Response to Die Hipster

Dear my good friend, Die Hipster;

First off did you know that “die” means “the” in German? So if you were in an ironic indie-rock German heavy-trance band, your name means “the Hipster” – and it is kind of true.  Besides the old obvious points showing how hipster you are, such as that you post on wordpress, own an iphone with twitter features you also have the following hipster characteristics – you hate to be attacked, you love to judge (especially fashion), and of course, you don’t listen.

Allow me to respond to your lovely prose from the safety of my blog.

You actually think the people we bash on here have nothing to do with high rents?” – what does that mean, DH?  I just wrote a post that said that you can attack hipsters quite validly in that they are part of what is driving up rent in your area.  But as I wrote in the past – it’s a bigger issue.   It’s globalization.   It’s foreign investment in Manhattan, population increasing, and more importantly – the rich getting richer.  Rich Dad and Mom can pay for their kid to be a worthless lazy brat – and hence the hipster is created.  It’s easy to hate on the hipster, but if you want to get serious, you gotta see the forest from the trees.

You think Midwestern and western ‘hipster’ culture easily blends in the real melting pot of Brooklyn?” – culture is culture – whether you like it or not.  As I said, there is a McDonalds right by the JM subway line – I don’t like McDonalds – but it’s there.  And that’s that.  I don’t like Duane Reade moving in, Kings is nice, but that’s that.  You can’t generalize that all middle-class people bring bad culture.  Some bring good.  As I talked about in the original Mast Brothers post, I rather see the Mast Bros store than a McDonalds.  They are making something in Brooklyn at a time that most the industry has closed up shop and left.  And as I said before, the industry left first – due to globalization.  Domino Sugar closed down because they could do their thing for cheaper Lords knows whereever they do it.  But hey, I guess we all have our opinions about what is good culture and what is bad culture.  Next you call me a moron – and other name-calling.  What does that do to your credibility?  I know you’re angry – so am I – but I don’t need to start calling you a “jerk” or stuff like that.

I originally came on the site pretending to be a hipster, because people can see me as a hipster even though I’m not one.  I said I was rich because all us Americans are rich.  In the U.S. world, my parents aren’t upper-class, they are upper-middle class.  I moved to Williamsburg because I wanted to live on my own.  I’m not going to lie, I’m not middle class or working class, but I never said I was.  I’m from an upper middle class home and I hate the class divides in the U.S. and especially the way things work, making the rich richer.

“You now try to pull off that you’re one of us but fighting hipsterism and yupsterism in a pro-active way?” – Well I worked on some documentaries about gentrification – so I guess in some small ways – (in a very small way) you are right.  I also donate my work and gear to films that inspire me – and one recently looked at cultural collisions between working class and middle class cultures.  This isn’t like I’m out there on the street trying to help but I think it’s more than your contribuation.  What do you do, DH to help your cause?  Yea, you’re right – I don’t do much.  Besides shopping locally I don’t really do that much.  I hope that will change.

“For christs sake you did the sterotypical thing and practically copied my domain and site. Just like all hipsters steal from the past.” – I copied your domain and site because it’s called satire.  Satire is when you copy something and make fun of it.  I used it to show people what I interpret your site to be.  And what’s kind of funny about your statement is that you claim you created your site design when you are just using a popular template on  Your site design is nothing original.  I didn’t steal your code.

Notice how real New yorkers (ie multi-generationals, new and old immigrants, people of all kinds of color etc) don’t come on this site telling me I’m wrong or cruel. All the comments and emails I get are telling how funny and how right this site is. Does Texas Triffid “Paul Riddell” count as a native NYer?  How about “I Killed Josh?” (who you had a tiff over cause you accused him of saying rascist things.)  How about Yuppie Killer?  All these guys are not native New Yorkers.  And they are some of your biggest fans.

I think the people who like your site like that it’s there – it’s a voice of dissent.  I like that it’s there.  But please, can’t there be another voice of dissent that’s not so full of hate and character assisinations and cruelty?  Can’t there be a voice of dissent that does not have commentors who go on other blogs and attack them?  Can’t there be another voice of dissent that does not laugh at the death of girl who died while biking?  Can’t there be another voice of dissent that does not throw out so much homophobic comments?

I don’t claim to create that site.  My site is purely my project.  You are my art project. And you are my star.

“See, here we post something, abuse it for a day or two and move on. You’re so into exposing people that you dwell on it for weeks at a time. We expose hipsters in general. You are caught up on a few people related to this site. Remember, you, like Stevie came to me. I didn’t come to you. You might regret fucking with the wrong person. So I would seriously suggest getting a new hobby or go back to playing with Daddys cameras.”

