Ladies and Gentlemen Meet Ripshop!

Like yah, here’s one of DH’s regulars.  Also, interestingly-enough, one of them that is coming down hard right now on a musician trying to raise money for making an album on kickstarter.

Oh my goodness, do you notice how hipster he looks and all the hipster stuff he has in his apartment? Also notice the NY Yankees hat.  And he lived in Pittsburgh.  A little envious of NYC, eh?  LOL!

He was making fun of that musician on kickstarter and Matt Silver. LOL!

Now you can make fun of how shitty his beats are.  I mean, let me break this down. There is nothing going on there, musically in this song.  It’s boring and repetitive.  Look how he’s dressed.  Trying to act so cool, like yah!

Temisian, this is as good as you can get?

Where’s your kickstarter campaign?

Hey, you live in the Midwest!  I hope you don’t move to NYC, like yah!

And what’s with your name, man?  Shouldn’t it be Temisijosh?  LOL! LOL!

And here is a picture of him via Myspace.  Oh my god, I am feuding with little boys.  God help me.  This is my last post ever on DDH.  This has to end.  Time to move on.  Seriously! I need help. LOL!

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8 Responses to Ladies and Gentlemen Meet Ripshop

  1. FaceTheFacts says:

    One of the things that really bug me about hipsters and their apologists is the way they hear what they want to hear, and see what they want to see. I and many others have made it clear time and time again that it isn’t just the clothing that makes a hipster. To my eyes, most “millennial” fashions look “hipsetrish”. Throughout the 90s, “hard” or “macho” (occasionally spilling over into “hyper-masculine”) was the order of the day on the street. Now, I see too many cats trying to look like Lil Wayne (who should be fed through a woodchipper).

    Yankees hats are not hipster in the least. That doesn’t mean shit. I used to rock Raiders/Kings, Yankees and White Sox hats in the late 80s early 90s. So did millions of other dudes. Bottom line, Ripshop doesn’t go around claiming NYC when he isn’t from there. A hipster can be born and raised in North Dakota, but will say “Brooklyn” in his Nodak accent, when asked where he’s from.

    It’s not what you wear, but how you wear it. A huge part of the “how” is the “who”. The “who” is the most important element, because the “who” is what determines whether the look succeeds.

    For a example, a beardo (the “who”), dressed to the nines in Biker gear while perched atop a Harley, will never be mistaken for a real biker.

    You can put a hipster in baggy Dickies shorts, knee-high socks, Nike Cortez and a wifebeater – aka the basic gear for a Cholo. He will never be mistaken for a white dude who rolls with a Xicano street gang or even a SoCal Wood. He will simply look like a hipster douchebag trying to swaggerjack and hopefully catch a beatdown and get jacked for his iShit.

    Same goes if you try to dress the same hipster as a mod or skinhead. It simply won’t work. To pull off any of the aforementioned styles (biker, cholo, skinhead/mod) requires authenticity. Hipsters don’t have that. It should also be noted, the subcultures associated with those styles also require levels of testosterone much higher than any hipster (whose T- levels are only slightly higher than those of a Japanese female).

    You mention “hipster stuff” in his apartment, but don’t point any of it out. Do you mean his skateboards? Skateboarders were associated with elements of the hardcore punk subculture when the parents of every hipster at least 30 years of age, were in grade or Jr high school.

    I also need to make something clear. He didn’t make the beats you heard. It’s called a “mini-mix” for a reason – that is a small group of different songs “mixed” or blended together. Most electronic dance music IS repetitive. If he were a hipster, he would be claiming authorship of every bassline, drum hit and lead.

    Even if the tracks chosen by RS are shitty and people tell him so, you still won’t see him crying like a pussyhurt little girl. He’ll either say “Whatever” or “Eat a dick” and keep it moving. Matthew Silver is a 30-something CRYBABY who’s probably crying to his mother about DH. “Waaaaaaaah, they said mean things about me!” Matt’s a fuckin’ pussy.

    That clueless gump who’s begging for money on kickstarter to record an album of music he hasn’t written nor EVER WILL . . . I don’t even need to speak on that fool. I’m personally not bothered too much by him because the only people dumb enough to finance his drug habit are other hipsters. Hipsters swindling other hipsters = fine with me.

    • diehipster says:

      Oh course he’s not a hipster, Nicky. And neither are you or anyone you are making fun of. At this point who gives a poop who’s a hipster and who’s not. It doesn’t matter and you don’t matter and I don’t matter and soon we’ll all be dead and nothing will matter except that I just spent 3 minutes of my time writing this stupid useless post and reading yours when I could be going to sleep or watching Buffalo ’66 – two things that have a lot of value.

      But why do I chose to write to you, whomenver you are?

      It’s cause I love you.

      I want you to dominate me, to tell me great things, oh my father, oh my father.

      I love you so much I am so attracted to you.

      Please love me back, my hero.

      My anonymous hero.

      Facethefacts, you and DH and everyone else’s real identity will be revealed soon.

      And who gives a shit.

      Because you have no identity.

      You’re not real.

      You are just a fabrication of God, and that couldn’t be more boring.

      I am so bored right now.

      Don’t lie to me, you’re going to come back.

      If you don’t want me to go, I won’t go.

      We’ll go get a coffee.

      Just come back.

      • FaceTheFacts says:

        You come off a bit touched, however you do seem to be on your way to a personal breakthrough. The darkest times I’ve had have also been the most insightful.

        As far as the “domination” thing goes . . . I’ll quote the character in my avatar “I’m not into dudes, dude!” My only experience with domination of any sort has been with women and I was not the one in the dominant position. Butch Craine was a sockpuppet troll designed to get a rise out of net-nazis.

        I know I said some ill shit, but count yourself better for it. If you walk away with nothing from this whole thing, just remember this: Don’t even let someone you’ve never met before, rent space in your head over some words online. You will look back on this whole thing with a different set of eyes (hopefully wiser).

      • diehipster says:

        I am a better person and there was a breakthru.

        Hence, the exhibition the DDH blog and HD blog will be a part of .

        A training ground for the eventual future of interactions – anonymous interactions that humans will more and more have as a form of interactions.

        It was a experience that may help some people who aren’t used to being online bullied by complete anonymous strangers.

        It’s quite a harrowing experience.

        And my only wish is that soon I start to reveal some more people’s identities so they also have to deal with it. Is that fair?

        Of course not. It’s actually quite immature.

        Instead I should just end things as this.

        And I did.

        Goodbye DDH.

  2. Ripshop (Pittsburgh's Finest!) says:

    OMFG! I’m famous!

    I might as well use this post to blow up my other music I’ve been making since this blog is questionable in nature…

    And follow me on twitter and tumblr!

    • Ted Danson says:

      Ripshop, how does it feel to put out such shitty music, again and again?
      Are you a performance artist?
      Why do you do it?
      Does your mom think your music is good? Does she keep you doing it?
      What is your inspiration for such a load of shit?

  3. diediehipster says:

    RS – you understand there is a thing called “musical theory” right? It’s kind of the rules of how music works that every musician who is good pretty much learns. Have you played an insturment before or did you just pick up being a DJ on your own and spinned a bunch of records?

    You know that Kanye was classically-trained right?

    Have you ever thought about getting serious with your music and learning the rules, or you just want to join in on polluting your friend’s and families musical space with your shitty beats?

    Here’s this little link may help you out, in all honesty, not me being a parody of DH’s hatred:

    As Herbie Hancock once told my jazz class in college, “you gotta learn the rules first, before you break them.”

  4. Bill says:

    What the fuck is a hipster? I know what an interloping douchebag is.

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