If Sarah Palin twitters, does that make her a hipster?

An argument recently pooped up on DH boards that just because DH uses an iphone doesn’t mean he’s a hipster, just as Sarah Palin twitters but that still doesn’t make her one.  But let’s look at this with our 3d glasses:

Diehipster has an iphone, a wordpress blog, uses twitter, judges people’s fashion, has an xbox 360 (proving that he’s a big oversized kid), and makes snarky comments all the time about people besides himself, and hates hipsters – hates them so much he made a blog that makes fun of them. HIP HIP HIPSTER!   His only non-hipster defense is that he claims he has a nice thick “New York” accent – which of course is code for his Italian accent.  And yet I know a lot of hipsters who have Italian accents.  He’s a big fat hipster.  It’s kind of sad to watch.  Poor little guy.

In unrelated news, one of the commenters on the site, Hipster Holocaust, recently sold a fixed gear bike in the D.C. area – the siren call for the hipster cause.  So once again, another hipster basher who is probably seen as a hipster.

The irony adds so much character to the site.

The other posters like the Texas guy are nerds. Straight up.  Internet nerds.  Play Warcraft or Fallout 3.  The I Hate Josh! guy is one of the most interesting youths on the site.  Full and full of anger. But still a nerd.  But of course my favorite is the Rabbi poster who seems to be a Hasidic Jew.  This is fascinating because I have pretty much zero contact with the Hasidic population.  It’s cool to see things through their eyes.  Tell us more about yourself, Rabbit.

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13 Responses to If Sarah Palin twitters, does that make her a hipster?

  1. Lee Jones says:

    Remember, hipsters didn’t invent any behaviors nor did they develop any products. They simply added douchieness to stuff that already exists.

    The only reason “fixies,” wordpress, twitter, iphones, etc. are associated with hipsters is because hipster douchebags use them and are very vocal about the fact that they use them.
    That doesn’t make every person who rides a fixed gear bike a hipster. Same goes for twitter, wordpress, etc.

    Also remember that 50 year old bearded dudes wearing dirty jeans, tie-die shirts and running around on their “green friendly” bikes, spouting anti-war rhetoric, aren’t hipsters. They’re just misplaced hippies.

    Hipsterdom is inextricably associated with age and social/economic background. All douchebags aren’t hipsters and all hipsters aren’t douchebags.

    • anyone can make up exceptions to any rules and you can totally break down our scientific categorization system in the process. But the fact remains there is a hipster checklist, and if you do enough of it, we need to establish that you are indeed being the person that you hate so much. Which helps my point that calling people hipsters is stupid. It’s funny to a certain extent, but kind of just boring and stupid after a while. For a site like DH to survive over a year puts it into the category of there being something wrong with these guys. As other media says, the whole hipster thing as a trend is dead. It’s been around for like 7 years, but it’s time to move on. Do people still make fun of goths? Are there even goths anymore? Or phishheads? Or ravers? So many types have moved on.

      • Lee Jones says:

        Oh, there are goths. Not as many as there were but they certainly exist.

        Hipster hating isn’t dead, but it’s on its way out. It’s certainly lost much of its charm. Hell, hipsterdom is on its way out. It being replaced with a return to conformity and more boring fusions of indie-bro and “alt” (remember when people cared about “alt,” Eon McKai?).

        Like everything else, the internet killed hipsters. Once they could network, the need for the whole “poor isolated me and my fellow art collective members, we’re being all creative with no one to share it with” mentality had to disappear.

        Once hipsters started turning up in Hollywood movies, on TV, and actually having mainstream “brand” appeal, it immediately lost its flair.

        Sites like diehipster continue to exist because they’re funny. LATFH, hipster runoff, etc are a bit more subtle and not as “mean,” but they’re all in the same family.

        The problem is taking the sites personally on either side. I totally agree that hipsters have fucked up my neighborhood and a bunch of others (whether intentionally or simply as another step in an ongoing process), but sites like DH, etc. aren’t “fueling” any hate.

        What does get boring is when people take the debate too seriously and start acting as if saying mean things about hipsters is “bad” and start going on about the greater problems with generalizations and stereotypes. Same goes for when people actually believe that hipsters are the sole cause of everything that’s obnoxious in every major cities. Both sides need to take a break.
        If the only “racism” we had to worry about was attacks on defenseless hipsters, well, I don’t think this blog would exist.

  2. yea Lee though the problems is that the forum does personal attacks on people. Getting personally attacked really, really hurts. It takes the lightheaded “DH” comedy posts and puts them on a much darker level. Getting threatened on an anonymous forum really makes you kind of hurt. It takes it beyond the level of satire. Thus popping up sites like this .

    • Lee Jones says:

      Are you still talking about the Mast Bros thing?

      If so, you gotta let it go. I’m sure, at some point in your life, you’ve been made fun of, personally attacked (or maybe physically attacked) and it really hurt you.

      Hell, I’ve been insulted, threatened, harassed, robbed, made to feel like worthless shit, etc. But I don’t let that effect me. I can’t let it effect me or all I’d do is sit around being angry and resentful all day.

      Hold your grudges. Share your beliefs. Do whatever you need to do to get over it, as long as you get over it. I really hope that being insulted by anonymous immature bloggers isn’t the worst thing that’s ever happened to you, and if it is, your life has been a cakewalk.

  3. M says:

    The hypocrisy of diehipster isn’t that he’s actually a hipster — I don’t believe that he is — it’s that he doesn’t realize what he claims makes you a “hipster” isn’t actually what does.

    The myopic hacks at diehipster are lost in a sea of hate. They’re not worth rescuing, nor is the Brooklyn they claim to love — it’s a racist, spiteful pit of self-loathing and failure.

    The rest of Brooklyn — the part with real humans — would do well to leave it behind.

  4. Hipster Holocaust says:

    i dont live in DC.

  5. hipster holocaust … trying to protect your anonymonity. you live around north or south carolina

  6. Hipster Holocaust says:

    BINGO! (hehehe) was just trying to help a friend make some cash is all. Fixie or not…its just a bike. I’m not one for the fixed gear trend myself. The area here is too hilly.

  7. Bye Hater says:

    Looks like somebody has hipster friends. HH, does your buddy know about your secret life as a hater and wannabe tormentor of all things beardo?

  8. Agent Beardo Breaker. says:

    EDITOR’S NOTE – the FOLLOWING COMMENT COMES FROM THE EMAIL ADDRESS, “bye.hater.bye” which I think is Stevie’s Email account, not the account of Agent Beardo Breaker.

    Good Point Lee and DDH, sometimes I get so wrapped up mocking the DHer’s it comes out in other places. I’ll remain civil so as not to be looked upon as stooping down to that level.

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