The devil that is within us.

My post after “Park Slope=Yuppie Trash” makes fun of a “hipster” girl who was killed while biking.

Haha – and on that note I can’t wait till your sister and your mother get killed while biking by a bus and me and all my friends post on some blog and make fun of her because she had charastictics I thought were annoying. Don’t you see how similar that would be? Or is your hate so thick, Mr. Park Slope? My little, angry angry weak friend. Go take your negative energy and hit the gym, or do something positive with it, rather than just plunging into the evil. Just because others are evil doesn’t mean you have to be. That’s the beauty of life – the choice we have. It makes everything so interesting. This whole conflict between goodness and evil. One day you’ll look back on this blog and hopefully wonder why you were so angry when you were younger. You’ll learn how to grow up and be a man and channel your feelings and emotions and not think it’s “unmasculine.” That’s kind of why I’d love to film a doc about you guys. But no one, except for Lee Jones, even volenteered to be a part of it. I wish I could contact you guys instead of just trolling this site day in and day out, pretending to be Steve Lam, pretending to be Trey, pretending to be you, but you won’t give me that. What is the matter, guys? What do you need to help you out? When does this site start being comedy instead of challenling the great evil that is in each and everyone of us. I can’t wait for the responses to this post. I can already see what they are. It’s so easy to be cynical and use hate and snarky comments to my posts. Why don’t you guys post on my website, so we can be men and talk about all this?

What is the great evil underneath New York? And why is Diehipster vital to myself understanding it? I knew there was something off about the city when I moved here in 2003 from my suburban home in Connecticut and this site – I can’t stop visiting it. Why is that? Why is my obsession here? Because the devil is here, and he’s in me and you , and I want to discuss this.

Comments, anyone?

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17 Responses to The devil that is within us.

  1. Trey Parasuco says:

    Apparently about an hour after his post, either PS=YT himself or another one of Diehipster’s minions posted to the Craigslist Rant’s and Rave section of NYC, praising the same fatal biking accident. Said post has since been flagged and removed by the CL community. It’s just another example how blind hate begets blind hate, and shows how these Diehipster regulars are clearly lonely social rejects as they spew their hatred first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

    P.S. Park Slope=Yuppie Trash also goes by the name “Jerome” on some of his various posts online by the way.

    • a bunch of people also posted to the NY Post article about the bike accident making light of the situation. One of the dead girl’s friends went on there and called them horrible people. It was really a bizarre “modern technology” moment. This whole Internet forum commenting posting thing is too unreal.

  2. Dallas Insipid Rant says:

    You’ll never get a documentary out of them, because like cockroaches that feed in the night, they scatter at the first sign of light.

    They feed each other with their own negative energy, like an incestuous circle jerk.

    Here in Dallas we have the same thing.

    • I know – I’m thinking this blog is a better way to capture and understand this evil than a doc. It’s nice to not be limited to one medium to deal with an issue.

      • Lee Jones says:

        Here’s something we’ve been missing this entire time.

        Die Hipster is an insular blog for those who hate hipsters.

        Die Die Hipster is a more open blog to discuss the shortcomings and ramifications of hipster hating..

        But we sit here all day having silly conversations trying to win each other over to accept our beliefs, we’re forgetting one important thing: the hipsters.

        Ed, you post here because you know others will disagree and you’ll have some discussion.
        Die Hipster posts so that others will agree and add to his feelings.
        Both blogs are about the egos of their authors. DH is all about feeling justified because he has an army of trolls backing him up and you seem to post so that you can feel good about saying “the right thing” and publicly criticising DH.
        You started this blog because you were personally attacked and that hurt you. You have a personal vendetta against DH. You’re trying to outsmart them by attempting to poke holes in their logic.
        That’s great. But stop masking it as humanitarianism.
        So many of your posts are cloaked in self-aggrandizing “look what I understand that they [DH] misinterpreted.” The focus of this blog is you and how right you think you are. It constantly reflects back on how you were emotionally harmed by DH and how they shouldn’t have done that to YOU. And to do so, you ally yourself with other “victims” of DH.
        Another major thing is that, unlike DH, who is some mysterious poster who you’ve determined to unmask, everyone can see who you are and what you stand for and associate those beliefs with YOU.

