Identity of “FacetheFacts” revealed?



Butch “Nicky” Craine

He may or not be a person who name starts with Grant.  Which would be amazing, because Grant is quite a character.

Butch’s internet name I believe pays tribute to Nicky Crane.  Nicky Crane was a legendary figure in politics in the 90s – a gay skinhead.   Who was a poster-boy for the Neo-Nazi movement in the U.K. until this was revealed.

I don’t know if FacetheFacts is legandary like Nicky, but maybe if we can wish on a star – we have a major, important hate figure on our boards!  I doubt it though.

Posts as
Gay Aryan Skinheads (G.A.S.H.) Worldwide.

Youtube page:

If he isn’t Nicky, and he’s this other guy he may or not be then  he likes wrestling.  And in fact be a wrestler.  But I don’t think so.  I think I screwed up my research somehow.  It happens a lot.

Gay Aryan Skinheads (G.A.S.H.) Worldwide.

Gay Aryan Skinheads Worldwide, better known as G.A.S.H. Worldwide is an extreme and notoriously violent Gay Aryan Skinhead faction. G.A.S.H. Worldwide is NOT to be confused with G.A.S.H International, or other groups going by the name of G.A.S.H.

New members of G.A.S.H. Worldwide must undgergo a rigorous 12 month probationary period before getting “patched”.

G.A.S.H. Worldwide often operates covertly by infiltrating various pro-White organizations and compromising its members. Those who fall victim to this faction of G.A.S.H. are often blackmailed into a form of gay sexual slavery. Many victims are forced to participate in underground “G.A.S.H. Parties” which involves the victim getting butt and throat raped by 10 or more G.A.S.H. members. G.A.S.H. members often claim the buttrape victims were “Gay bashing breeder scum”.

“”> Explain why you feel the need to hate people that different from you?
For me it has more to do with the love of my race. I hate anyone who
threatens the existence of my beautiful Aryan race. I only wish the other
whites in this newsgroup cared as much.
It’s a pity we can’t meet and discuss this. You seem like someone seeking
for answers. I used to be idealistic like you before my awakening. I’m
sure after the discussion is over, you will see things my way! 8^)


Butch Craine

is he real or being sarcastic?  I believe he is messing with these hate groups so that he can lead them to his idea of Gash to expose the hate.  How does he know about Nicky Crane?

So he is a hate-site and forum traveler.  He seems to be interested in hardcore as well.  Kind of an interesting figure.

Whether Butch is really a wreslter I have no idea.  But I wish.  But he’s definitely an interesting figure who is trying to potentially find out more meaning about the world through being a hate-group explorer.  Which I find quite interesting and important.  And if we belive his IP addresss, he’s bored and living in the Midwest USA.   The anonymous internet is a fascinating anthropological study into the underbelly potentially of truth in terms of hatred.

Where you can fully explore your hate with no consequences.  So why do I try to reveal these identities?  Well I don’t really.  But I’m curious and maybe I need to respect the anonymous hatred more.  As long as no one gets hurt in real life, we need to respect free speech.

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36 Responses to Identity of “FacetheFacts” revealed?

  1. FaceTheFacts says:

    This one’s going to be easier to dissect than your so-called “expose” or Ripshop.

    First off, here’s some advice. Just shoot from the hip. Ditch all pretenses of being intellectual, erudite or cultured when you’re none of those things to begin with. Know your limits. Also, if you’re going to post “exposes”, it would help if you had some ACTUAL EVIDENCE. Perhaps you’re simply waiting to deliver the “info deathblow”.

    You posted a blog entry about an OBVIOUS TROLL. Yes, that Butch character is a TROLL. A troll specficially designed to get a rise out of people. You followed a link from an OBVIOUS TROLL post on DH. Bringing up gay nazs and Nicky Crane is the quickest, easiest and oldest way to get a rise out of neo-Nazi “net-skins”. Even you (as slow you often are) can spot an obvious troll. You’re playing the “Is he serious or isn’t he” angle in attempt to take some kind of self-righteous moral/ideological high ground. You’re so desperate for credibilty. LOL!

    The only link (besides the one that exists in your head) between myself and the “Butch” troll is the fact we both used to post on the usenet and bash actual Nazis just like MILLIONS of others who have been online since at least the mid 1990s.

