Stopping the Invasion of Brooklyn and Queens

An interesting comment sprung up on DH –

Yes, I too live in an area of Queens that’s safe and has lots of amenities and affordable large apartments. I have noticed lately a hipster here and there riding around on PeeWee Herman bikes, wandering about on foot, and even heard two of them commenting on how they like this neighborhood at the bus stop a few months back. … They had Real Estate magazines and papers with them. Fuck! … The point is, I don’t want hipsters in my neighborhood and I will make them feel unwelcome even if it requires loss of their precious body fluids (the war has been lost in Brooklyn but not here). …

This above post may be the best recent example of why has been functioning for nearly three years.  There is a good amount of rage and frustration these “natives of Brooklyn and Queens” feel when their homeland is invaded by the White middle to upper-class invaders.

This poster like many others before him expresses his frustration through a revenge fantasy – to take care of the threat of the invaders in an ultra-masculine way via his proclamation of violence.  He lets his anger guide him into this. For me, I let my anger push me towards finding solutions and it’s a far more effective way of dealing with stress.

If South Brooklyn is any indication, all the anger that he expresses, and a lot of people share that anger towards the invaders, isn’t doing its job – more and more White middle-class transplants are moving in.  All the pioneering Middle Class transplants (i.e. artists) care about are two things: cheap rent and a big space – these people will move in, no matter what.  No matter how many people get mugged, raped or killed.  They are simple in what they need.  They need cheap space – and lots of it.  They want to live in NYC to share its resources and also to breathe in its creative and nervous energy that pushes them to compete and make better art.  This combined with the easy access of the Internet and also an online system like blogs like, has helped precipitate the move – as it makes the Middle-Class artist  feel comfortable in neighborhoods that they didn’t initially find themselves in the past – like Bushwick and Williamsburg and now Bed-Stuy.

And of course as soon as the Middle-Class artist comes to invade, then they install “Middle-Class white niceties”  such as vintage shops, organic markets, restaurants, gyms, etc.  Stuff Middle-Class White people like.  And once that’s there – then the floodgates open – cue the strollers and college students and the dreaded evil beardos riding in their van from the Midwest, ready to pay $2000 a month for a one bedroom even though they have no job.

So really to stop the Hipster, your enemy,  from moving to their home – you could try to commit crimes against them – but of course, you can go ahead and do that and you know, you commit a crime against a Middle-Class Whitey, and you’re probably going to get caught and go to jail and have to do a harsh sentence – because as we all know – life is unfair – middle-class White people have more privleges than other classes of Americans.  Or you can go ahead, you can get angry about it.  But you’re not going to change it by posting on a anonymous blog.

Another option is to move.  But no one likes moving.  And there are less and less places to move to.

What about figuring out why all the Middle-Class White people are leaving their midwest homes?  How can you keep them there?  Is that possible?  There was talk I remember when I first out of college of a huge artist scene in Pittsburgh. I don’t quite know what happened.  Could you go undercover and start interesting middle-class White people things in their areas?  What if you created “hipster communities” in suburban towns?  Like hipster paradises so that they stay away from your homeland?  Is it because the young kids want the allure of NYC – the all-night bars, the jobs that are there.  The fashion and advertising and film production industries that are thriving here.

The biggest current trend for artists of the past few years is their exodus from NYC into Upstate New York.  The Catskills is the most popular new location for the older, “too old to be hipster” middle class artist generation.  They are building their communities up there and moving in droves.  Sick of the annoying youngsters, the rising rents – these older guys are pioneering the area for the younger ones.

Now how do we get younger people, who don’t yet have wives or husbands or kids to want to move into the “country”?  Can you sell young people on peace and quiet?  Don’t they need to see what loud noise is about first?

Or why not get them to go to Hoboken?  Isn’t it similarily identical to Williamsburg – a quick jaunt on the path train except with cheaper taxes.   The stigma against Jeresy is waning – so what is it about this area that’s not appealing?  The rent is too high, already.  And I guess Jeresy City is too far away?  The PATH doesn’t run as efficiently as the L train.  Why not work on getting the Path to run a lot better?

Why don’t you guys create in essence a Craigslist for upstate New York or Jeresy City?  Or like a BushwickBK for upstate New York or Hoboken.  Make it so it’s easy for hipsters to move upstate.  Then many you can stay peacefully at your place in Queens.  Just divert the bastards away from your area.  You can’t stop people from moving to the NYC area.  It’s got a higher employment rate than the rest of the country.  It has culture.  It has a community.  It has things White middle class people like.   So just send them up the river or across the other one.  These guys need to sleep somewhere.  Figure it out, guys.  Talk to your enemies – figure out what makes them tick.  Instead of just insulting them and being disgusted by them – find out what they want and what you want.  And then if you really really hate them like you pretend you do, try to help out in some small way to get them out of your area.

Then of course a new will pop up, this time written by a blogger living in Jeresy City or Upstate New York.  The same lame jokes about raising rents and beardos and how they all have rich daddies in the Midwest and that they have bedbugs or whatever the current media medical scare is.  And by then, I will have moved on to more interesting things to waste my time on the Internet with.

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4 Responses to Stopping the Invasion of Brooklyn and Queens

  1. mypitbullateyourbaby says:

    but what happens when it’s whitey on whitey crime? not exactly sure why you are making this a race issue, when it’s clearly not.

    *newsflash* even white people dont like your kind.


    • What’s your story, Rob, with this weird post on Brownstoner back in 2008 –
      You’re right, it’s not a race issue – it’s a class issue. Hipsters are middle-class to upper-class youngsters. I have studied DH for about two months now and have reached quite a few conclusions. One of the biggest one is that DH posters can’t tell the difference between artists and hipsters – and can’t really tell the difference between the different classes of White people that move to Brooklyn – the gentrification kind. Hence, they will never figure out the gentrification issue. And what’s funny – is that I am giving them a possible starting point for “cleaning up” their neighborhood of hipsters but they can only see me as a hipster – when I really am not one at all. If anything, I’m more a mix-mash of things, just as you claim you are in the above post.

  2. One more thing I find interesting – only one person on DH responded to this post indicating that they read the whole thing. And they only said that Hoboken is already full of Yuppies. All the rest of the posts said some homophobic comments to me. Anyway, so what is Hoboken is a Yuppie-ville? Can’t more hipsters move there anyway? Or can’t there be some other place for the Hipsters to go that keeps them out of your way?

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