        Please don’t take this as an attack. I like you. I agree with a lot of what you say, but I think you’re taking this blog away from what it should be: A non-egotistical discussion of hipsters.
        And that’s my point. None of us are really hipsters (yeah, I look the part but I definitely don’t support their attitudes). We’re talking about this thing that we don’t really have any connection to and trying to defend or attack it.
        This blog will just turn into another DH, with a bunch of isolated talking heads going back and forth saying “Well I think…”

        When we were discussing the doc, I brought up the importance of not just talking to people who hate hipsters, but actually talking to hipsters. Asking them how they feel about sites like DH. Whether they have ever experienced discrimination. Finding out how they perceive themselves and all of their mannerisms that infuriate so many.
        Until we actually have a few real hipsters here, to share their own thoughts and experiences, this blog is just more hot air.

      • Lee – I agree 100% with you – DH and me both are egotistical. We like having people read our stuff. We feed off of it. I would argue that everyone does.

        But right now I’m on a crusade to understand why New York is so full of hate and DH’s blog reveals this and I’m not doing this to attract attention. I don’t need to focus solely on hipsters because that’s boring. Hipsters are boring. Making fun of them is boring. It gets old. Looking at why New York is so full of hate – now that’s interesting. How could someone make fun of someone dying? Like a real person? How does that person get to the level of “Park Slope = Yuppie Trash” to post that and to go to bed at night feeling okay.

        I love evil. I have evil in me. I have good in me. It’s the best thing in the world to have.

        I love the responses to my posts on DH – exactly as I thought – they would accuse me of being psychotic – use stock language because they don’t really want to read what I wrote. Most people don’t want to look into the mirror and see what sort of horrible evil things they may have inside of them.

        I enjoy it. I like challenging myself. That’s why I am still interested. I liked their feedback. But now I can’t understand why they won’t go on this blog and talk about it. Are they scared? Do they really think it’s okay to make fun of someone who died? Yes they aren’t rascists but rascism is just one small part of hate and evil.

        These anonymous little guys can actually start to deal with their emotions issues right now. But only if one of them takes the plunge. They are so scared of me getting their IP addresses – honestly who gives a shoot about that? IP addresses aren’t accurate, anyway. Guys, do the research. Just don’t use your real email address.

  3. All the Diehipster regulars are idiots and they know it. They also enjoy being idiots, knowing that they’re protected anonymously by the internet. It’s clear they’re deeply missing something in their lives in order to spend so much time buzzing around one blog and leaving hateful comments all over the internet on various blogs that they deem support hipsterism. The reason they don’t comment on here is because they’ll receive an intellectual beat down and they know it. They are cowards in every sense of the word as they hide behind their computer screens and seek safety in numbers (only a dozen or so at best) on Diehipster.

    • Well I would use the word “immature” to describe them. They tell the same jokes over and over. Anyway Park Slope responded to my post that him making fun of the death of that biker was okay because when a person who is a non hipster dies, hipsters seem to make fun of them. Great logic….for a high schooler I guess. I feel bad for these young ones. One day they will all grow up and hopefully see that hating the world is a waste of time.

      • Trey Parasuco says:

        There is no “logic” there but simple intellectual dishonesty. Since when do “hipsters” make light of non-hipster people dying? It’s a complete fabrication. That type of directed, mean-spirited quality is completely inconsistent with the stereotypical apathetic, too-cool-for-school “hipster” mentality, and in contrast is mainly manifested by Diehipster commenters such as I Killed Josh!, Hipsterminator, Bill, and PS=YT himself.

      • I agree. Never heard of a “hipster” making fun of a “non hipster’s death.” I’d love to see an example. But even then, obviously doesn’t justify them making fun of the death of a Megan.