    The real motivation behind your latest in a series of failed attempts at exposing people, is the fact you’re still butthurt and full of impotent nerd rage because I shat all over your “expose” of Ripshop. I took your bullshit and rubbed your face in it with my 2nd response to your Ripshop article.

    Oh, and for the record, I’m neither gay nor white. Who you think I am, and who I actually speaks volumes about your failure to paint a picture of me. It also has me laughing at your pitiful ass. You said “And if we belive his IP addresss, he’s bored and living in the Midwest USA.” You know damn well my ISP is in Minneapolis. I’m far from bored. I’m a good looking black male, currently going to school in a city full of “Meghans” who like black guys.

    However I do know of a photographer who, despite living in a major city with soooooo much to do, is in his loft oscillating between impotent nerd rage, and intense, ass-bleeding butthurt.

    • No, Butch, I clicked the IP address of your “facethefacts” avatar and it popped up previous posts with the same exact IP from Butch. Also I never assumed you were gay or white. I assumed you were messing with neo nazis which I found quite interesting and that you enjoy going on hate forums and blogs. Don’t worry there, buddy, believe it or not, but I think you’re pretty cool.

      And yes I live in a major city and there I am with nerd rage and butthurt. You are correct on that. I posted that at 5am on a saturday. Who would do such a thing? I really do have nerd-rage. I need to channel it somewhere.

    • your info:

      Submitted on 2012/05/27 at 10:13 pm | In reply to diediehipster.
      “Anything can be art” = No talent required. There’s a reason classic art has stood the test of time. Anything produced by a hiptard will be forgotten by his peers in pursuit of the “next big/cool/deck/in thing”

      Killer of Hipster/Yuppie Garbage Identity Revealed – also the end of the show.
      13 View Post

      Same exact IP.

      That started my two-hour research journey.

      • FaceTheFacts says:

        Very good! I’m impressed. I forgot about that post. This is the closest you’ve come to actually “winning” during your crusade for the cause of hipsterdom. You have discoverde that behind the “Butch” troll is another PSEUDONYM! You found one member of a group of usenet trolls who were the most active in the late 1990s/early 2000s and had many identities. Still, no identity, no exposure.

      • Thank you.

        I’m not fighting for hipsterdom. I don’t care about hipsters. I’m interested in this subculture of anonymity on the internet and hate sites and those who post on them and what it really says about our culture.

  2. FaceTheFacts says:

    Oh snap, I just saw your response to my thrashing of you on the ripshop article. You called me Stevie? LOL! Which is it? Am I Steve Lam, a 110lb Asian Hipster or am I some roughtrade, Gay Aryan Skinhead who buttrapes his enemies? LOL! Desperation is never a good look.

  3. FaceTheFacts says:


    Words on a screen don’t mean shit as far as I’m concened. If you’re worried about the “subculture of hate”, then there plently racist sites you can campaign against. Here’s the real, it’s NOT going to go away. Those sites give people a way to vent That’s very important. If you’re not a man of action (i.e. ready to throwdown/TCB/”handle it”), the importance of venting is lost on you since there’s no chance of you taking action no matter how angry you get. If all of the “hate sites’ were to shut down right now, the hate would not only still exist, it would go “underground” and become even stronger, setting the stage for direct, terroristic action since these angry and violent peope now persecuted and feel a greater sense of legitimacy for their cause.

    DH is the least of your worries.

    • Actually they do. I don’t know potentially how crazy Hipsterminator could be in the real world. I’ve never seen him. I don’t know what he could do to hurt my father. I feel bad that my father’s identity is revealed too because of all this.

      A lot of quiet people are as potentially maligned as real-life thugs. Look at the Unabomber.

      • FaceTheFacts says:

        Ok, I saw that post where the Hipsterminator supposedly threatened your pops. I didn’t see any threat. Fucking with your head, yeah. Threatening you? I don’t think so. Yeah, he had your father’s info. That’s a small price to pay when you put your info online and go up against a site full of people who wouldn’t mind smacking you up. You’re reading way too much into shit and come of like someone who wants to wrap himself in the cloak of victimhood and get the sympathy that comes with it.

        If someone threatened my father, both he and I would be ready to TCB. I’d be like “bring it, don’t sing it”. I’ve given people specfic locations to meet me if they wanted to make good on their threats. So far, no takers.

        If were like you, I’d simply call the authorities. Why didn’t you call the cops? Considering your personality type and social scene, calling the cops should be standard operating procedure for you.

