Is joking about death okay?


Is joking about murder ethically okay especially if its on an anonymous forum-type site?  Is it legally okay?  Who here has a law degree?


Is it

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2 Responses to Is joking about death okay?

  1. scott says:

    Clearly, there is nothing illegal going on. If there really was a body found in a Dumpter at the intersection stated, and someone jokingly insinuated that they were the killer, then MAYBE it would raise a red flag to the authorities. But, if you will pay close attention to the CONTEXT of this post, nothing indicates that that there was a muder/body found in that area, and Transplant Alley is making light of this by saying in a round-about way that he kills hipsters.

    And to answer your question, is it okay to joke about death? Yes, it often can be funny. But again, you have to consider the CONTEXT.

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