Identity of Texas Triffid Ranch Revealed

His first name is Paul.  His middle name is T. His last name is Riddell.

Paul T. Riddell.

He’s originally from Michigan.  The Mid-West.

Raised in Texas.

He’s one of DH’s regular posters.

He’s not a true native New Yorker and yet he’s one of the prominent ones with his hate and anger.  Does he get a free pass?  No he doesn’t.  I’m holding Paul responsible for his actions.

Amongst various proof – here’s the easiest one that draws the connection between Paul Riddell and Texas Triffid Ranch:

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20 Responses to Identity of Texas Triffid Ranch Revealed

  1. Trey Parasuco says:

    Yeah the proof is pretty definitive and isn’t just conjecture. This is really sad and pathetic. I almost feel sorry for him. I take it that apparently lonely and depressed middle-aged men who spend their days ranting against youth half their age probably make up a significant fraction of DH’s regular commenters. Everything just makes sense.

  2. Yes it’s so sad. I feel sorry for him now. Whenever I read his post and see who really is behind it. It’s just really…. sad and depressing. This is the sad part about the Internet.

    I’m really, really done with I have to move on. I can’t waste anymore energy on it. It makes me so angry and sad.

  3. lietuvosrytas says:

    I don’t see what the big discovery is, he has a link to his website on diehipster. Its not like your outing him, christ no wonder no one reads this. You see obsessed bro, get a life.

    • Li, agreed – not a big deal. I’m obsessed. I really do need to move on. But for some reason, is currently my favorite website.

      • You won’t though. You’ll be back, in a day or a week (if only to see what different alias’ Steve Lam/Trey Parasuco come up with this week.) You’re like Bill Hicks routine about fucking with a sore tooth/watching COPS.

      • I wonder when the obsession will end for me. It’s really weird to get obsessed over a website. I think hopefully it will start to fade away soon. Then I’ll be back reading Kotaku for fun.

  4. Integrated says:

    Today’s Hipster Beating.

    The other day I saw a pencil armed, bearded, chuck taylor wearing person on the subway.

    So I totally ignored him and went about my life, ’cause I’ve got better shit to do and worry about.

    What did you think I was going to do, write a fucking whole blog about it, and enroll a bunch of people to come and hate him with me? What kind of a fucking loser do you think I am?

    What do you think I’ve got nothing better to do than wallow in a bunch of pre-judging negative energy? Maybe you thought I was going to do a fantasy beating of him?

    Please, what do you take me for, a complete moron?

  5. Integrated says:

    Dallas Insipid Rant is the most boring, long winded, quasi-writer I’ve ever read.

    He’s always like, “Oh but in Texas this, Oh, but in Texas that”.

    Read the caption moron, “A place for real New Yorkers to vent…”

    Nobody want to hear your Dallas shit…nobody gives a fuck…

    How does it feel to be hated bitch? Vent on that….

    • Integrated says:

      By the way, that dude is freakier than any hipster I have ever seen.
      If diehipster saw him on the nyc subway, he’s pull the brim of his hat down around his ankles, and let go, launching him through the subway roof so hard, he’s fly back to Dallas and bounce off a grassy knoll all the way back to Michigan.

      [the famous “grassy knoll” is the only landmark I could think of in Dallas]

      • hahaha! He is a weird looking man. Funny their response to my outing them. Paul claims he’s been open the whole time about his identity. Has he been open about him being from the Midwest and never even having lived once in New York? Also how come I mean, he never defends the Midwest or non-NYers? No, he just watches them get peed on, just like some of the other posters. Like you said, I think we’ll find out DH’s identity and a bunch of weird inconsistencies will pop up. But really, who cares?

  6. Integrated says:

    I think if diehipster’s identity was ever known we’d all be embarrassed that we took this worthless, shit-bag loser seriously.

    In fact, I believe it would be a sad and depressing discovery.
    We’d probably feel sorry for him, but he pumps himself up behind the internets.

    In person, we’d immediately dismiss him as a fool, and move on.

    In fact we may even hate him. In the way he hates hipsters. In his style of dress and mannerisms, he would probably come off as a stupid oaf. Some low income jerkoff who votes for tax cuts for the rich. With a thick Brooklyn accent which makes him sound more provincial and stupid than urbane, more retarded than tough. I think it would feel good to hate him and everything he is about, and what he represents. A self-sabotaging fool. Low income Republican. For corporations, against the consumer. A corporate swine, without a corporation. An anti-environmentalist living next to a superfund site. Etc…

  7. The King of Never Lose says:

    I’m definitely buying his book! Kudos on not making any Mein Kampf references.

  8. lietuvosrytas says:

    I feel sorry for you, you go on Diehipster and spend all day creating multiple personalities. You also create sock puppets on your own site after I mentioned no one reads this. GET A LIFE BRO!!!!!!

    • Hi Li. As of now, I am only Cutter on that website. The reason I keep switching my identity is that Die Hipster keeps banning me. I can’t go on as Edd Sandwich anymore. Thank you for feeling sorry for me – I feel sorry for myself and all the other posters on that site. For better or worse – I’m just as bad as one of them. I need to grow up.

      • Trey Parasuco says:

        It’s really sad that DH has to go banning you for making valid points. I guess he feels he has to do whatever it takes to keep a certain bias and slant going. It is afterall his blog so he’s free to do whatever he wants, but his actions clearly show a lack of any integrity on his part. Keep in mind that he’s officially stated that he doesn’t think the influx of “hipsters” and gentrification of Brooklyn can ever be stopped, so he’s essentially thrown in the towel at this point.

      • Integrated says:

        lietuvosrytas is “parkslope=yuppie toilet”

      • actually I just checked Lietuvosrytas’s IP address and it’s the same as Hipmarts. I like Hipmart. If that is also Park Slope=Yuppie Trash I would be slightly surprised. The only link I see is a mention of Guilliani. Trey I need some proof – don’t accuse people of being who they aren’t. However I don’t think Hipmart or Lietuvosrytas have said anything bad.

  9. I’m glad he banned me…time to move on. also he banned me cause I was resorting to his level. he has a higher standard for me which is nice of him.

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