God Sums Up Diehipster.com Perfectly.

Feels like a sermon, he does it better than I ever could:

From God, http://diehipster.wordpress.com/2012/05/21/youre-just-simply-fucking-bbqing-more-marketing-to-the-hipster/#comments

“…I just flipped the mirror the other way motherfucker. Leroy told me to put a shotgun in my mouth! A website where you post videos of people getting mugged, snuffed, hit by cars on bicycles, you laugh at them and talks about how you wish they were killed, tortured, raped, robbed, beaten, arrested; you glorify army and corrupt police action. Which is all fine if you dig that, but I found this because I don’t like whats happening with hipsters; particularly gentrification, now I dont like you people who dont like hipsters more. You fall into these same stupid ignorances, same sheep like mutual rubbings, as hipster. Same stupid glorification of your own lives, same type of little rats, same type of blind acceptance of each other and each others words and opinions, never seeming to question the others nonsense as long as there opinions are attached to a negative hipster sentiment and ignoring and negating other opinions that are opposite simply because of the connotation towards the hipster: Like how politicians use Christ or a hipster uses obscurity. Explaining and justifying your petty lives and trying to ideologically protect them, romanticize them, looking for attention, using a space to push your way of life and philosophies attached to them. No different than hipster. Your way of lives are 0 and you are worthless and unimportant. Pretend like you are on some sort of moral high ground. Pretend morals even exist! That a right way exists! Ha. My point is you are all hypocrites who lead mediocre lives.

Get fucked.

Your generation of brooklynites are the gentrifiers of the past.

and Lest we not forget the American Indians white man!”

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9 Responses to God Sums Up Diehipster.com Perfectly.

  1. Joe Smith says:

    I have a question for God: Censored.

  2. Butch says:

    Lol! Diediehipster is abuzz with excitement! New activity! Yay! The potential for new comments! Yay! Too bad the new comments are mainly from hipster haters. Poor things. We all know how it’s going to end up: Eddie posting replies to one of Steven Lam’s many alternate accounts.

  3. ArtFart says:

    You mad diedie? Hmm? You mad honey?

    oh idda bee oh kayy baybee bunny boy…daddy’s sending another rent check soon, ok? ok honey? ok baby? you feel better? hmm? give daddy a hug..here’s some new crayons and paper…you draw daddy a new picture, use your big boy camera, take a picture, and we’ll call it Art, okayyyyyy?….come on, give daddy a smile die-die……..lol

  4. Also for all the people on DH – God is not Trey or Steve Lam or whomever he is. Steve and or Trey never resorted to such agressive language. I honestly think God is another person. Maybe I am full of shit. I’ve been full of shit many times before and will in the future.

  5. Ripshop says:

    Wow…b. Wow. After almost 2 years the glorious DieDiehipster makes it’s triumphant return!

    No one checks out this site. This site owes it’s entire existence to the much more popular diehipster (big ups to DH). The poster known as GOD did not drop ANY knowledge at all but only exposed themselves as a self-hating, insecure, lying, hateful, racist, sexist, homophobic, and uttlery pathetic excuse for a human being.

    Oh yeah, as for this site, after almost 2 years of no posts, I don’t even see the point in making a comeback. I would of just scrapped it. But that’s me…but then again I actually have a life and don’t need to spew hatred to get a point across.

  6. Ripshop, I think God flipped your style onto yourself and exposed all the posters for what they are. Read his post again to see this.

    That’s okay that you didn’t notice this – subtly is not easily noticed on the internet posting sites.

    This site is not back. Just felt like making that one comment. And after this I will go back to sleep for a while.

  7. also P.S. Ripshop, you are a native of Pittsburgh and a DJ- which is cool. But that makes you in everyone on DieHipster’s eyes a hipster – a non-native new Yorker. I think you seem fine – but still – just sayin’ – it’s a little bit of hypocrisy.

  8. silver price says:

    I’ve been living in perhaps one of the main ground zeros of the hipster, the Mission for a long time. I do find truth to this article. First, what I have found strange now that I am in my 30s is not that I feel left behind, but that the younger people haven’t really brought anything new to the table, except a lot of drugs. While I might sound like typical of someone my age, in all seriousness the bands we listened to and clothes we wore in the early nineties are not only still relevant, none of it has really gone out of fashion. If you went to a Sonic Youth concert in ’92 or ’99, the styles and tastes would be very similar to what they are now. Skinny jeans, plaid shirts, vintage glasses, and chucks. The thing that has changed in my opinion is the type of person who is attracted to this scene. Thanks to the advent of Urban Outfitters and Myspace, it’s just more prolific and less weird. From my experience, there is a lot more irony, a lot more partying, and a lot less discourse or effort toward any philosophical or political thought. It all feels like it’s out of a can. It’s a different type of person now and it’s something I can’t even put my finger on but this article hits it pretty well. The standing around, not cutting loose and dancing, that says it all. There’s your revolution. F@#$ing dance for crying out loud.

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