Identity of Ripshop Revealed! Can You Believe It?

ImageRipshop, a newbie on Diehipster does not deserve to be outed.  I know nothing about him and I haven’t seen him say anything anti-Semitic or homophobic or hateful, but he serves to be the subject of a point that needs to be made:  he’s a non-native New Yorker posting on a blog that is supposively catering to “real New Yorkers” to vent about hipsters.  He’s a DJ and he was born and raised in Pittsburgh.  I won’t say any more – but hey man – this is what you are dealing with on that site.  I still haven’t found many native New Yorkers who seem to post.  Most are from upstate or the West Coast.  Can they make fun of hipsters?  Sure.  But poor Ripshop – and I’ve seen some youtube clips of him – he easily could be mistaken for looking like a hipster.  Poor guy.  Poor everyone.

Also, some people are noting that my writing skills are lacking on this website and that Yelp reviews are better written.  I appreciate that critique.  I will try harder to make my posts more witty and with better grammar and, of course, more engaging.

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25 Responses to Identity of Ripshop Revealed! Can You Believe It?

  1. Ripshop says:

    Well…it looks like I’ve been exposed….sorta.

    Yeah, only I’m 27 actually. And yeah, I am a DJ of almost 15 years.

    To be honest, I’ve been hit with the hipster label many of times, but honestly at the end of the day I’m just a simple guy who’s into a lot of different type of things. I honestly don’t think I could really consider myself a hipster though.

    Sure, some of the things I do and am into can be considered “hipsterish” by certain standards, but that just comes from my background really. II mean, I’ve been skateboarding for 22 years (I never was sponsored really, but I have had a number of brushes with pros, ams, and industry types), I grew up listening to a lot of different types of music from my family, I was heavy into hip-hop and I was even writing graffiti for a bried period back in the late 90s, and I’m into alot of different types of music.

    I think my criticisms of hipsters really don’t stem from hatred more so from the staunch sense of apathy and ignorance within youth culture en masse. I’m talking EVERY type of subculture/culture PERIOD! I might be into all of the aforementioned, but I recognized a purpose beyond just lving to live.I feel I’m more of a critic of culture from being brought up in this society nowadays although I might have my indulgences in certain sectors of them. Moreso, nowadays rather than living in the past, I chose to move forward and keep with the times. Especially as a DJ. This might lead to alot of confusion about me, but honestly there really is no true malice behind it unlike some of the other DH commentors. To each their own and everyone should be entitled to there opinion and right to make comments.

    I guess with what I’ve been thinking and trying to do moreso nowadays is just the idea that really (this might sound out there with my post) that one can really pursue their passions without having to rely on the assistance of others. Self suffiency. Indepence. But doing it the right way. There’s a difference between working hard and working towards mediocrity. I’ve even have/had friends that could be classified as “hipsters”…but that mainly comes from really me living in Pittsburgh and my background in skate and hip-hop/graffiti/punk culture.

    I knew I was probably going to have to own up my contributions on diehipster someday. It’s not like I’m just target people or something like that, I was posting on a hip-hop forums and I had my own staunch criticisms of the culture and it’s participants to…coming as a DJ and producer and hip-hop fan. As well as other exploits.

    I mean, I’ll be honest, I really can’t do what I do as a DJ and a blogger (yeah, you caught me) without some of that hipster audience but my thing is being genuine with what I do without any semblance of irony. It’s 100%. I really try to aim for authenticity when it comes to art and music and whatnot. So I guess that’s the main point behind where my criticisms lie.

    Like I’m just a dude that likes art and music. I might of grew up in the burbs but I pretty much have been in and around the city and city areas all my life pretty much. As well, I’ve traveled a good amount in and out of the country over the past 15+ years. And yeah, I rep Pittsburgh proudly, but I’ve been going to NYC since I was 5. But hipsters are pretty much everywhere and the hipster trend has just permiated so many areas. My issues with them are pretty much the issues I have with EVERY type of thing you can think of. I could talk people’s heads off about them…but I choose not to .

