Kings Pharmacy vs. Duane Reade

I just walked by perhaps the latest and  most important struggle in hipsterville.  It’s small business vs the big boys – Duane Reade moving in across the street from Kings Pharmacy.  Kings is a Williamsburg success-story – it’s been here since 1992 and it has adapted to the changing neighborhood.  Hipsters love it.  Everyone loves it.  Well I kind of do – I like the Pharmacy better on North 7th and Bedford – but anyway I go to Kings a bunch.   Now Duane Reade will move in across the street and probably put it out of business for a few simple reasons like that it will be open 24/7, have cheaper prices, and more selection.  There is of course a chance that Kings can survive – but only if people support it.  And when people’s kids are sick at 3am and they need medicine, I think loyalty goes away.  It’s sad and depressing to watch this happen – but this is exactly what happened the world over with Walmart, a store that curiously Diehipster and their clan continue to defend.  Small businesses can’t compete with these big guys – and they can’t compete with their convenience and prices they  go away.  It’s a very cruel cycle and it’s kind of fascinating to be able to watch it first hand.  How long will Kings survive when they are competing against a store with millions of dollars to burn – that can hypothetically run at a lost for years?  The hipsters aren’t at fault for Duane Reade, DieHipster, a company that is going to take out a small brooklyn-owned company.  It’s corporate greed.  This is a bigger enemy.  And yet your hatred can’t get you past smelly hipsters.

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