Oh hate, oh racism

Oh rascism,
oh hate
oh hating on religion
oh hating on everyone else.

Fighting and fighting and fighting while the USA goes into the shitter. Where the education system sucks. Where the health care sucks. Where the envrionment sucks. Where the food supply sucks.

And here we are, all fighting.

All fighting all the time, about the most petty things.  About each other and a chunk of land that’s too overcrowded.

Fighting with each other when we don’t even really know each other – just IP addresses and fake names and personalities.

Where is the truth in the Internet? Our new identities? Is my twitter or my facebook who I am ?

Is this who I am?

Are you who you are?

You are a sockpuppet of God.

The great God in the sky is channeling things out of control that you don’t know and she tells you, “GO Son, go forth and post on diehipster.com. Upload a youtube clip of someone making fun of someone.”

And you do it and you feel good for those moments.

But still empty inside.

Am I communicating? Making progress?

I don’t know.

Maybe if I go down the rabbit hole again I’ll feel better.

Just five more minutes, Ma, at my computer, before dinner.

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One Response to Oh hate, oh racism

  1. Dara Morgenstern says:

    I am sickened by this site because it is so dishonest. I think diehipster is the most honest, most sincere site on the internet because it correctly recognizes the hipster scum that have invaded a once great city like new york. As a Jewish female native of the city, I can honestly say that hipsters are a bunch of pretentious transplants from the midwest who are smug and superior to everyone they meet.. tell them to get the hell out of MY city, they are not welcome here, they are not genuine intellectuals, or genuine artists, or genuine anything.. and i am tired of all these wastes of oxygen always claiming that it’s “hate speech” or something like that whenever anyone has the GUTS to stand up to these little pieces of shit.. you wanna fight a big-mouthed Jewish woman, you little nothings, you wastes of life, you pieces of garbage? I dare you. I dare you to find me, I’ll wring your little necks and shit in your fucking mouths, you are nothing, you are the embarrassment of the city and the modern world, i wish you would ALL go off and commit a Jonestown..

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