    I hope this can provide an explanation. I think to myself…should I feel somewhat guilty for enjoying a site like Die Hipster? I mean, I read some of the comments on there and even though I know it’s not serious and the posters aren’t serious…I still can get a laugh out of it. But I don’t take it to the levels of straight rage that other posters do. I guess Die Hipster has become a guilty pleasure of mine.

    I guess this goes back to what I was essentially thinking about in college and constantly questioning the byproducts of media culture and youth culture and whatnot. I even said it before a couple of blog posts back last year.

    So, there you have it. I was actually kind of flattered and amazed when I pulled this up on my android phone. am I a hipster if I have an android? LOL!

    • I think that’s great that you’re critical of things – and hipsters are annoying POS and it’s good to be critical of them. But just note you’re on a website that seems to encourage and laugh at physical violence towards women and men who look like hipsters. Not everyone is behind that, but there have been some posts on there that have disgusted the hell of me, especially when DH posts some things that makes fun of a kid who is murdered or killed. I can’t take that stuff. There are plenty of better forums about hipster-bashing.

      Hey, I am into DH – it’s kind of entertaining as well. Fuck, I’m a hypocrit!

      Continue on!

      • Jack says:

        You’re right. They do make terrible threats of physical violence against women.
        Such as saying, and I quote:

        “I would have raped your wife Leroy, if I had an elephant gun to kill her first.”

        Wait a second, that was the guy you agreed with and supported…

      • I don’t agree with “God” blindly. I just agreed with what he said that I quoted. If you read his quote again, you could learn a lot about how he equates people on as the same blind ignorance as hipsters. Also it seems like “Leroy” first told him to put a shotgun in his mouth which he responded with.

        Also Jack, you’re living in the U.K. but you’re posting on a website “for Native New Yorkers to vent?”

  2. Mr. David of CT says:

    Son, is this what you do all day? Make websites to fight other websites? We need to have a talk. I didn’t buy you all those fancy cameras so you play pretend web designer all day. You told me you would be a world famous cinematographer by the year 2011. It’s now 2012. I think you should come home to CT and stay in your old room. It would cost less for me to support you that way. Think about it and get back to me.


    Mr. David – aka Dad.
    (posted by Hipsteriminator)

    • Bravo Hipsteriminator – your IP address is actually from New York City!! You are really living there!!

      • Mr David of CT says:

        Edward my son. I’m glad we have a way to communicate through these comments. It’ll be our little secret. (Love how you keep changing the names and words so that only you can see my father to son messages. Thanks for that.) Hey quick question…. You were never into sports – why did I find a baseball bat in the living room today? Hmm, you think one of those Brooklyn savages is sending us a message? I’ll keep you posted if I see anything else.

  3. Hipsteriminator says:

    Son, am I making you nervous? Don’t be. Ive been seeing very rough and tough Brooklyn scary type figures outside the house all day today and I’m not scared. I think they are coming after us Edward. I’m going to rent you a new apartment tomorrow so they won’t find you. Let’s stay strong son. We have to represent the (203).


    P A P A Hipsterinator

    • Mr David of CT says:

      Edward my son. I’m glad we have a way to communicate through these comments. It’ll be our little secret. (Love how you keep changing the names and words so that only you can see my father to son messages. Thanks for that.) Hey quick question…. You were never into sports – why did I find a baseball bat in the living room today? Hmm, you think one of those Brooklyn savages is sending us a message? I’ll keep you posted if I see anything else.


      Old =daddy)

      • Mr David of CT says:

        “Ed….now I’ll admit I’m scared. I found a real Brooklyn Knish and slice of Pizza on the doorstep. These people mean business. I won’t be able to sleep. Can’t you just stick to walking the streets with my cameras and making art? Who cares if you aren’t good at it. Just stop bothering the good people of Brooklyn on that site. They are right, just admit it. You’ll never be a Brooklynite so just stick to what you know. This is good fatherly advice. Glad you and only you are getting my messages.

        Till next time.

        John Dada Lennon”


      • Hipsterminator,

        you do realize that you are threatening my father’s life on a blog and I have an email trace of it. You actually think your IP address and identity is hidden? If anything would happen to my father, do you realize how your life would change?

