Killer of Hipster/Yuppie Garbage Identity Revealed – also the end of the show.

As the end credits on this “documentary” roll,  I want the audience to see who was behind the anonymous postings.  It’s like the small type at the end of the film that we all love.

Anyway, here’s another regular poster:

Killer of Hipster/Yuppie Garbage is a less-active DH commenter as of late, but his past activity warrants an “outing.”  I post his identity because he’s kind of an asshole and wrote some violent and mean things about others – so I’m calling him out on it…

His real name: Aamil Qur***** .  I am protecting his name because his identity is not out there to be found easily like Paul “Texas Triffid Ranch” Riddell.

He is a coin collector.  He likes Futurama.  He lives near Albany.  He’s probably not a native New Yorker.  He has no right to be mad and write hateful comments at people moving into NYC.  He should of course write comments that criticize them and make fun of them – but he’s gotta to remember if he moved to New York he would also be considered a transplant.  Sorry Aamil.  I’m sure beneath the anonymousness, you’re a nice guy.

AND THAT’s the end of my interactive art project entitled, “DIE HIPSTER, DIE DIE HIPSTER, DIE DIE DIE”  It was a 3 month art piece based loosely around the postings on starting around August 1st, 2010 and going till today, October 8, 2010 as well as the entire run of the website, “”.

Copyright 2010.

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13 Responses to Killer of Hipster/Yuppie Garbage Identity Revealed – also the end of the show.

  1. Trey Parasuco says:

    Wow you’re on a roll. How did you go about revealing their identities? Was it really all from only scouring their posts and piecing together bits and pieces of the information they revealed about themselves? Maybe I can continue from where you left off in terms of figuring out who these idiots really are.

  2. no he made a comment when this blog first started using his real email address and I googled it.

  3. lietuvosrytas says:

    As someone familiar with the Albany area, he might be one of the many people who have moved up there in resent years due to gentrification. I have family up that way who were originally from the Bronx and moved to the 518 since rent is cheaper and its only a 2 hr drive into the city. Also, its no secret that since 2001 Bloomberg allot of people have been given incentives to move up there as a way to removed poor people from NYC

  4. lietuvosrytas says:

    I am nor park slope, I have said on many occasions I was from Yonkers, went to school upstate and moved to New England. Then again I am never on the site bashing people, I like to poke fun at Hipsters since where I live they are all over. I also hate the fact that I can’t find a good metal hardcore show anywhere on the northeast these days because Hipsters seem to hate that kind of music.

  5. Michael Mouse says:

    3-month interactive art project? That’s so funny!
    Go to a real gallery, see some Velazquez, Botticelli or Rembrandt and then look me in the eye and tell me exactly how what you “created” here remotely resembles art. This site is simply an attempt to “out” people who ruffled your feathers with their crude and sometimes violent humour – you’re offended by comedy. Art, my ass.

    • Check out the book, “what is art.” Anything can be art. Hence the modern art movement. Do you disregard this entire movement that’s been going for over 60 years?

      • FaceTheFacts says:

        “Anything can be art” = No talent required. There’s a reason classic art has stood the test of time. Anything produced by a hiptard will be forgotten by his peers in pursuit of the “next big/cool/deck/in thing”

  6. Go visit MOMA says:

    “Anything can be art.”

    If anything can be art, than nothing is art. Yours is just an excuse used by lazy, undisciplined, talentless hacks to impress yourself, and others of your ilk.

    By the way, aside from being a hack, you are remarkably ignorant of history. You might want to look up when the real modern art movement started.

      • FaceTheFacts says:

        Actually, YES — and a resounding one at that. GVM hit the proverberial nail squarely on the head. Art must have standards of some sort. I’ve seen more than a few “modern art” peices or “performances” where the only evidence of art to be seen or displayed is the “art of getting the gullible and clueless to swallow this bullshit.”

        You now, I’ll go so far as to agree that, yes “anything” can be art, but all art isn’t equal. A red canvas with two horizontal lines (i.e. something anyone can do) is not going to be seen in the same light as a Picasso, or even an intricate graff peice.

      • funny you say that because many people think Picasso’s work is overrated. I think a lot of art that is considered art is garbarge – and that’s the beauty of the art world. Anything that makes you react maybe considered art. If I get under your skin or if you get under my skin, that’s art. definitely is art. – sucks.

  7. Go visit MOMA says:

    “Anything that makes you react maybe [sic] considered art.”

    Once again, the pretension of the talentless who, only through such false equivalence, delude themselves that their play time hackery is “art”.

    A steaming pile of dog crap makes me react, but it ain’t art, even if it is frequently indistinguishable form hipster “art”, and, at least for the dog, accomplished a worthwhile function.

    • GVM – that was well-said. But even if its dog crap, unfortuately it’s still art to someone. That’s the modern art scene. Do I believe in it, well kind of – but my definition of what is art is not the same as yours.

      And P.S. I rather go to the Met or the Louvre some days over the Moma. And somedays I’m ready to see bad art. And it all helps me improve as a person and an “artist”.

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