Attack on Whole Foods is wrong – Hipsters shop at Trader Joes

Dear  DH Lawrence,

While I applaud your army of trolls making fun of Whole Foods due to to a story about Whole Foods and an idea that their organic food comes from China (which seems to have been rebutteled rather quickly) – haven’t you figured out yet that Hipsters scoff at Whole Foods?  They think it’s too expensive.  Instead they love Trader Joes and their little custom organic stores inWilliamsburg like my favorite, “Kim’s Market” on Driggs Avenue and N. 10th St.  Hipsters can’t afford Whole Foods – or at least pretend that they can’t.  Go to any hipster apartment and it’s all Trader Joes everywhere- worn like a badge.

Please be careful of the context of your “organic food and hipsters” joke that you repeat pretty much every four days.  It’s really really funny to hear that Hipsters love FREE TRADE and ORGANIC food.  I thought the age old joke is that they love coke and then also eat organic food to counteract the negative stigma they get from that.  How come you always leave that punchline out, you comedians, you.


Die Die Hipster

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One Response to Attack on Whole Foods is wrong – Hipsters shop at Trader Joes

  1. Side note – I was talking to my friend at a party and he said the most interesting thing to me – blogs and message boards become echo chambers due to insular nature of them. All the yes men and trolls agreeing on something. With this people can become misinformed quickly. Like Whole Foods/China argument which was thrown out rather quickly. This might explain why half of the U.S. thinks Obama is a Muslim.

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