        Now let’s say you do something – the question you have to ask yourself is why? Why could you get to the point of threatening another human being on the Internet. I am a real person – I am exposed. This is harassment. It’s not funny anymore.

        And you’re telling me that you are going to beat up my father and or possibly kill him?

        You think this is all fun and games?

        Dude, lets just end it at this. Threatening another person’s father’s life is not a funny joke. It’s not art. And I am prepared to get the full extent of the law on your ass if you even think of trying anything like that. Honestly man, I am going to ask some of my friends who are lawyers tomorrow what my options are. So you better calm down there, mister.

        Let’s just leave this as a game.

  4. Paul Abruzzo says:

    You threatened my daddy so I’m running to the lawyers? Wow…real beta behavior. Grow up.

  5. Mr. Baerga says:

    Special Edd runs to his daddy for everything. Who else is supporting his failed videography “career” and pays his gentrification rent?

  6. FaceTheFacts says:

    WTF is this shit? You “expose” someone with information he’s already made publicly available? My lord, the FAIL clings to this site like stench does to a crust punk working as roadie for a touring band.

    • Actually he only made these facts public after I “exposed” him. Also I don’t go on Diehipster that often (even though you may think I do) to follow with everyone’s “story” and the ongoing saga of the comments section of that wonderful and important site.

      • FaceTheFacts says:

        Bull-fucking-shit. You “exposed” him on the 29th of May. The following was posted on DH on Febuary 19th. The excerpt is from the following link:

        “Oh, i skateboard and have been for almost 23 year, and am a huge music, art, and book head, dj, producer, and fashion head, . . . ”

        Once again, to paraphrase the Geto Boys, you’re “constipated — cold full of shit”. You obviously got your info from that post. I grepped this site for any mention of Ripshop prior to 29 May and found nada.

        Seriously, what did you expose? The title of your retarded post claims the “identity” of Ripshop was “exposed”. Let me clue you in on something genius, if you claim to have someone’s “identity”, it’s often assumed you have a name and other personal information.

        Once again, what did you expose? What happened to Steve Lam/Trey Parasuco is an example of “exposure”. The term “exposure” often implies unflattering/unfavorable/damaging/embarrassing/incriminating information about an individual.

        You FAIL again. Log off, find a decent Indica strain, and chill.

      • Wow I am impressed you went to the trouble to research that. I didn’t find his info that way – I got his info because he posted on this website and I did a search based off of it on the Internet. But anyway I have more than that from him, but I am not going to post it since he doesn’t need to have his identity associated with his posts on the diehipster website. I don’t want someone typing in his name and then there is a link to diehipster.

        Thanks for caring though, Stevie.

  7. FaceTheFacts says:

    Wow, it seems I can’t reply directly to DDH’s response. For the record, there was no “trouble” or any “research”. Perhaps, using a search engine is a brainpower intensive activity for you, but for most folks it’s a no-brainer.

    In light of what you just said, your “expose” is even bigger than I initially thought. I say this because you had no problem posting Texas Triffid Ranch’s info.

    The only reason why you didn’t post Ripshop’s info is because it would not benefit you. If Ripshot posted on a blog that promoted hateful sentiments towards racial, religious, gender or ethnic groups, then “exposure” could mean problems for him. However, he’s on a site that bashes hipsters. No one gives a shit about hipsters being bashed. The egalitarian crusty who won’t hesitate to get on his/her soapbox about racism/sexism/homophobia will mercilessly bash hiptards in the same breath.

    • Sorry Butch, that made no sense. posts videos of violence inflicted on other human beings and has “hipster beatings” that depict hurting or murdering “hipsters”. And the comments sections can post even worse videos or ideas.

      My angry towards the site was stirred when one day I read a string of posts making fun of a person who died while riding a bicycle. I don’t think making fun of people who were killed, murdered, or hurt is positive for the world.

      And recently Hipsterminator came on this site and threatened my father’s life. My real life identity is exposed, and him naming my father by his name and naming the town he lived in, that was kind of a little bit scary.

