See my friends’ film about Sockpuppets – Catfish – opening tomorrow

Check out the Catfish page – and learn more about Catfish – a film about the deception of people on the Internet, made by the guys who I worked for with the Harvard Business School video.  Sock puppets take note – this is a film about what the Internet does to social interactions (the NY Times has a beautiful review of it) – as we become more insular even though we think we are reaching out more.  So everyone put down the hatchets and go out and see it.  Learn more about people like our friends DH and Bill and Steve Lam – all our favorite characters on

Maybe Bill is really a frusterated housewife in Nebraska?  Maybe Hipsteriminator never really went on vacation to the U.S.S.R. with his much-younger girlfriend? Maybe I’m really diehipster?   Thank you Internet!

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9 Responses to See my friends’ film about Sockpuppets – Catfish – opening tomorrow

  1. Lee Jones says:

    Oh, man…

    I’m sorry to read that these people are friends of yours. This movie was terrible. The ending was contrived and screamed of the very things that make the “me” generation feel soooo clever.

    Where’s some good ol’ fashioned non-mockumentary mumblecore when you need it?

    DH will love it though.

    Ed, you should directed something substantial in the pseudo-narrative vein. I really do think you’re an excellent DP and I’d like to see your directing skills.

    Hell, remake CATFISH as the art-film is could be, not the one it’s pretending to be.

    • Haha – well I haven’t seen it so I’m curious to see what the ending is about. I got a bunch of doc ideas – well mostly experimental films. But right now my art project is I have like very little time. The amount of prep time it takes for each project is overwhelming. Tonight I had to figure out how to go from a HD SDI feed to a HD recorder and a composite SD teleprompter while going 1080p to the recorder and from 1080i to 480i at the same time on a device that only will output at one or the other! Wow that was a fun little problem.

  2. Lee Jones says:

    Oh, and see THE SOCIAL NETWORK. It’s one of the most brilliantly directed movies I’ve seen in quite a while.
    It’s also the best movie ever made about the internet.

    When I work with digital, it’s usually downconverting a 2K scan to roughly a terabyte. Pretty dull stuff. Yours seems overly difficult.
    I realize more and more that film is like life. What you shoot is what you get. What you do is who you are, at least at face value.
    Digital, on the other hand, is about trickery. It’s convincing the eye that pixels compose an image. It’s indirect. It’s different. It’s not exactly human. It’s challenging.

    • Yep Film is organic. But alas expensive and especially expensive to clean up. Digital is by far much more flawed in terms of latitude and just how overall organic it can feel – but much easier for beginners cause they can always see what they are doing. Also by being so cheap more people can get into it. Is that a better thing? Has the digital revolution produced better films because anyone can become a filmmaker now? Of course not. There is so much shit out there. But is there more than before? What’s the ratio of great films now. I mean, how many great films are there a month vs in the like 70s or 60s. Forget all the shitty ones. Maybe it’s more complicated than that. But hey, now we are talking about a great idea for a documentary!!!!

  3. Lee Jones says:

    Also remember that CATFISH was directed by a guy who appeared in movies directed by this worthless [hipster] hack:

  4. Lee Jones says:

    Like 5-7

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