        Trust me, you have little to worry about. I’ve been threatened by people who could make you lose control of your bladder and bowels just by their presence.

      • Haha, way to silently judge me, Butch.
        That seems just so, well, hipsterish to do.
        Oh no, I can’t believe I said that.

        What exactly is my personality type and social scene? Please do tell me.

  4. So FacetheFacts, tell me more about your journey posing as a spy in the house of the Neo Nazis?

    how long did you do it for? what did you learn? did you get email addresses from people?

    • FaceTheFacts says:

      There is no journey. It’s just a non-violent extension of fighting neos on the streets. There was no other agenda other than making them miserable or angry.

      Harvesting addresses and info is what Antifa, One Peoples Project or Nazileaks does.

  5. FaceTheFacts says:


    Your personality type? Insecure, passive aggressive, beta-male pussy (if that isn’t a hipster, I don’t know what is) Making an educated guess about someone based on pre-existing evidence and a “hunch” based on a lifetime of experience in dealing with people of nearly every type and backgorund, is NOT hipsterish. You come off as a hipster/fauxhemian/quasi-sentient punching bag. I’ve seen your vids. You also have the countenance of an insecure, passive aggressive, beta-male pussy.

  6. FaceTheFacts says:


    Oh and other thing, “silently judge you”? I’ve been judging you quite loudly. I don’t think I’ve been holding back.

    • Butch, it’s a phrase. You are very correct, you have been judging me quite loudly. Very good, my “hipster who hates hipsters” friend.

      • FaceTheFacts says:

        Oh, now you you’re calling me a hipster? That’s a S.O.S. (Stomp on Sight) justification right there. Sorry sweetie, way too much muscle mass and too much testosterone to be a hipster. I’m also way too good looking. Stay wherever you are Eddie boy. If you can’t handle words on a blog, you sure as hell won’t be able to handle face-to-face verbal abuse. Chances are you’ll kiss my ass (in typical hiptard fashion) out of the fear that I’ll kick yours.

        The weed I was blazing the last time I was here is pretty much out of my system. That’s means I feel like a complete asshole again. It’s a good thing we don’t live near each other. You’d have a real reason to cry on this digital ghost town of a blog.

      • haha – SOS – nice one, Butch. Very creative.

        also that you admire yourself and your looks -that’s hipsterish, if you are being serious about that (and you mentioned it twice on here).

        What kind of weed do you smoke that does that to you? That changes you that much.
        Go back to pretending, Butch.

        You are a fascinating person to me, as I write this I picture you on your neo-Nazi sites pretending to be that gay Nazi and laughing really hard like a little teenage boy.

        The internet as a world of fantasy and escape for us, you can be whoever you want to be on the Internet. You can channel your anger. It’s really something quite wonderful and horrible.

      • FaceTheFacts says:

        Funny, I can’t reply directly to your June 28 post. .

        There’s nothing “hispterish” about admiring one’s looks. I’ve worked hard to maintain my weight and appearance despite a genetic predisposition to gain pounds by simply looking at the wrong plate of food. If I’m a hipster (or “hipsterish”) then you’re an outlaw biker and we both know you won’t be prospecting for the HA, Bandidos, Outlaws or Mongols.

        There is no pretense on my part. Hipsters have no reason to admire their looks because the vast majority of them look like shit. I’ve seen a few hipster females that are decent looking and those are the ones who cheat on their hiptard boyfriend with guys who are the total opposite of the grover-bodied, high-estrogen, hiptard beta-male. The worst part is that many of them CHOOSE to look like shit. Some rigorous exercise and PROPER diet (they really need to do some proper research or even consult a dietitian before diving headfirst into veganism), will do wonders for many of them.

        As far as weed goes. I vape (no smoking for me these days) quality weed. The downside of it all, is that I’m more sensitive to it than others, hence I need to lay off it.

        I’m “fascinating” to you? LOL! Why do I imagine you saying that with a layer of smugness so thick, you can cut it into massive slabs? Yes, I do laugh when net-nazis rage. Receiving death threats from them is like hitting the jackpot or winning the “LULZ lotto”. Oh, and spare me the daytime TV inspired psychobabble and what little you learned in “Psych 101”. You simply aren’t that good at it. Stick to cinematography.

  7. I picture you talking in the voice of Stewie from Family Guy.
    I really was fascinated by you at one point. Now I’m not.

    Also linking to that hipsterminator song.

    What are you, a little boyscout, with your little songs you love to share.