      If you like to joining in with about 15 other people who find great humor in the death or murder or violence in other human beings, go for it. But be prepared to have people find out more about your real identity. It’s tough to hide on the Internet, and be prepared to have to in the future stand by your comments. Not so fun, right? But hey, that’s the catch of the Internet.

      • FaceTheFacts says:

        Actually it made plenty of sense — it just happened to go over your hear. Those “hipster beatings” are in jest even if the hostility towards hipsters are real. I can’t speak for those who made fun of the person who died on a bicycle. People say worse shit about other groups of people on a daily basis. You say Hipsterminator “threatened” your father . . . you need to post a link to that. You hiptards have a flair for the dramatic and will say anything to gain sympathy. I personally don’t believe you. If you were truly worried, you would’ve done the hipster thing and called the cops. You don’t look like the type who would “TCB”.

        I’ve had family members threatened. I’ve been threatened. Lots of times and on the streets. I don’t take online threats seriously and I’ve been catching threats since 96. Still standing. For me it’s simple, someone threatens my family, I ask them how would they feel about their mothers crying at their closed casket funerals.

        I’m about action, not words. I joke about running hiptards through the woodchipper. I listen to a death metal song that talks about killing hipsters (tongue in cheek black humor).

        No hiptards have been harmed as a result of DH. Get over yourself. The readership of DH is more well adjusted than you and most of the people you know. You may not see yourself as a hiptard, but you have the same “shrieking violent” quality about you.

      • I definitely have many shrieking characteristics like a hiptard, but I don’t stand for any site picking on people. Yes it’s good for a site to exist for “people to vent” – I agree. but why can’t venting be less violent.

        I got mugged last summer in Bed-Stuy.

        Where did the violence come from?

        Why is violence in NYC up 34% this year?

        Diehipster? No, not diehipster. But maybe it is a breeding ground of real-world violence.

        Maybe it isn’t.

        It’s a lot more complex. And yes violence is part of being human.

        But so is connecting and having fun.

        Do we need to embrace it all?

        Where does our dark sides come from?

        Where does my anger come from? Where does yours?

        Is it related to creativity?

        Are humans supposed to be being a computer all day? Where we made for this?

    • I disagree with this. You can make fun of hipsters or anyone – but you can’t promote violence or murder or death or rape towards any “group” of people even hipsters. And also, you can’t specificially point this out to a person specifically – that’s called harassment and that’s not protected by US law. You can’t threaten or slander someone on any site. Have you heard about that stuff – it was a big deal a few years ago.

      Yes everyone hates hipsters – I hate them. But when I meet someone who is a hipster I then start to see them as a person, and I have many friends who others would clasify as hipsters. That’s part of the tired old cliche, “those who hate hipsters, are hipsters”. For instance, Ripshop looks like a hipster. And look at that! What a surprise!

      • FaceTheFacts says:

        DH does not seriously promote violence/murder/death towards hipsters. The shit’s obviously tongue in cheek. The individuals who post there all have different views on how they’d like to deal with hipsters. Some would stomp the shit out of them, others prefer the “point and laugh” approach. How the reader deals with hiptards has nothing to do with DH. I learned to despise hiptards after moving to Minneapolis and dealing with these douchebags.

        Personally, I promote violence against and disrespect hipsters if they forget their place. Violence is not a bad thing in and of itself. If a hipster gets too snarky and begins to run his mouth courtesy of PBR-fueled liquid courage, then smack the shit out of him. He’ll get the message.

        In the real world, what may get you a browbeating from the first guy may get you closed casket funeral from the second. Hipsters have much to gain (such as a significantly reduced risk of a beating) by applying the “Golden Rule” to their behavior. I learned the importance of “do unto others” after seeing people beaten so severely, that they went into siezures.

        Although you deny being a hiptard, you display many of their characteristics. One of those characteristics is disingenuity. An example of your disingenuity is taking the multitude of reasons why people dislike/hate hipsters and narrowing it down to something like the way a person dresses. If it was about what a hiptard wears, then I’d be bashing the demographic (gays, indie rockers, euro-trash, homeless people) from which hiptards STEAL their style. If anything, Ripshop doesn’t look like a hipster — they look like him.

