DieHipster’s Reading Comprehension Skills Get Low Grades on Latest Homework Assignment

Diehipster’s latest rant about the dying of the New York accent completely skewers the point of this fascinating BBC article.  In it, the article looks at an upcoming documentary made by a New Yorker about the New York accent and how it seems to be fading away (no more, “you talkin’ to me).  If you read the article and decide to get to the bottom of it, you see that the “dying” dialect can be attributed to the influence of new immigrants as well as the increase in native New Yorkers going to higher education.  This theory that gentrification is “killing the dialect” as proposed by a few in the article as well as Diehipster, who is able to pull it into his argument that the influx of White pansies from the Midwest into New York is hurting everything and causing cancer, is refuted right there in the piece by the professor.

Diehipster, I commend you for bringing this article to the Internets’ prime-attention spot of intellectual discourse, diehipster.com.  But come on,  you are really stretching things to do so.  It’s okay on your blog to have a post that doesn’t attack hipsters – but instead celebrates something positive like the New York accent.

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3 Responses to DieHipster’s Reading Comprehension Skills Get Low Grades on Latest Homework Assignment

  1. Trey Parasuco says:

    The same goes for the increase in incidences of bedbugs. When refuted many a time with scientific fact in which the rise in bedbugs in the US is due to their growing resistance to, and bans on certain insecticides and has nothing to do with “hipsters” from the midwest, the Diehipster idiots do nothing but blindly point their fingers at “hipsters” as their cause.
    This just goes to show you that Diehipster isn’t interested in getting to the truth or to solve any problems. It’s just a site to promote blind hate and nothing else. The native Brooklyn regulars that write hateful spiteful comments on it the minute they wake up in the morning are clearly just a bunch of social rejects.

  2. Trey Parasuco says:

    …I also forgot to add that it’s very telling that according to the professor, the native NY accent goes away with increasing higher EDUCATION! That must be something the Diehipster regulars don’t know a thing about.

  3. Grammar Nazi says:

    The bedbug-hipster correlation thing is obviously hyperbole, and meant to be funny. Zing.

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