The name, “Ripshop” has been retired. And the search for Bill Baerga

Goodbye Ripshop, you poor hypocritical fool.  You who cast the first stone.  Who made fun of a musician on kickstarter but was shown to be just as bad or possibly worse as a musician.

As the Little Prince says, “the hardest person to judge is one’s self.”


“What’s up everybody? I have been refraining from posting on this blog because of special edd and his posse of obsessed male groupies that look for any reason to derive content for their stupid blog. I ended up getting “exposed” yet again…but this time he felt the need to include a video of me that I posted on youtube 2 years ago and a picture of me from 4 years ago from my (now inactive) myspace account.

Rather than give him the internet back and forth argument he so desperately wanted, I just blew up his spot and posted links to all of my music and sites to promote myself and steal his thunder. I really don’t know why he (or they) spend so much time to a site they hate…why not avoid it and carry on?

I just moved to New York and I don’t need weirdos on my jock…I just posted on here to express my disdain towards my generation (the hipster generation) and vent about how some of my favorite avenues of culture (art, music, etc…) were being polluted with BS because of hipsters. What is up with these guys? I know their blog sucks and is devoid of any real substance, but it seems like they wanted to pick on me out of the many people that post on here. I don’t know.

With that said, I’m going to retire this handle and come back under another handle. I don’t want these people trying to pry my personal info when all I’m trying to do is talk about things without the intent of harm.”

It doesn’t feel good right, to get bullied on the Internet.   “Why me?” you ask.  Because you’re a douche who posts on a douchy website.  You deserve it, buddy.  Move on with your life as I should.

And speaking of which, I just spent an hour looking into Bill a.k.a (Mr. Baerga) aka William Baerga and all I could find is possibly his home address in Staten Island and possibly a community service he works for to improve the area (go Bill, that’s great!) and the fact that he has posted on a bunch of hipster blogs including Brooklyn Paper and Brooklyn Vegan.  But what fun is that?

And why does he keep using an IP address from Lima , Peru?  Could it be that he moved there and he is just keeping up with his former stomping ground via the Internet?

It makes a lot of sense.

Since pretty much no one besides I think Hipsterminator and Diehipster actually live in NYC.  All that anger because they are away from it.  Which I don’t understand, because I have a strong love/hate relationship with NYC.  But maybe that’s just me, being the transplant from Connecticut who has only lived there now for ten years.

But who knows, maybe Bill is just using a fake IP address which actually makes more sense, because every post he does, it keeps changing the address.  Including two posts he made to DDH that took place in the span of a few minutes.

Will I ever find his identity?  Will I find DH and Hipsterminator’s identity as well?  If I found them I would finally feel satisfied?  Of course not.  It’s an endless game, this revenge thing.

But I will say I’m on this right now especially because they are picking on Matt Silver.  And I don’t like that.  I don’t stand for bullies.  I fought them when I was younger, and now I will fight the online nerdy dumbass ones too.  That’s just who I am.

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13 Responses to The name, “Ripshop” has been retired. And the search for Bill Baerga

  1. Bill says:

    • William S. Baerga Jr.
    • My wife volunteers for
    • Yes, you’re right, I try to improve the community for the Working Class families and immigrants, not turn it into a segregated, overpriced playground that caters to only to the entitled and racist yuppies that invaded with their trust funds and who are actually anti-community.
    • I’m a mixed race (try to guess) and speak 4 languages, toured USA and Latin America as a professional musician in the 1980s until I switched careers.
    • I was born in The Bronx (father was a construction worker, mother was a dance instructor), grew up in Brooklyn and from hard work my whole life I now own 3 homes (NYC, Puerto Rico and Colombia).
    • Supported myself since I was 16.
    • I am under 50 years old.

    Awwwww, you were bullied as a kid. wah wah wah.

