What does Diehipster look like?

The more I delve into the hate cesspool that is diehipster.com, the more fascinated I am with Diehipster’s appearance.  He/She says she has a “New York” accent.  He/She owns a xbox 360 as revealed in that post a month ago.

I wonder – does he have a mustache?  Like a really nice mustache that curls a little bit?  Does he have tattoos?  Is he strong?  Weak? Old?  What else can we cull from his eloquent and soulful posts?  What types of clothes does he wear?  What does he watch on tv besides CBS 2 local news ?    Please Diehipster, let us know a little.  What do you think, Sockpuppets?

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15 Responses to What does Diehipster look like?

  1. Lee Jones says:

    Who cares?
    I think you spend more time thinking about this crap now than I do.

    Relax. Check out a movie at Anthology Film Archives. They’re not doing too well. You should support. It’s run by grumpy, middle aged men. Not hipsters. However they do occasionally make it to some screenings. Not too bad though.
    Next great thing on their calendar is HITLER – A FILM FROM GERMANY.

  2. mulatu says:

    he/she apparently watches a TV show called Scrappers USA. true story!

    how is your suspect board looking? something like this i bet: http://blog-assets.bigfishgames.com/Walkthroughs/DinerTown-Detective-Agency/dinertown-detective-agency096.jpg

    (google image find)

  3. Trey Parasuco says:

    This is the type of thing that’s probably somewhat typical of regular Diehipster commenters:


  4. Grammar Nazi says:

    So diediehipster, if you met the guy in person, what would you say?

    • I would get a coffee with him and just see where he comes from. And then have a conversation about gentrification and what it means and what it means to be a New Yorker. A bunch of things. Can you arrange a meeting?

  5. Grammar Nazi says:

    And by the way, it’s CESSpool.

    • Lee Jones says:

      Didn’t even notice that one. Good catch.

      Eh, my grammar sucks too. That’s the modern way, right?

      I reiterate: why do you still care?

      • thanks Grammar Nazi – good point. It’s so cool to have this blog – it is forcing me to write and to try to write well. I haven’t had to do that since college. It’s a great exercise.

  6. Lee Jones says:

    Oh, watch DUSTY AND SWEETS MCGEE. Hipsters c. 1970/71

  7. LietuvosRytas says:

    And I thought that guy from DC on diehipster who writes in caps and posts the same video all the time was crazy.

  8. LietuvosRytas says:

    Trey is Steve Lam, and he is a great guy.

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