    • Lee Jones says:

      And who are you, Trey?
      Are you not hiding behind an internet pseudonym? Aren’t you expressing your thoughts anonymously?

      “It’s clear they’re deeply missing something in their lives in order to spend so much time buzzing around one blog and leaving hateful comments all over the internet on various blogs that they deem support hipsterism.”

      And you post here why? I’m genuinely curious. It’s clear you spend way too much time researching these supposed “idiots” [i.e. “Apparently about an hour after his post, either PS=YT himself or another one of Diehipster’s minions posted to the Craigslist Rant’s and Rave section of NYC, praising the same fatal biking accident.”].
      Sounds like someone needs a new hobby.
      Not that I disagree with all of your thoughts, but you’re acting like a dude who sits around all day reading Chaucer and then sneers at some kid reading a comic book.

      • Lee Jones says:

        Why Chaucer? I dunno.

      • I agree Lee – Trey and I need a new hobby. Hey man, it’s better than what I used to do on the Internet which was read Defamer. I think we are all addicted to the hate and drama caused by hate. It’s all kind of fun to learn more about people who we may have never had the chance to meet in real life. I love the Chaucer reference, maybe you picked it because you thought of Cancer subconsciously?

  4. The King of Never Lose says:

    I feel like all great comedians make hateful jokes that are hilarious. If you eliminate hate we probably wouldn’t be funny.

    There is some tremendously offensive and hateful content on I do not know if the posters mean what they write. I kind of think they are exaggerating to be funny.

    I can’t condone the pro-bike rider death posts, though.

    • King of Never Lose – I fully agree – comedy is based on anger and hatred. The best comedians have quite a bit of rage in them. Eddie Murphy, George Carlin, Lenny Bruce – all these guys have a certain anger that is really nice. What I especially liked about George Carlin was that he also had humanity – he had hope for human beings and was always waiting for them to improve in his eyes. Without the anger, every comedian would probably be a little boring.

      I think we both agree on this. And I like anger and hate – I like laughing at things that are hateful to a certain extent – but you really have to draw the line somewhere. Thank you for not defending their posts making fun of a girl who was killed on her bike.

      Also comedians never do personal attacks on everyday people. Sure they will attack a politician or celebrity, but no offense to those guys – they are in the public eye and they have to deal with that – it’s now part of their job. But for the Internet to have a site like DH that, for instance, went hard out for Steve Lam – and revealed all his information and just went on a rampage of making fun of him – this is slander and a personal attack on someone that is quite cruel and uncalled for.

      But what can we say about another hate monger, Tom Shelly, who runs a rascist site? Interestingly enough, it looks like he posted on DH in an attempt to bring hits from that site to his site. As I started to read more about him, I learned that his identity was “outed” and he was exposed as someone who was supposively a cuckcold and a guy with a criminal record and jail time. Did he deserve this? I guess you could make the argument that he doesn’t. But something about it seems quite satisfying.

      Anyway all this is off topic, but maybe now I’m thinking about it, DH saw Steve Lam as a threat to his website, so he went on a quest to find his identity. Anyway I guess none of it is good and the point is,, in an ideal, would be like Hipster Runoff, or Look at this Fucking Hipster – a comedy site that makes fun of Hipsters. But instead it’s a site of personal attacks, anger, and hatred. Is it because of the title – people take it so seriously or that DH posts about “beating up” hipsters? Who knows? All I know is that I barely laughed only once going on the site, and I feel like I’m a guy who enjoys a lot of different comedy, especially stuff at the expense of white folks. What do you guys think – do you think it is funny at times?

      • The King of Never Lose says:

        Comedians make personal attacks sometimes. Ever make the mistake of going to the bathroom during a comedian’s routine? Yikes…

      • Yea totally but that person just fades away after the show (well at least before they taped everything). On the lovely DH forum, the personal attack stays for a very long time. Anyway I guess I derailed the conversation a little bit – your original point is really good – hating on and judging people is good comedy. If you can’t take that, then you gotta grow some. But I don’t know – the personal attacks sometimes go too far thanks to the anonymity of it all.

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