    • diehipster says:

      Thanks for this.
      I guess I don’t understand why you would think posting snarky comments on Brooklyn Vegan and Brooklyn Paper and Diehipster would help you and your wife’s efforts to improve conditions for working class families.

      If anything, you know, you are hurting them.

      Is it stress relief?


      Yes you really are that close-minded that you think it’s as simple as the hipsters who are ruining things? The hipsters didn’t invade Williamsburg until it was cheap enough to invade. So really what “ruined” Williamsburg was the factories and industry closing.

      Same with Bushwick. Communities weren’t being destroyed in either area, because all that was initially there were factories. And that work went to other states and overseas.

      And really the reason why the invansion of Brooklyn started was because Manhattan was too expensive for young people to live. And that’s the fault of rent control, greedy landlords, lax political policies.

      Hipsters are phase two of the problem. And they aren’t community-oriented. They don’t have families. They don’t respect the communities they move in next to. They drive up the rent around them quickly. Williamsburg and Grenpoint are a case in point. Forcing families who live there to move. Unless you are a landlord like you and you make a lot off of them.

      But of course if you study the history of NYC, you see like for instance in Williamsburg, it has many shifting ethnicities throughout time. Hence explaining why the Italian restaurant “Peter Lugars” is in now what was once a predominantly Puerto Rican part of South Williamsburg.

      But as I say again and again, it’s a lot easier to get mad at hipsters than the changing globalization of the world and the new concentration of wealth.

      And it’s a shame, because I wish DH’s anger went into the Occupy movement, went towards something positive.

      But it never did.

      And it never will.

      And that’s pretty depressing.

      New York continues to be a melting pot that is changing quite quickly in the Internet age as people can now quickly find a place to rent easier than ever and “explore” the city like never before. More and more young gentrifiers have moved into Bed Stuy and other traditionally “off-limits for genetrifier” areas and continue to expand.

      As a result, local families are forced to move to the suburbs or other cities. And it’s sad.

      Some of the anger goes into DH. Huge forces that are out of many people’s control.

      But how does that turn into personal attacks and bullying of strangers? Does that justify it? No, of course not. There is no way to justify that ever.

      Bullying is a real problem online and you guys are part of that movement. It’s sad to watch it go down.

      Peace out.

      • Bill says:

        “New York continues to be a melting pot that is changing quite quickly in the Internet age as people can now quickly find a place to rent easier than ever and “explore” the city like never before.”

        Wrong, the city is actually just melting into one huge playground for yuppies and rich foreigners and everyday is losing more and more of the cultural diversity, prolific art and music, and Working Class that made it the great city it was because it’s being filled with the over-privileged and entitled class. The Middle Class is disappearing in this country, but more apparently so within the trendy (once Working Class) gentrified neighborhoods of our cities. They are all part of the big corporate/government machine. You are actually that delusional that you believe that it’s EASIER THAN EVER to find a place to rent? Sure, if you have a trust fund or have landed a hard-to-find lucrative job or want to live with 6 roommates. About 90% of the average Working Class family cannot afford to live in this city anymore unless you’re placed into government subsidized blocks. You want to talk about bullying and being picked on? Fuck that. What about the good hard-working families that have been bullied out of the homes they lived for generations so the spoiled leisure-class Mollys and Logans from Culdesacia, USA can live out their little pretentious, self-absorbed Peter Pan lifestyle?

        e great city it was.

      • diehipster says:

        Some good points you made, Bill. Thank you for writing these comments.

        I think you misinterpreted what I was trying to say, or I did 🙂 It’s easier than ever to physically find and rent a place in a part of town the rich yuppies never thought of due to Craigslist and online searches and the such. The affordability has of course gone down.

        Don’t forget Bill, I’m pretty much a socialist on most days. We are fighting a similar battle. I hate watching the middle class and working class get destroyed in the USA and I hate people focusing on some of the wrong issues.

        Yea, focusing on hipsters is good and all to get mad at, but as I say, they are only part of the problem.