        The cliche “only hipsters bash hipsters” is weak deflection attempt on the part of butthurt hipsters to stop people from saying “mean” but truthful things about them. They should be thankful. It could be worse.

      • What about the video of the white girl getting stomped at a Ron Paul rally, or the white guy getting flipped at the metropolitan diner, or the white person who was killed on his bike and everyone making fun of him?

        What about how a lot of the posters on are non-White.

        Oh jeeze, wait a second, now it’s not a blog about hipsters, but there is some bizarre coded racial undertones going on here?

        What could that possibly be? Is that why people post and post on the site?

        Or do they need self reassurance that what they believe is right? And why this blog? Why not posting more with their friends on FB or emails or anything of the source?

        Because its fascinating.

        I am disingenuius many times, I do things to get my point – but I am honest.

        And how do you stereotype hipsters – how can you stereotype such a diverse group of people. Especially since the definition of it was always just a code for gentrification and the invasion of beautiful lush manhattan by middle class white people from the mid-west and beyond.

        OH rascism,
        oh hate
        oh hating on religion
        oh hating on everyone else.

        Look at us all.

        FIghting and fighting and fighting while the USA goes into the shitter. Where the education system sucks. Where the healthcare sucks. Where the envrionment sucks. Where the food supply sucks.

        And here we are, all fighting.

        All fighting all the time, about the most petty things.

        Fighting with each other when we don’t even really know each other – just IP addresses and fake names and personalities.

        Where is the truth in the Internet? Our new identities? Is my twitter or my facebook who I am ?

        Is this who I am?

        Are you who you are?

        You are a sockpuppet of God.

        The great God in the sky is channeling things out of control that you don’t know and she tells you, “GO Son, go forth and post on Upload a youtube clip of someone making fun of someone.”

        And you do it and you feel good for those moments.

        But still empty inside.

        Am I communicating? Making progress?

        I don’t know.

        Maybe if I go down the rabbit hole again I’ll feel better.

        Just five more minutes, Ma, at my computer, before dinner.

      • What could be worse?
        What’s with all this hinting and inflection?

        Wait wait wait, Ripshop dressed first like a hipster, then the hipsters dressed like him? Ripshop is younger, I think he was probably around the age of 10 when the hipster movement started in 2000. Did he dress like a hipster when he was 10?

        Hipster hipster hipster hipster – why so obsessed with them? Why are all of you so obsessed with hipsters? The world has moved on so long ago.

        The war is over.

        Nearly all of Brooklyn has become gentrified. Harlem is gentrified. Queens is getting gentrified.

        Sorry guys, you lost. It’s over. I’m so sorry. It stinks right? Your rent is going up, and quite fast.

        The New York Times magazine had an article on Fort Tilden as the secret beach.

        Poor everyone, now you don’t have that. You lost your secret beach.

        But I will say it again.

        Hating on the young mostly middle-class white people from other states is not going to make you feel better.

        What if you hated on the forces that have caused you to not live in NYC – the rent.

        And why is the rent going up?

        What is happening in the great city of New York?

        Could it possibly be a bigger thing than because its “cool” to live in NYC?

        Maybe it’s a financial thing? Maybe it’s the interconnectiveness and easily-discoverability of things? Maybe its technology and the economy and corporate corruption that is raising the rent?

        Is that possible?

        Can we get mad at that?

        No, it’s just not fun to get mad at that.

        It’s a lot more fun to just get mad at hipsters.

        Hahaha. Oh silly hipsters.

        I feel good.

        Getting mad at Goldman Sachs – just not as fun. Too complex and annonying.

        But hipsters are so funny looking!!! I just saw one at the new park on the water at Williamsburg. A place I used to go that was where some girls got rapped 8 years ago, by the water.

        It was abandoned then. Me and my friends would sneak out on the water,

        Here is what Williamsburg looked like in September 2006:

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