    Groupthink and thought.

    You are so smart.
    You win.

    You win this argument.

    That’s what’s wrong with the world, we all think we’re so smart.

    Well I don’t.
    I know I’m dumb as shit. And I’m fine with that. That pushes me forward and causes me to be curious.

    But I’m tired of you guys now.

    I don’t know what happened.

    Maybe you helped me, Butch, see how foolish I was being.

    I was being a nerd on nerd rage.

    Now I’ve calmed down.

    I resolved my issues.

    Thank you for that.

    And I will miss you. Goodbye. Goodbye forever.

    After all, we always miss everybody after a while. That’s what Camus and JD Salinger taught me.

    • FaceTheFacts says:

      Stewie from Family Guy? That actually made me chuckle a bit. It’s “ironic” you mentioned “Groupthink” when “groupthink” is to hipsters what black clothing is to Goth fashion.

      I knew you’d love the hipsterminator song. >:^) In fact that link is the reason why you were so upset in your reply. I knew it would ruffle your feathers, but I had no idea it would take the form of a 300lb bullqueer and ass rape you. Extreme butthurt on your part was not my intention.

      No,seriously. It that song bothers you that much, you really need to grow a pair. This is why, in addition to your passive aggression (not a good look for a dude) I KNOW you’re a hipster. Hipsters have a highly unwarranted persecution complex and have desperately tried to transform being a pussy and a coward into something noble. That’s why other subcultures who had to face things like ACTUAL VIOLENCE for being who they are, sneer with contempt (sometimes violent) at hipsters. Even the so-called “Art Fags” of the 80s were of a more rugged sort than today’s Fauxhemian.

      Oh, and please knock off the passive aggressive bullshit. It’s not a good look at all. You may feel like shit now, but one day you’ll thank me for it. Are you sure you’re Jewish? Most Jewish cats I’ve know are made of sterner stuff.

      If the Hipsterminator song bothered you, you won’t like the one in my link or the following:

      It will cause you pain, but remember scar tissue is stronger! >:^)

      More stuff

      “Fuck That Hipster Shit” – Grip Plyz — Not bad although I prefer my rap to be more “old school”.

      “Hipster Holocaust” – Razors in the Night

      • “that actually made me chuckle” – are you sure you’re a skinny guy? Only fat people say the word, “chuckle.”
        I haven’t heard anyone say that word in a while actually. Is it a midwestern thing, little Butch?

        Also why do you think I’m upset?

        Are you sure you’re as perceptive as you think you are?

        Are you the king of your little world?

        Are you the smartest person in the room?

        Are you in Mensa?

        Do you want to be?

        Way to cut and paste a bunch of links.

        OH MY GOD – I really am a hipster.

        Actually funny enough my wife thought I was a just another bearded hipster when she met me.

        So maybe you are right.

        Maybe I really am a hipster.

        Thank you for exposing me to the truth of my nature.

        It’s not easy to do.

        You’re a good man/woman/other.

  8. I actually like the discussion of groupthink, cause that’s all any of us really do. The ones who don’t, are not accepted. And more and more, people only put out art that they know will catch on. Charlie Kaufman talks a lot about this in his BFTA speech which is incredibly inspiring.

  9. FaceTheFacts says:

    Only fat people say chuckle? LOL! I’m sure you have mountains of empirical evidence to back up that claim. I’ll put it this way. If I didn’t torture myself at the gym at least 3 days a week, I’d be a fat dude.

    For the record, I’m not a midwesterner. I was born and raised primarily on both coasts. I’ve lived in many places.

    What makes me think you’re upset? LOL! Do you really have to ask? Your line of questioning (mensa, king of my “little world”, and so) answers that question. I’ll admit, I posted those links to fuck with you. You were obviously bothered by the Hipsterminator song so, the sadist in me decided to up the ante. It also shows just how expansive “hipster hate” really is.

    If I call you a hipster, it’s because you:

    a.) Display the behavioral characteristics of one (passive aggression being one of them)
    b.) Have a blog which defends them
    c.) Try too hard at times

    The one thing that may disqualify you as a hipturd is the fact you seem to have actual talent when it comes to cinematography. The Mast Bros vid showed a sense of aesthetics largely absent among hipturds. I give the Mast Bros credit for being able to fleece their lesser hipturd counterparts at 10 bux per candy bar. Yes, I give credit where it’s due. From this point on, I’ll simply call you as “Hipster Lover”.