        Most hipsters don’t contribuate to their community nor do most White people and young people. However I know with the Obama campaign I belive there were statistics that there were more young people than ever back in 2008 helping the voting process.

        The young people do actually help a lot. I do NYCares. It’s not much, but it’s something. Some of my friends volunteer. Not as much as I want, but I think the economic pressure of how expensive NY is contribuates to some of my friends working insane hours and doing little else besides drinking and trying to get laid and have fun.

        And they are young people, so who can blame them. I regret wasting my twenties being such a workaholic. A lot has past me by.

        Really man, the rent is too damn high. And we need to follow this and figure out why.

        But instead it seems on DH to be more fun to just bash the shit out of hipsters and have a good laugh,

        The good hard working families have been bullied out by the government, by their neighbors, by their friends, by everyone. Everyone is to blame.

        If we all came together, we could solve a lot of the USA’s problems very easily.

        But we don’t. We are divided as a nation. We don’t talk about politics.

        We just fight like how we all fight on DH. And then it’s too late and we’re tired and off to bed.

      • diehipster says:

        On volunteering in the USA in 2011 – some key points – from
        *women volunteer more than men
        *whites volunteer the most out of counted ethnic groups
        *:35+ people volunteer the most

        The volunteer rate rose by 0.5 percentage point to 26.8 percent for the year
        ending in September 2011, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today.
        About 64.3 million people volunteered through or for an organization at least
        once between September 2010 and September 2011. The increase in the volunteer
        rate in 2011 followed a decline of equal size in 2010.

        These data on volunteering were collected through a supplement to the September
        2011 Current Population Survey (CPS). The supplement was sponsored by the
        Corporation for National and Community Service. The CPS is a monthly survey of
        about 60,000 households that obtains information on employment and unemployment
        among the nation’s civilian noninstitutional population age 16 and over.
        Volunteers are defined as persons who did unpaid work (except for expenses)
        through or for an organization. For more information about the volunteer
        supplement, see the Technical Note.

        Volunteering Among Demographic Groups

        The volunteer rate of women increased from 29.3 percent to 29.9 percent in the
        year ending in September 2011, while the volunteer rate for men, at 23.5 percent,
        changed little. Women continued to volunteer at a higher rate than did men across
        all age groups, educational levels, and other major demographic characteristics.
        (See tables A and 1.)

        By age, 35- to 44-year-olds and 45- to 54-year-olds were the most likely to
        volunteer (31.8 and 30.6 percent, respectively). Persons in their early twenties
        were the least likely to volunteer (19.4 percent). Among the major race and
        ethnicity groups, whites continued to volunteer at a higher rate (28.2 percent)
        than did blacks (20.3 percent), Asians (20.0 percent), and Hispanics (14.9 percent).
        The volunteer rate for blacks increased in 2011. For all other major race and ethnicity
        groups, the volunteer rates were little different from the rates in 2010.

        As in earlier years, married persons volunteered at a higher rate (32.3 percent)
        in 2011 than did those who had never married (20.9 percent) and those with other
        marital statuses (21.5 percent). The volunteer rate of parents with children under
        age 18 (33.7 percent) remained higher than the rate for persons without children
        (24.1 percent).

        Individuals with higher levels of educational attainment engaged in volunteer
        activities at higher rates than did those with less education. Among persons age
        25 and over, 42.4 percent of college graduates volunteered, compared with 18.2
        percent of high school graduates and 9.8 percent of those with less than a high
        school diploma.

