Where to hate

What could be worse?
What’s with all this hinting and inflection?

Wait wait wait, Ripshop dressed first like a hipster, then the hipsters dressed like him? Ripshop is younger, I think he was probably around the age of 10 when the hipster movement started in 2000. Did he dress like a hipster when he was 10?

Hipster hipster hipster hipster – why so obsessed with them? Why are all of you so obsessed with hipsters? The world has moved on so long ago.

The war is over.

Nearly all of Brooklyn has become gentrified. Harlem is gentrified. Queens is getting gentrified.

Sorry guys, you lost. It’s over. I’m so sorry. It stinks right? Your rent is going up, and quite fast.

The New York Times magazine had an article on Fort Tilden as the secret beach.

Poor everyone, now you don’t have that. You lost your secret beach.

But I will say it again.

Hating on the young mostly middle-class white people from other states is not going to make you feel better.

What if you hated on the forces that have caused you to not live in NYC – the rent.

And why is the rent going up?

What is happening in the great city of New York?

Could it possibly be a bigger thing than because its “cool” to live in NYC?

Maybe it’s a financial thing? Maybe it’s the interconnectiveness and easily-discoverability of things? Maybe its technology and the economy and corporate corruption that is raising the rent?

Is that possible?

Can we get mad at that?

No, it’s just not fun to get mad at that.

It’s a lot more fun to just get mad at hipsters.

Hahaha. Oh silly hipsters.

I feel good.

Getting mad at Goldman Sachs – just not as fun. Too complex and annonying.

But hipsters are so funny looking!!! I just saw one at the new park on the water at Williamsburg. A place I used to go that was where some girls got raped 8 years ago, by the water.

It was abandoned then. Me and my friends would sneak out on the water.

Here is what Williamsburg looked like in September 2006:

Is the cleanup of the water area better or worse for the citizens of NYC?  It is the pure symbol of the new New York – cleaner, safer, but not as exciting and real.  Who do you blame?

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4 Responses to Where to hate

  1. Random thought – In 2004, males comprised 82.2 percent of arrestees for violent crime. And there were a lot more male killers than women. Why this anger and violence with males? Is it hormonal? Why don’t we ever really talk about this? Why is diehipster.com overwhelmingly a male commenter base?

  2. Mike Hock says:

    Yes hipsters are weird, but they’re just a scapegoat for the Archie Bunker hipster haters crying about rent increases.
    The fact is Manhattan, the island of the wealthy, is still growing, getting more expensive, and pushing rents up everywhere around it.
    Sure urban blight has it’s charm, but in the proximity of the economic engine that is Manhattan, eventually it’s swallowed up by surrounding property values, and regains it’s original prosperity.
    Cry me a fucking river.
    Brooklyn and NYC have been marketed to America from the beginning, by Brooklynites and New Yorkers. Now they want to complain about how well it worked, and complain endlessly about everything in general.
    Get a fucking life.

  3. gold price says:

    The problem is that ‘hipster’ is a far too broad an nebulous term. What defines what exactly a hipster is? As someone mentioned earlier, is it the Wonderland crowd or the Marvin crowd? Do they go to indie rock shows or dance to electro DJs? Why does a DC hipster look different than a Bmore hipster or an LA hipster or a BK hipster, etc? I’m just as guilty of using the label as anyone…until I was suddenly single and actually going out to places I considered ‘hipster’. I then realized that these spots are filled with INDIVIDUALS with different tastes, styles, backgrounds, etc, just like anywhere else. As Andrew said earlier, hipster is a lazy, catch-all term. Its starting to become just a derogatory term to describe any subculture different than one’s own.

  4. bodybagPAT says:

    Really Gold Price? Do you really believe what you said? Its pretty easy to stereotype someone as a hipster when they have a molester moustache, sissified girlie tight jeans, a flannel, with suspenders, taking a photo of a crack in a sidewalk. Get over yourself.

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