Something Active from and My Response to Her Post


Dear Magaly Maracuya,


You are very right in everything you say.
I didn’t make DDH to put down the good people who comment on here.  I made it to put down the bad people who comment on here.  There are some great people on here.  And a lot of people are great but are in the midst of hate.
I agree with you completely – I don’t walk in the shoes of the people here.  But you and me and everyone else needs to come together to reach ideas and solutions.  I’m part of the problem and yet I know it – that makes me a valuable part of the solution.  Without both sides coming together to talk in a mature and reasonable way, the middle class and upper middle class invasion of working class communities will continue in NYC and Brooklyn and Queens.
I’m a gateway into the “other side.”  To dismiss that is not good.
Listen not many of us middle class White people will admit that we are in the wrong – but we are.  I’m in the wrong.  I’m sorry that I have displaced families by moving to an area.
Talking about the Mast Brothers – we can all go off for 200 or so posts about the merits of them.  Yes they do expensive chocolate that mostly only middle to upper class people buy.  But they are a business in Williamsburg and paying local taxes and have employees they are paying a reasonable wage to.  That’s something.  But really I’m not here to defend anyone I film.
I film more than Mast Brothers.  Look at my website.
I film for several large investment companies, television companies, fashion beauty lines and big top-ten retailers – some of the people I don’t completely politically agree with – but I do it at the same time that I donate my gear and my workmanship to small documentaries and projects.   Yesterday my camera went off to work on a feature film about an African American man’s journey thru racism.
Some of what needs to be said – but does it need to be said with homophobia and hatred?  Should they threaten my life?  Do you know what it’s like to have several anonymous people threaten your life?  Or to hear anti-gay sentiment?
“This is their right, and many posts here have given a little more exposure to the ignorant, dismissive and elitist attitudes many gentrifiers possess. I feel their frustration. I experience it everyday. My family and friends experience it everyday. What exactly do you do for your community as a whole besides catering to gentrifiers?”
It is also my right to post on here and try to get some sort of debate started.  I tried that before and I failed.  So I created  It’s my project and the start of what I am doing to care about my community of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  It’s not much.  But it’s a project.  And I haven’t had a project in six years besides work.
In response to your comment that I’m high on myself – I would argue that I’m not really that much higher than any of the other posters on here.  Does that justify it?  No.  I’m not a perfect man.

A user posted a link to her organization and an anti-gentrification rally in Buskwick.

Some excellent points.  You need affordable housing when you come in with condos.  There needs to be some sort of justice for these people who have lived here their whole lives.

More to learn here:

This is an exmple of using anger to do something positive.  To create change. is not.  Well it gets people angry enough to maybe become politically active.  The big maybe.



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