Man Stabs Cab Driver for Being Muslim?

Hate rears its head in a story from the Times.  A post-grad Upper Middle Class White man takes a knife and slashes a poor cab driver possibly just because he is Muslim.  Thankfully, these instances don’t happen too often and that’s why they are news-worthy.  But really, after reading this and about this hate-monger bible-thumper who wants to burn the Koran and new findings of proof of murder and violence in New Orleans during Katrina- you have to wonder where all this hate comes from in White males.  Pent-up anger and then violence – all towards those with less power than them . Is it fear of the minorities taking over?  What really causes hatred?

On a more micro level – I noticed on Die Hipster that even first thing in the morning the commenters get on and write hateful things.  When I wake up, I’m  happy to be alive and I don’t wish death on anyone.  It’s interesting – to figure out what’s in their systems that causes this.  And more interesting to me – what percentage of the population is angry?  And why is it mostly men?  How come, for instance (and going on a tangent) – nearly all the mass murderers are men?

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2 Responses to Man Stabs Cab Driver for Being Muslim?

  1. I'm so unhip says:

    I can’t speak for the rest of them. But I work/ed nights and second shifts. By 5AM I am one cranky person and very easily angered.
    I notice you’ve called off the search. Thank goodness.

    • Unhip, privacy doesn’t exist anymore. Read the NYTimes magazine this weekend to see what’s happening in England. Also why do you care about privacy? We haven’t had privacy in the U.S. in over twenty years.

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