    I’ll leave you with these:

    Hipster hate is everywhere. >:^) I wonder if she’s visited DH? You never know!

    • I don’t defend only hipsters, Butchy-boy.
      I defend all types of people. Those who were murdered, beaten, and then made fun of on that site.

      I defend everyone.

      I have a great saviour complex.

      I am really effective.

      And yes of course I’m a hipster, so what man.

      So are you.

      Everyone who wears plaid or has a beard or vintage clothes would probably be considered a hipster.

      Are you really who you say you are?

      I’m beginning to suspect you’re actually some fat old housewife in the midwest, a la Catfish.

      That’s the genious of the DH “Sockpuppet” thing – you guys accuse others of being sockpuppets but many of you are sockpuppets as well.

      Why not reveal your identity?

      Prove to me you’re more than some weird old housewife.

      • FaceTheFacts says:

        You may not *only* defend hipsters, Bitchy Boy but you certainly spend a lot of time swinging from their micro-nuts. It’s not so much a savior complex you have, but a serious case of USI (Unwarranted Self Importance). You are also highly delusional if you think you’re effective. How are you effective? This digital ghost town of a blog is lucky if it gets more than one UNIQUE hit per month? Think about it: Were it not for me and others from DH posting here, this blog would be as dead as has always been.

        Once again, you display the hiptard characteristic of being a disingenuous douchetard by insinuating hiptard bashing is all about looks. Behavior is actually 99.99% of the reason people dislike them. It should also be noted that the styles of dress associated with hipster are ALL STOLEN from other subcultures (Indie Rockers & Eurotrash).

        Those videos got to you and it shows.

        There’s a difference between my sockpuppets and yours: Mine are entertaining, effective and have a purpose. Yours are are shitty and are little more than a manifestation of the intense, perpetual butthurt you feel 24-7 (like a hipster).

        I’m a fat midwestern housewife? You base this on what? If you’re trying to get me to post a photo, you’ve only partially succeeded. Here’s a link to the photo. I don’t know how wordpress works, so here’s a try. If it doesn’t come through then follow the link.

        Now get off my dick and tell your Meghan to come here.

        I know you’re just dying to find out who I am. The only way that will happen is in a face to face situation. Watching you try to hide the fear in your eyes will be priceless as you kiss my ass will be priceless. Even if I were a “Fat midwestern housewife”, that’s still leaps and bounds better than you.

        You know what I’m beginning to think, you started posting on this blog again because your Meghan dumped you for an actual man. I mean, what woman wants to deal with a dude who’s more “bitchy” than her? I remember you said on DH how the Hipsterminator made her cry. I’m beginning to think the real source of those tears was sexual frustration.

      • FaceTheFacts says:

        Damn, the link didn’t show up. Here it is again:

      • that looks like a fat midwestern woman’s hand. what a coward you are, just a hand.
        whats with the acronyms you like to make?

        I was kidding about being effective.

        There is no effectiveness of anything on this site.

        It’s just like my petition for a safer subway – worthless and pathetic.

        And its just like everything else I do – ineffective and a failure and all words and no action. Like the time I tried to petition the NYC mayor’s office to turn the entire city of Manhattan into a giant bike lane, and to have only one street, 14th street, and one avenue, 11th avenue, be an avenue for cars.

        That didn’t go far.

        Or the time I tried to stop Domino sugar factory from closing. It didn’t work. They told me, “Ed I’m sorry but we need to maximize profits.” It was so sad. What about my uncle who worked there for 17 years? He still had a job in Mexico waiting for him.

        But that’s okay.

        Life is tough.

        I hate change.

        I hate people taking over my spaces.

        It’s not fun.

        I wish it would stop.

        And I wish hipsters wouldn’t steal their behavior and fashion from other subcultures. Why couldn’t they just create their own.

        Why can’t any subgroup like gothics and valley girls and the preps just be unique?

        God I wish that would be happening one day.

        I am dying to find out just who you are. A person who says, “chuckle” potentially-non ironically.

        A person who spends months or year pretending to be a neo-nazi.

        Sexual frustration runs strong, indeed!

  10. FaceTheFacts says:

    *snicker* Based on your reaction, it looks like my “sexual frustration”/”meghan left you for an actual man” jab was more like a uppercut followed by a right cross. Did I hit a bit too close to home Eddie? Hey, if you can call me a “midwestern housewife”, I can call you milquetoast beta male pussy who can’t satisfy his old lady. What’s fair is fair. Looks like I’m the “effective” one here.