You’re absolutely right, DH. I should move on.  You do expose hipsters, but you also at the same time are exposing yourself and your “crew.”   For all you are – you’re a bunch of guys who don’t know how to have a debate without resorting to the basest level of name-calling and also guys who seem to not have the ability to want to learn from others with different viewpoints.  Your obsession over hipsters is mind-blowing.  I think you need a new hobby.  Hipsters are funny to make fun of, but having true hate towards any sort of person is really sickening.  Also attacking people is one thing – but attacking a person is another.  For one, to me, it’s wrong.  And I will continue to attack anyone who attacks someone else.  As a refresher to everyone, my great-grand parents on my mother’s side all died in concentration camps in the Holocaust.  I am alive.  And I know that if they could have talked to me, they would tell me that I have to do whatever it takes to fight anyone who hates on another person.  I know it’s kind of funny to hate on hipsters, but there is something about how you guys do it that sets off all my alarms.  Now after three months, I see more and more that most of you guys are really not out to hurt anyone – but are just frustrated at how the world is turning out.  So I don’t really hate you anymore.

As I said in the past, I’ve learned a lot from you guys.  I make more of an effort to get to know people of different economic classes than my own.  But you guys can’t move on – you can’t really seem to learn or shake off other viewpoints.  Instead you attack and attack and attack.

Case in point was the arrival of Native NYer who spoke his/her mind in a reasonable manner.  You couldn’t have that.  You stereotyped who he was and attacked and attacked just like me when I posted on your site.  Most people can shrug it off and just move on.

But I’m different.   I try to learn from the experience and really understand it and turn it into a project.

Please some guys come on this site and actually let’s talk about things.  You are right about many things and I’m wrong about many things.  But I don’t feel like getting cut in my stomach everytime I try to go on your site and actually engage some people who seem worthy of being engaged.


Edd C. R. David III

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12 Responses to Response to Die Hipster

  1. lietuvosrytas says:

    Why write it if no one cares?

  2. I don’t know. I just reread it… what a waste of time. what is wrong with me? hopefully that was my last post ever.

    • Just kidding. Reviewing everything that happened as I phase out this project of mine – I see that I was mostly in good intentions. The people who influenced me were Lee Jones, I’m So Unhip, I Killed Josh, Rabbi Buddy Booth, and Diehipster. The people who were kind of worthless was Park Slope=Yuppie Trash and Texas Triffid Ranch. And the clown was of course Hipsteriminator. He’s probably my favorite character. So goodbye to you, blog of hate and pretend anger towards gentrification – I’m done. Off to the next project. Hopefully something more positive for the world.

  3. Integrated says:

    I think that part of their problem is that nobody moves to Manhattan to be close to Brooklyn…they feel used…

    • Also they can’t see that people are moving to Brooklyn because now they see it as safer and also cheaper than living in Manhattan. The DH posters can’t see without stereotypes the upper middle class invaders – they can’t break them up into smaller groups – they just lump them all together. This is so wrong – you have to figure out who your enemy is. I know they will never admit it, but I figured out who each character on DH was – and by doing that I was able to figure out what each one wanted and needed. Unfortunately it will never be resolved like a film or a documentary so the ending of this film for me is just me walking away.

      • Integrated says:

        I think that the end of the film is Williamsburg and Bushwick.

        The story begins as a peaceful mostly German neighborhood until the middle of the last century.
        The Germans are forced out after the war when European refugees and Hispanics moved in. There follows the loss of industry and rapid ghettofication. Crime and a host of social ills, forces out anyone who can leave. Nobody feels sorry for these people who lost their way of life and neighborhoods to the new immigrants. They were forced to flee for their safety. They watched their neighborhoods deteriorate into cesspools of crime.

        Bottling technology also helped force the closure of the breweries and abandonment of the brewer’s mansions along Bushwick Avenue. It gradually became became the celebrated Bushwick/Williamsburg=ghetto toilet.

        In the mid 80’s you could easily score heroin on Bedford and South 2nd street, where today you could only score Thai food. Oh, what a tragic loss, this gentrification has caused. The benefits of ghettofication are now tragically lost.

        Just as nobody gave a shit about the people of the peaceful German neighboroods, whose people fled the deteriorating crime cesspools they became, nobody will lament the tragic loss of the slum crime ghettos that followed.

        The film ends with Germans walking away, and dissolves into Hispanics walking away, and dissolves into Hipsteronians walking away. Perhaps Muslims moving in and minarets rising in the Williamsburg skyline, and hipster descendants lamenting their losses, and making blog sites hateful of Islamic attire and behavior.

        Or perhaps, better, it ends with a view of an apartment building facade, with hipsters, Hispanics, Hasids, Africans, Europeans, Asians, Orientals, Arabs, etc. all hanging out together in love and friendship.