      • Bill says:

        Also, I never before cared who moved into my neighborhood. If you are a stand up, hard working, compassionate type of person I will welcome you with open arms, but the biggest problem I have (which I’m sure most of the DH people have) is that the majority of these Wonderbread gentrifiers are condescending and snotty. They are hypocrites. Closet racists. Disrespectful. When they claim “community” and “local”, they are only talking about and only cater to other interloping brats like themselves. They look down upon the previous native NYers, their families, and immigrants even though they want so badly to be represented as cultural, diverse, urban,,,, they are the complete opposite. College educated but embedded in cultural and social ignorance due to their pompous arrogance. They only feel comfortable and only want to be surrounded by cornballs like themselves. The disrespectful entitled attitudes, the pretentiousness, the insincere vapidness, and the insulting hypocrisies seem to be a huge part of their personal attributes. I don’t give a fuck about their silly fashion, but their attitudes need to be put in place if they truly believe in diversity and community.

      • diehipster says:

        Sorry to put you on the spot Bill but do you believe in diversity and community? How many of your friends are from different ethnicities and gender and social classes and religious views and political views?

        It’s an important thing for most of us to have and live by.

        Not many people can do it, surrond themselves especially with opposing viewpoints.

        But I do it, I learn from it, I very much enjoy it. Do you?

  2. Bill says:

    “Sorry to put you on the spot Bill but do you believe in diversity and community? How many of your friends are from different ethnicities and gender and social classes and religious views and political views?”

    Of course I do. I have lifelong friends who are Italian-Americans, Filipino, Peruano, Colombiano, Indian, American-mixed, Black, Puerto Rican, Polish-American, Chinese, Dominican, Jamaican, Native-American…. Atheists, Christians, Catholics, Jews, Buddists…. Liberals, Conservatives (well, not too many)…. Union laborers to doctors to professional musicians and talented artists to computer geeks to athletes to chefs… pretty much all of them would laugh at something like the Mast Brothers pricey douchebag olde timey gimmick and they have zero respect for all the trust fund, non-working, closet-racist cornballs that put their noses up at everyone else. If I want to bitch and throw some truth and insult at some snotty little disrespectful trust fund yupster whose parents paid their way so they could flit around all day acting like an adult infant living in some gentrified neighborhood that once housed a good low-income family that could no longer afford the place, then I will.

    • diehipster says:

      I love this Bill.

      You go from showing such love in the first part of your reply to such hate. How does that happen?

      Where does your hate come from? Why so much anger?

      It’s amazing man. I wish I could let you calm down and start enjoying all that life has to offer instead of being so angry. Being angry is bad for your health.

      • Bill says:

        If you don’t get it by now, you never will. We are talking about good people’s lives here that are being dismissed, disrespected and bastardized. This isn’t some children’s game that you can easily run back to mommy and daddy when things get too tough or you get too bored. This is serious and many people who have the same views as me are pissed off.

      • diehipster says:

        So serious that you guys act like little boys on Die Hipster to deal with it? I don’t think how everyone handles it on that blog is that serious.

      • Bill says:

        Don’t worry about me. I enjoy life to its fullest, but I also refuse to ignore when the situation is not correct, especially when it affects people and places I care about. Time for a nice walk on the beach with my beautiful lady. Enjoy your gentrified shithole full of spoiled honking douchebags. You all should be so proud of yourselves and the “diversity” and “culture” you have brought to NYC. What would we have done without you?

      • diehipster says:

        Bill Bill Bill
        See through your hate, man. It’s hard.
        I’m not a hipster and I don’t have sympathy for hipsters.

        But I believe in the youth of America. I believe in their passion and their struggles to improve things. There are bad apples but there are so many good people and its frusterating that things are the way they are in the USA with so much talent.

        I’m not mad at them all like you seem to be. I see potential. I also know a hipster can change easily. Just by changing their attitude and their clothing, so you can win them over. And you’re not helping on that front by attacking “hipsters” who post on DH. It’s not an us/them thing. There are bad young people in every culture. And do you believe in people being able to change? I do.

        But you’re not going to get anywhere being mad. You need to put your anger towards action. And you seem to. But you need to take all the negative energy you have and turn it around. That’s the only way.

        Also, as a side note, the gentrifiers aren’t the honking ones. It’s mostly the cabbies.

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