    We can do this for as long as you want. The ball’s in your court. You don’t want “beef” even at an internet level and you sure as hell don’t want to see me on the physical tip (I’d much rather punk you IRL). If we were face to face, you’d be kissing my ass and ready to suck this “fat midwestern housewife’s” black dick while trying to maintain control of your bladder and bowels. Believe that.

    Gay over-the-top neo-nazi trolls designed to get a rise out of people and cause butthurt to real neo-nazis (who I respect a GREAT DEAL more than closeted chickenshit hiptard racists) are only the tip of the iceberg. I have many more and all of them are laughing at you. As they say out west, “your bitch ass don’t want none”.

    For your butthurt and my further amusement:

  11. FaceTheFacts says:

    Oh snap, I just saw your vid on Vimeo. Instead of a hipster (as I know them) you come off as simply a run of the mill passive aggressive type who seems to identify with hipsters to an extent. Hell, you look like the type of kid I took up for when the jocks would come down on you. Seriously, smacking you up wouldn’t even give me bragging rights. Looking at you, I would really feel bad about punking you in a face-to-face and be overcome with remorse if I so much as shoved you.

    I may be a sadist who loves to get a rise out of people, but I’m not a bully and I’d much rather do that to those who truly deserve it. At worst, you’re a minor nuisance. A hipster’s smugness and snivelling nature makes it easy to humiliate and smack them around repeatedly and remorselessly. Any smugness, smarm or disingenuity on your part looks more like a defense mechanism than anything else.

    You come off quite sincere in your video and far less pretentious than any hiptard (keep in mind, others on DH may disagree). The only time a hiptard is sincere and unpretentious is when he’s backed into a corner and terrified of an impending beatdown, or when he’s raging because he found out his meghan has been fucking the type of dude he hates, behind his back. I can respect sincerity — even if I don’t agree with the reasons behind it.

    What I will say next is coming straight from the heart. No malice. No net-mischief. I’m telling you what your pops should’ve told you a long time ago: Toughen up. If you honestly think the readers of DH have any intention of killing hipturds, you need to harden up because the times ahead will eat you alive. Think about it, a lot of people dislike or outright hate hipsters but how often are hipsters getting stomped out? That video where the hipster gets “flipped” (while his chickenshit friends look on) because he didn’t know when to shut his mouth, is lightweight shit. It’s nothing compared to what I’ve seen.

    Today, any violence against a hipster is rare and when it does take place, it’s often well deserved. I’ll leave you with a comment in response to “Today’s Hipster Beating” (

    Pat I says:
    June 29, 2012 at 12:17 pm

    I was at a local sports bar two nights ago. We’re walking out and see three bearded Dixen number two pencils standing around a beautifully restored vintage Harley (I’m not a bike person but it looked like a bike from the 40′s or 50′s ..knucklehead? panhead?). My kid and I were admiring the bike from a distance when my son says, “that can’t be his bike. he look slike a girl”. So the one Josh gets on the bike.

    Sure enough he was right. His butt wasn’t on the seat more than two seconds when a couple of huge guys that resembled sides of beef with teeth ran out with the one grabbing the hipster on the bike by pulling him off and slamming him into a lamp post.

    made my day.

    Wow. I thought it was common knowledge to keep one’s dick beaters off someone else’s property (especially if that property belongs to people with a rep for violence). Of course, we’re dealing with hipsters who not only lack common sense and a knowledge of “male ettiquette” but also think the rules apply to everyone except them.

    • What’s your obsession with physical violence?
      I was neither a jock or a straight up nerd in grade school. I was a musician – I played upright bass and electric bass in the orchestra and jazz ensemble and some jazz groups. I was really getting into Charles Mingus and Ron Carter, and then someone showed me Jaco Pastorious. I was on the nerdier side of things – I played a lot of videogames but I didn’t have zits really. But I also didn’t kiss a girl till I was 18 – I was very immature as I still am.

      Until I got mugged last summer on my way home one night, I was only in two physical fights and they were weenine fights. I beat up a kid who was picking on other kids in high school.

      I was a shy kid and I still am.