        As a misanthrope, I view the end as a brilliant flash of intense white light, followed by searing heat which instantly vaporises people, followed by a shockwave blast which blows buildings into brick and wood fragments, flinging and destroying cars, people everything, into a vast burning, smoldering debris field.
        A gigaton hydrogen bomb blast, whom diehipster has ridden down from the sky like a cowboy, to ultimately prove that hatred, ignorance and stupidity will always triumph over good, eventually.

  4. Hipmart says:

    Theoretical question for you, I remember a few weeks back when the guy who founded chimpout somehow found I mean what are the chances that some southern racist one day decided to google Hipsters and NYC and found diehipster. I doubt the guy even knows what a hipster is or cares, or it was you pretending to be him. Next day I recall you wrote a blog post about him and how it shows how diehipster is racist. If you read diehipster you would realize allot of the comments are from African American, Hispanic and Italians who have been pushed from their homes. You mentioned how racist diehipster was, I don’t see it. Then again, doesn’t it make you just as bad for pretending to be a racist, writing racist things on a blog and then acting like you have moral ground?

    • Tom Shelly? Well I didn’t do that. Also I don’t think Stevie did it – the guy had some serious linguistical codes down pat – similar in a sense to “Megan” and “Josh” that the DH regulars use. The Diehipster blog is rascist in that it discriminates and groups all White people together and uses threatening language in many ways towards white people. It’s more than just poking fun at hipsters – it’s a springboard for posters to channel their anger towards White people. Hey I’m not going to say some White people deserve it, but it’s time to not use rascism or classism towards anyone.

      Glad you’re paying attention enough to think that I could have created the Tom Shelly posting.
      Moral ground and ethical grounds are two different things.

      I believe that I have ethical grounds against a website of hate. I think everyone should. I wish more people did take a stand on issues so that it’s not a shock when one person stands out against someone. Oh well. I don’t think people really go on blogs that don’t cater to their political preferences much. I was on there by sure chance that they really took a hit on the Mast Brothers video I filmed.

      • The King of Never Lose says:

        The guy found it from craigslist. Tons o racist shit sprinkled in with anti hipster sentiment. Not defending this website. I just think its fairly evident.

  5. Jason Leary says:

    Besides the old obvious points showing how hipster you are, such as that you post on wordpress, own an iphone with twitter features you also have the following hipster characteristics – you love to judge

    RESPONSE: What balderdash ! No the hipsters are *not* judgemental . Instead, the hipsters promote NONjudgemental , namby pamby , relativist ANTI-philosophy which seeks to respect opinions (even crass opinions) and be “multifaceted”…which us typical MTV era, sellout thinking .

    Just like the article which began the current thread which chides the ANTI-hipster for not learning from “viewpoints” .
    The adage of ‘judge not that ye be not judge ‘ does *not* apply to opinions nor lifestyles .

    Hipsters, and their apologists, are namby-pamby, duplictious, MTV generation sellouts …ambivalent/ squishy people who would respect any opinion (even crass ones) rather than upholding principle .

    It is so , so so so typical that the hipster apologists would do the “oh, your stereotyping” canard, in defense of the trendy conformist hipster brats . One of the warning signs of a militant relativist (i.e. someone who supports sellout thinking) , is if a person is against stereotyping of subcultures .

    The truth of the matter is, when it comes to subcultures , not ethnic cultures , not races , nor genders, but subcultures …there’s a lot of truth in stereotyping . After all there are ideological and lifestyle related characteristics endemic to subcultures …subcultures are fostered by the elective affinities of those who come together to make up those subcultures . Hence, despite minor cosmetic variations among individuals who make up that subculture which are marginal, various common denominators of traits hold with subcultures .

    Hipsters have a disgusting dilettantism which pervades them . Note how they love to bandy about the word ‘existential’ about as an open ended term . I recall a message group of hipsters on Myspace, that was so goofy adolescent and dilettante-like , as to feature a thread on places where the participants prattled in various posts about places where they “existentially had sex” .

    Hipsterism is the epitome of rinky-dink, mendcaious , MTV era , trendy conformists pretending to be bohemians when they are really soulless bourgeousie from the mileu of kitch soaked t.v. , influenced suburbia .

    Contrary to popular opinion, so-called “shades of gray ” are NO substitute for accuracy and Truth .

    • Mr Leary.
      Thank you for your posts. I hope to one day have the time to read them. In the meantime, get excited for the ramping up of the art exhibit that is being developed for an art gala premiere in NYC hopefully by summer 2010.

      • Jason Leary says:

        Well ,ma’am, thank you , for at least allowing the comments I posted to appear here, even though they are 100 percent against the defense of hipsters, which you and your friends have offered here .

