What I Was Too Thick to See – “Why Townies Hate the Invasion” By My Girlfriend

I talk about DH all the time, to the point of madness. Even late last night when I was completely exhausted I talked to my girlfriend about DH.  Usually it’s met with a yawn.  But last night we had a really good discussion about it.  This is what she had to say – and I now further really am coming to grapple with their perspective.

“Picture your situation in my mind – 20 years ago, you have a family, friends, stores all around you that are familiar to you. You walk down the street and you know everyone’s name. The businesses are mostly all owned by local people. If you were a kid back then, your family felt you could walk to and from school safely because everyone in the area knew who you were and would keep a watchful eye out. It was a community of people – like with like. That’s all anybody wants.

“SO, move forward 20 years and now what do we have here – like with unlike. And the unlike are taking over. You don’t walk down the street anymore and see all those local businesses. Everyone you know has either died or moved away. You don’t have any idea who three quarters of the people on your block are. They all like different things from you, they only go to their own bars and businesses. They could care less about integrating into what was once YOUR town.  It’s a slow suffocation and you fight to get air among people you don’t know, don’t care about and really really resent. And you start to hate them because you feel entitled to hate – this is your fucking place NOT theirs. ”

Die Hipster.com is good for venting. That’s all. There is no way to EVER come to a conclusion here because people just want to feed off other people’s anger. Ironically this is the only place where the ‘hipster’ and the ‘local’ talk – albeit not nicely. So there is no reason to try to find a common ground aside from that one.

It’s like a girl trying to explain to a bunch of guys why they can’t stop looking at women or why they like sports so much. The guys are having a great time looking at women passing by or talking/playing sports. And then some party-pooper woman comes over and starts explaining why they are like that – because of their hormones…etc.  Her explaining to them, on a science or sociological level, why they are like that is not going to change the way they act. They enjoy it too much. It’s the same here on this blog and with all you  like-minded people – you like having something in common with one another. You like riffing off of one another. You like it because it gives you a sense of entitlement again, some strength in numbers. You like it because you feel less suffocated from the overwhelming numbers of ‘hipsters’ who plague your streets.”

Unfortunately, the hipsters won’t stop coming. This blog is the only solution to your problems. So, write on.”

This is what I came upon like a storm and I couldn’t see past the anger and hatred.  It drove me  – physically affected me to be attacked on a blog.  But now that I can understand more and more why it was done, I think I am reaching a peace with the blog and can move on.

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6 Responses to What I Was Too Thick to See – “Why Townies Hate the Invasion” By My Girlfriend

  1. Integrated says:

    It has happened since NYC began.

    Bushwick for example went from Dutch to German to Italian to Puerto Rican to Black to Mexican to Hipsterians etc. Not exactly in that order, or completely, but every new culture met with anger, resentment, bigotry, hatred.

    I’ve always been curious of the phenomenon which has kept this diverse city voluntarily segregated.

    Or is it voluntary?

    Perhaps it’s economically segregated.

    I believe it’s in the people’s best interests to be as integrated as possible, multicultural everywhere.

    Why are there poor neighborhoods? White neighborhoods? Black neighborhoods?
    Is it economics? Bigotry?

    I believe the sooner we leave that behind, the better off the people will be. And the people better get used to it because the demographics are changing all the time.

    • Native New Yorker says:

      So happy to see this site was created.


      I have nothing more to say than that. I agree in the ‘does more harm than good’ thought presented here relating to that other site.

      • Thanks Native NYer. Being attacked on a anonymous website where everything about your identity is put into question is quite a tramatic experience.

        I was attacked a few months ago and well it’s not fun really.

        That’s why I started this site, amongst other things. But I guess now the point of this site is to have intelligent conversations about gentrification.

        As well as to really look into anger and hate that exists in New York.

        I remember about eight years ago when I first moved to New York I was coming back from Jeresy with a girlfriend of mine at the time, and immediately upon entering the Port Authority – there was some serious negativity in the air, with a few people fighting.

        Why does this anger exist in NYC so much? Does DH.com reveal anything about this? I think it does and such fascinates me.

        But it also tears through me. It’s very stressful to check out the site and have people ripping into you, especially when they are making lots of stereotypes about you.

        I guess you can say priveliged class deserves this, in so to learn the true meaning of the invisable napsack we carry – but at the same time, it really just tears through your heart.

        I hope to God that I can stop my addiction and willingness to go onto the site, read comments, and post.

  2. M says:

    Exactly, Integrated. A huge part of what diehipster lacks is ANY historical perspective. Their me-first, right-now mindset leaves them absolutely blind to the reality of not just modern life, but American life in general.

    Unfortunately, what diehipster lacks in common sense knowledge of history, it compensates for with seething hatred. I don’t agree with Ed’s conclusion that diehipster is good for venting — I think that the vitriolic attitude on the site (rooted, as you suggest, in a class-ist xenophobia that I believe manifests itself in quasi-racist actions and hate speech) does far more to harm Brooklyn than provide a safe outlet for its disgruntled townies to “vent.”

    And I do believe that its the anonymity at diehipster foster this hate. If anyone on that site was posting reasonable criticism or salient points then I would probably feel differently. Instead, they love to hide their faces behind bogus claims of satire, which is laughable–what are they satirizing? Nothing. So, I’ll even take a page out of their logic manual and suggest that just as they contrive to define hispters by “looking and seeming” like hipsters, then diehipster looks and seems a lot like hate speech, which isn’t protected, not even as “venting” on a blog.

  3. Trey Parasuco says:

    Yeah…I’ve suggested many a time that Diehipster does more harm than good, and its existence gives all native New Yorkers a bad name. The idiots on that site are worse than any “hipster” that has ever existed.

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