      I didn’t even know what a hipster was until I moved to Williamsburg in Summer 2003. By senior year of school in 2003 I was hanging out more with students who did art, who might look like hipsters, but I still always mostly associated with musicians and well really everyone. I went to school in the South so a lot of people dressed like southerners – khakis, shorts, polos, flip-flops. They were always older than me, the people in Williamsburg, and I wasn’t really a drinker so I didn’t really run in their scene.

      Perhaps the first “hipster” I became friends with worked with me in the tape library at the History Channel. He was a very skinny. He rod a fixie bicycle, had lots of tattoos, was in critical mass, had a cute hipster girlfriend, had an asymettrical part, and me and him would talk and debate a ton of issues. He grew up in Brooklyn so he had a Brooklyn accent. He and me are still friends – he’s super cool. If you saw him, you would immediately label him a hipster, but he’s just another guy really. He’s like everyone else.

      Now that you discovered I don’t really look or act like a hipster, why should that change how you treat me?

      • FaceTheFacts says:

        What you call an “obssession” I call an acknowledgement of a simple fact of life. Violence in and of itself is neither good nor bad. Violence has its place. When I “fucked up” as a kid, my parents used the belt. It was through that kind of punishment (a form of violence) I learned the concept of “consequences”. An understanding of that concept is one of the reasons I’m still breathing despite being in situations that would put most hipsters 6 feet under, or at beat, in the hospital. I believe in what I call “minimum mutual respect”. That is, the type of unearned respect shown to all people. The best way to describe it is “Don’t start none, and there won’t be none”. If I’m drinking at a bar and a hipster minds his own, he has nothing to worry about from me. If he behaves with disrespect, he’s going to get disrepected in a major way.

        I never had any problem with so-called “nerds” because from where I saw it, they were outcasts like the metal, punk and other “counterculture” kids in high school. I even considered some of them to be friends. The big difference is that the angry metal kid (me, at the time) or the punker kid would actually fight the jocks or the preps back. The counterculture kids also had sense of “community” and often had very tribal mindsets. This was not present among the “nerds”. There was also a considerable amount of “overlap” in terms of aesthetics and interests between headbangers and the nerds. I knew just as many metal kids into role playing games, fantasy and sci-fi as I did “nerds”.

        One of my major gripes with hipsters is that they cheapen and ultimately ruin everything that either I, or people I’ve known for the last 20 years have been into. When I was still in the Air Force and stationed in N. Mexico (’94 to ’99). It was around 1998-1999 when my immediate circle consisted of what could best be described as a “counterculture united nations”, that is, you had a skin (me); a proto-metalcore kid and his GF who was a DnB DJ from Lubbock; an indie-rock/pop-punk kid from Ohio (you may have heard of him, his name is Kyle Sowash); a “freak” who was into the Genitortures, Marylin Manson and S&M (last I heard, he’s now a minister in Vegas); and local punks and noise rockers from Lubbock and Amarillo. I was also cool with the local Metal kids. I when I see hipsters, I see a bunch of people trying to swagger jack what we were and failing miserably. It’s BEHAVIOR that ultimately makes a hipster. It’s is BEHAVIOR that causes so many people to dislike them.

        I treat people based on how they come across to me. My view about you has been re-adjusted simply because you care too much to be a hipster. The only thing you really have in common with them, is the passive aggression thing. Also, a hipster would not maintain a blog with so little traffic. I’ve mentioned it before (or so I think) and I’ll do it again: You’re making a mountain out of a mole hill about DH. Where I’m from, those who intend on bringing harm to someone, do not talk about it (least of all, publish it on a blog) — they just do it. DH is a pressure valve. When a person vents online, that’s one less hipster being forced to French kiss a brick wall. Think about it.

      • Let’s start with a quick exercise. I will replace the word, “Hipster” with some other ethnic groups.

        The best way to describe it is “Don’t start none, and there won’t be none”. If I’m drinking at a bar and a black man minds his own, he has nothing to worry about from me. If he behaves with disrespect, he’s going to get disrepected in a major way.”
        The best way to describe it is “Don’t start none, and there won’t be none”. If I’m drinking at a bar and a Latino minds his own, he has nothing to worry about from me. If he behaves with disrespect, he’s going to get disrepected in a major way.”
        The best way to describe it is “Don’t start none, and there won’t be none”. If I’m drinking at a bar and a Irishman minds his own, he has nothing to worry about from me. If he behaves with disrespect, he’s going to get disrepected in a major way.”
        The best way to describe it is “Don’t start none, and there won’t be none”. If I’m drinking at a bar and a d*ke minds her own, she has nothing to worry about from me. If she behaves with disrespect, he’s going to get disrepected in a major way.”
        The best way to describe it is “Don’t start none, and there won’t be none”. If I’m drinking at a bar and a Guido minds his own, he has nothing to worry about from me. If he behaves with disrespect, he’s going to get disrepected in a major way.”

