Undercover as Ted Danson – Exclusive

The past few days I’ve been posting the meanest shit as the avatar, “Ted Danson” on the diehipster.com website.

I’ve decided that probably the things that really sting people on DH is a) personal attacks b) attacking people’s intelligence and c) calling them out on being dorks and irrelevant. All the while doing it while trying to be witty.

So far people have taken a tune to being upset with me.  A few have called me assholes.  So it works, I think I am upsetting some of them.

And I will admit, anonymously upsetting people is a lot of fun.  It’s addicting.  I am beginning to see why they do it on DH  and on real websites like 4chan that actually have an audience.

It’s the same rush you get from chatroulette – you are playing out your fantasy – or at least I am – of being a mean snarky asshole – that you can’t do in the real world  really.  You can call out whomever you want, and there is no fear of retribution.

It has stress relief and its fun.  But of course they know who I am really so it’s not entirely without its consequences.  But for now I’m riding high!

People of course, your victims, get hurt.  Its not fun to be called out on having a little dick and the likes.  But you don’t know that.  You can’t tell how much you are hurting someone.

And you can’t stop, because it’s too much fun.

This is important, I think, as more and more relationships in the 21st century are born on the Internet and anonymously.  It’s a whole new way of communication and there needs to be taught a code of honor just as there is a code when you are a kid and meeting friends.

Civility.  A dying art-form.

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