, you’re absolutely right. I don’t have definitive proof that this biker is a hipster.
    I made that assumption based on the haircut+sunglasses on what appears to be a cloudy day+attitude+the biker clearly having a “messenger bag”+the fact that it’s clearly a young “urban” white dude going the wrong way down a major street on a bike. That look combined with those behaviors usually implies “hipster.”

    There was no shot of his face. I don’t know what he was wearing, etc. But I think we’ve already established that the costume doesn’t define the personality. It’s a certain personality that seems to go hand in hand with a costume.
    I can say, sight unseen, that this guy is not some jock/bro type and that he IS young, white, “urban” and riding a bike while carrying a messenger bag (and it was explained to me that the likely reason there’s a camera attached to the bag is because he’s probably a professional bike messenger and his company mandates the use of a camera to try and prevent instances just like this).

    So Trey or anyone else, feel free to prove me wrong on this. In fact, I’d be overjoyed if it weren’t a hipster.

    In other news, why the hell do I still care? I’m pretty pathetic these days.

  6. honestly both he and the old man are assholes. They hardly ask the other if they are okay. The biker knocks over an old man. That’s horrible. I would be on my feet picking him up and apologizing. But the biker is right, the guy was jay walking. They were both in the wrong. Anyway it’s a shocking video cause it goes against believing in the goodness of people. Is the biker a hipster – no, he’s some older punk-ass guy. Anyway this is a good forum – this is a forum to look at society and it’s problems. Thanks for posting.

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