        Now this is where it is interesting, I have made fun of “guidos” before – “bridge and tunnel folks.” With my friends. And I never felt any sort of remorse for beating into these stereotypes as a result. I’m friends with some Italian-Americans and I work with a bunch of them. I wouldn’t hang out with bridge and tunnel kids just as you wouldn’t hang out with hipsters until I would discover that they are okay and just like everyone else which you would discover too, potentially. Anyway each person is too unique to deserve to be universally hated before spend at least 10 minutes with that person, individually. I have people I don’t like, but I always give them a chance. And in fact I give them many chances. But at a certain point you’re sacrificing your friendships with others if you spending too much time trying to see the appeal of that certain person.

        So maybe that’s what I can take away. And I know the wounded psyche of many Italian-Americans. The disrespect they feel after shows like Jeresy Shore. If we believe DH to be of Italian-American descent, maybe this is partially where his anger comes from. Media stomps on these kids and its not fair because they are so many great Italian Americans.

        So a lot of people are always making fun of other ethnic groups since the beginning of time and is it bad to make fun of them as long as there is no direct violence towards them? I guess so. Though it’s not for me. But who the fuck am I to judge other people like that? Then again, who the fuck is anyone. Judging other people helps us grow stronger and better and smarter. We learn so much from each other.

        I agree with you – people can channel their hate into things like forums so they have a place to distill their anger. But it also might encourage those who don’t think about violence to actually think about it.

        I guess the jury is out on that one.

        And yes, this blog gets about 4 hits a day. Two are from you, two are from me. It’s a complete failure. Right now it’s just you and me reading this and you’ll get tired of it all pretty soon.

  12. FaceTheFacts says:

    No disrespect, but your “replace hipster with [insert ethnicity] scenario” is totally irrelevant and a perfect example of a faulty comparison. Subculture is not synonymous with ethnicity or racial group.

    Latinos don’t choose to be Latinos when they are born, but some Latinos do choose to be or behave as thugs or gangsters which can get them in trouble.
    According to what is commonly believed today, Lesbians don’t choose to be Lesbians. However, as we saw in the case of Rayon McIntosh during the infamous McDonald’s incident, some Lesbians DO choose to behave like thugs and gangsters.

    Being a hipster is a choice. When someone chooses to align him/herself with a given subculture, he/she buys into an image. With hipsters, that image comes with an attitude that tends to grate on others. Combine that attitude with a lack of common sense, and you have a recipe for a hipster getting the shit kicked out of him. Common sense says it not wise to to mouth off to some 250lb Biker war vet if I’m 150 lbs at the most, have less upper body strength than the average Japanese female, and simply can’t fight.

    The rest of your post . . . I can see where you’re coming from. Personally, I shit on and make fun of everyone. I may be polite and I may be fair-minded, but I as Un-PC as it gets.

    • That’s a good point you make – they are a subgroup. But a lot of people can be unfortunately thought to be of the subgroup but they actually aren’t. And if you have ever been made fun of, it’s not nice – it adds to the hatred in the world.

      Negative energy.

      I feel like there is a lot of that floating around the U.S.A. and especially in New York. And that’s why I many times hate New York. Because of this. Because you go to a place and someone doesn’t say hi to you. They seem annoyed with your presence.

      I just came back from a job overseas and the custom agent said to us with our carnets, “I really don’t want to do this right now.” But it’s his job.

      And the air of negativity – like making fun of everyone, just keeps the damn cloud going.

      And it’s annoying – the cynicism and anger all for no reason.

      Why is everyone so angry in the USA when things have never been financially better for all of us?

      Because we’re all sad and missing real human connections. We have become so completely self-obsessed with ourselves.

      Have you ever been made fun of or attacked just because of how you looked? How did that make you feel?

      Whenever it happens to me, it puts me into a bad mood for the rest of the day. And many times it was just something someone said that I misheard.

      I have always been incredibly sensative and paranoid my whole life about that, that other people are talking about me behind my back. Hence why I started trying to crack jokes around people.

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