Identity of “Diehipster” Kind of Revealed?

Are we getting somewhere?  Who knows.  I saw this idea thrown out on the webpage.

A place for real New Yorkers to vent about the invasion of attention starved, useless adults that we know as hipsters.


I think maybe one stole from the other.  Or maybe not.  Their writing styles are kind of similar.  Kind of.

Is Diehipster some Italian guy named “the Dante” who lives in Brooklyn?

Dante’s writing is a little more passionate, Diehipster’s never quite gets there.  But interesting that they both have pretty damn great knowledge of Craiglist.  From hipster baiting craiglist postings to Dante baiting hipsters on craigslist as well.  Dante supposively tripped a real hipster in real life and wrote about it.  Diehipster writes “hipster beatings.”


I don’t quite see it, but it would be interesting.

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15 Responses to Identity of “Diehipster” Kind of Revealed?

  1. Mr. Baerga says:

    Shut up – you’re wayyyyy off, you fucking inbred.

  2. Mr. Baerga says:

    Also, “Italian guy”???… geez Edd, I thought you were “cultured”, can’t tell Spanish from Italian? Typical pseudo-cultured shitrag like the rest of you pampered cul-de-sac brats flying by on daddy’s dime. When’s the DieDieHipster docu coming out?

    • Dante is an Italian name. Or is it now Spanish? If you couldn’t tell, I’m putting together a story right now about you guys. I don’t know if the documentary format (or docu as you call it correctly in the UK) is the best format for a story that revolves around anonymous figures who don’t want their identity told. But I can definitely see it as an excellent article for a magazine interested in the culture of hate on the Internet and the culture of anonymity.

      What’s your story, Mr. Baerga? You wouldn’t happen to be Paul Riddell, aka Texis Triffid Ranch, Leroy Jenkensin, would you?

      Who’s the sock puppets now, bitch?

  3. Mr. Baerga says:

    If you read “Dante’s” myspace page, that you so gleefully listed like you found something out, you can clearly see that he is posting comments in SPANISH. What an awesome researcher you are, no surprise you fail at everything you attempt. Halfass. Wannabe. Fraud.

    Yeah, bad try with the TTR guess. WRONG.

    • Who has the time or the obsession to do that? Oh, man, maybe I should have you as my research assistant, Bill.

      • Mr. Baerga says:

        “Who has the time or the obsession to do that?”

        Obviously, YOU. You have both.

    • FaceTheFacts says:

      That’s the problem with his research. He finds himself so overcome with the excitement of “finding something”, he overlooks the obvious. But hey, he does need something to put on his blog.

  4. Mr. Baerga says:

    Edd, why so obsessed with the identities of the DH guys and gals that comment? Why is it so difficult for a highly trained researcher and documentarian like yourself to find out who DH is? or who Hipsterminator is? or Yuppie Toilet? or Pat I.? or Swamp Yankee? are you lazy like the rest of these hiptards? Every interloping, disrespectful, “LOOK AT MEEEE…” cockrag deserves to be exposed for the pretentious frauds that they are. By the way, Magaly Maracuya is my wife. There, I gave you a head start…. Now….. GO!

    • Mr. Baerga, you are right – you are no other than Bill. Thank you for that. And stop posting from your vacation in Peru. Go out and enjoy it.

      Why am I so obsessed? Because it’s absolutely fascinating to me. Who are these people who go on these anger-sites and build up a community around anger? Why are most of the people not even from New York, and middle-aged men, and mostly of Latino and African-American heritage who are hating on “hipsters” so much, that they spend over two hours a week on a the site even years after no one even remotely in the mainstream world really cares about making fun of hipster.

      Why aren’t I better at researching who everyone is? Because I haven’t spent hours on the DH site and figured out who everyone is.

      There’s definitely a great story in here, I’m just trying to figure out the best way to tell it and the way to tell it.

      How can I make a documentary about you guys if none of you reach out to me and want to be a part of it. Besides, this is holding my attention quite fine.

  5. I initially came to this blog after being hazed at diehipster when I criticized the posters trying to defend a friend who was their target. They pulled some real character assassination tactics on me and I felt slighted, but I think this obsession is a sad addiction. I guess I wanted to find out more information on who these guys really were… but it doesn’t even matter.

    I spend too much time in front of a screen, anyway, and even if I learn their identities what difference does it make? If the eponymous blogger simply shrugged off a couple of jerks cutting in front of him and his kids getting ice cream instead of devoting his life to attack some amorphous enemy, none of this would have happened all these years later. Or maybe he should have said something to those jerks, make them apologize for their rudeness and try to respect others. I don’t know. I just think this is all a waste, and here I am on the computer trying to get some solace for something I will never get. I give up.

    This is an interesting idea, and I enjoy a deeper look at these guys and their possible lives and motives. But it is a waste of time.

    I’d rather be doing something else. My advice is that you should too. You have written before of that “rolled eyed look” your girlfriend made when you start talking about that blog. I know that look. I am getting it right now from MY girlfriend. Let it go.

    • Thanks Nathan – good comment. I have moved on. Two years ago I stopped this blog and started it up again after I noticed a poster named “God” went on that site and broke it down exactly how I saw it. But you are right – overall its a great waste of time to be mad at a blog and the posters on it. Trolls. To get mad at trolls is exactly what they want you to do. Glad you have moved on. Also I am married now.

  6. skipjuggalo says:

    I see Dante has “hipsterized” his site some. And My space still, Mr. IT? Oh, the Irony! LOL!i

  7. kirk says:

    Dante, u r u and u created this site AND diehipster.

    u were outed and that’s when you took your sudden hiatus…

    as a great artist once wrote about pretenders like you:

    “….everybody knows…”

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