The End of this Blog.

This blog is closed.  Moving on with my life.

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6 Responses to The End of this Blog.

  1. MrTokarev says:

    Like a bitch.

  2. NOOO! says:

    I JUST found this blog! DON’T GOOO!!!

  3. La Croix says:

    Sad to see this site go, just discovered it recently and it’s hilarious to see these trolls exposed for the pathetic scumbags they all are. Seriously genius. It would be amazing if for one last post you’d out the giant douche who trolls brooklyn vegan 24/7. Unless of course that’s already been done and it’s bill baerga.

    • Die Die Hipster says:

      I actually did reopen it after the demise of Die Hipster. I will still post stuff I think is relevant to gentrification discussions. Once Bill Baerga came to light, it was quite cathatic and I was kind of done. I never did expose Hipsterminator or Die hipster who I consider both to be the King and Queen of Die Hipster, but that’s okay. My mission was complete.

      I think there has been really good discussion about the Diehipster website on the Greenpointer blog. Great commenters.

      • La Croix says:

        Ahh, thanks for the update. Look forward to checking this site for future updates then. So i’m guessing the brooklyn vegan troll must be the same guy you outed here?

      • diehipster says:

        I guess if you want to believe he’s the same guy, that’s up for you to decide. Part of the problem is finding the trolls because they can just change their names and identity so easily. Figuring out Bill Baeraga took some work. I think I remember he used some colloquialism and I had to cross-check it with another post on DieHipster to start to see who he was. A word not everyone uses every day. That busted him. Good old linguistics.

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