        One compliment I must render you, despite the vitriol I have expressed , towards the evil apologetics which defends the
        ANTI-utopian , trendy , postmodernist ,kitsch-minded,
        ANTI-idealistic , cretinous, rinky- dink,
        MTV era sellouts known as hipsters…along with their forerunners the yuppies (all of which are fostering a cultural paradigm in places like Brooklyn and elsewhere of gentrification whose end result is like unto *cultural* genocide, in those urban areas…and the apotheosis of anglo saxon takeover…something that makes them the inadverdant allies of the conservative white supremacist types …and reveals …a long with other factors , the faux pretense of seeming progressivism of the hipsters to be a mendacious sham)………….is that at least, in all fairness, you have had the courage to allow a vehement counterargument to appear , here. I must again, thank you, for that much .

        Scrolling through the list of posts and articles , I recall reading that someone proposed that their relatives and ancestors who died in the Holocaust would be dismayed with the people at die.hipster for promoting “hate” against the hipsters, since their relatives were themselves victims of hate . First of all, before I raise any further anti-hipster polemics, let me express completely sincere condolences for the ancestors / relatives that had died . I wish they had not died . Wish that they were still alive .

        Nonetheless, to compare the people which died in the Holocaust of the 1930’s and 40’s, in Europe , with the hipsters as both being the targets of “hate”, is an ultimately pernicious and misleading sort of comparison . The Jews, trade unionists, and so on who died in the Holocaust were , in the main , a noble , edifying group of people, who had a cause that counted for something !

        The trendy, bourgeous, conformist , MTV- era hipsters, who are the scions of affluent, yuppie- era American suburbia do NOT have a cause that counts for anything ! The hipster subculture is the epitome of t.v. fostered, *trendy decadence* & phoniness !

        Secondly, the Jews, gypsies and so on (whom the Nazi scum took to concentration camps were authentic ethnic groups) . The hipsters, in contrast, are not an authentic ethnic group …they are just a frivolous and fickle , vapid subculture …and being a mere subculture (and a lousy one at that ) of elective affinities of people who get together for the purposes of cheap thrills and chic kitsch …they do not have the same sort of ontological status as a group as, say, an ethnic group who have a plethora of literal familial /ancestral ties .

        Speaking of the nazis, it is also high time that the revisionist canard that has been bandied about by the relativists …which falsely alleges that the nazis were absolutists…be debunked in more and more fora .

        Nazism was a quasi-relativist ideology , it was NOT absolutist in any greatly abstract sense . Much of the nazi apologetics, was relativist, inasmuch as it apparently denied that there was any meta-political and meta-social basis for ultimate value . According to much of the nazi propaganda , the interests of the Aryan nation state were the ultimate locus of putative valorization , and
        *not* any a priori identities which transcend the political and social strata of experience .

        (Compare contrast that outlook with , say, Platonism, which *un*like Naziism, in dialogues such as ‘The Republic’ and so on, presents the notion that the political and social strata of experience, are merely ancillary to putatively a priori ontological and axiological criteria, criteria which *do* transcend the political and social strata of experience ) .

        Again, for re-emphasis , let it be noted that I do not advocate aggressive physical violence against the hipsters for pursuing the totally worthless hipster lifestyle…as long as they don’t physically hurt anyone, then they should not be subjected to vindictive violence.

        However, totally belittling the worthless , evil opinions and conformist lifestyle they promote, is not only edifying for the people in civilization outside of the hipster phenomenon , such belittling of hipsteresque opinions as totally wrong … having *no* scintilla of the tiniest merit at all, is, indeed, *constructive criticism* …which can help to reform those wayward people, who have unfortunately gotten involved in the chic , trendy hipster subculture … a subculture that, like the worthless yuppie movement before it , is culturally and *mentally entropic* .

        Hipsterism is part and parcel of a larger societal malaise , which is the tendency towards ambivalence , NONconsistent thinking …a namby pamby , weirdly popular tendency towards triteness and accepting the *less than* ideal state of affairs …of embracing internal contradiction / duplicity (a trait which has been satirized with the story of Pomo Kid) a tendency towards duplicity (a trait cherished by relativist / postmodernist ANTI-philosophy)…a tendency which accepts intentionally flawed thinking at least a little bit , *rejects* the search for perfection , and embraces the mediocrity of the middle ground in the name of “being human ” or “other perspectives” .

        Such ambivalent/ “conflicted” thinking which settles for the rinky dink, the equivocal , the *less than* …which tolerates ambiguity and seeks to dilute away integrity in favor of a “give and take” /…a balance with a little bit of the crass or murky elements (which are incidentally now part of human experience…though they should *not* be) and with merely some integrity …the mushy middle ground which does not want to be “too rigid” , “too extreme” with integrity , is what has been rightly dubbed sellout thinking .

        Hipsterism is but one manifestation of such ambivalence / such sellout thinking: thinking which settles for the less than ideal …which settles for the mediocrity of balance.

        However, intrinsic virtue should be taken to extremes . Shades of gray are *never* any substitute for accuracy and Truth .

        Give and take / balance is *never* any legitimate substitute for integrity .

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