Remember to Register to Vote with This Nifty Website

Hipsters don’t vote.  Do you vote?

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11 Responses to Remember to Register to Vote with This Nifty Website

  1. NOOO! says:

    Dude. Please stick around. This is a brilliant idea these pricks need to get called out and revealed. It’s the only way.

  2. NOOO! says:

    I dont live, or have ever visited NYC. I’m from one of those terrible-likeyah-hillbilly-redneck-midwestern-flyover states DH always loves to piss on. I check the DH blog now and then. At first it was funny, then I realized all the posts and ego-stroking commenters were dead serious and so hateful. Then I’d see theirs pew their venom on other blogs and articles that have nothing to do with Brooklyn. Just anything loosely associated with hipsterism. I’ve wanted to see DH-guys old-ass mug ever since. All the rest that frequent that blog too. Buncha hypocritical closeminded douches and old men. I’m going to be checking this blog soon. Don’t close it.

  3. Bath Beach Bob says:

    I love hearing about hipsters suffer.

    When one crashes their bicycycle.

    When one loses a job.

    When one gets raped.

    When one gets tickets.

    The suffering and misery of the hipster class truly feeds my soul !!!!

  4. The King of Never Lose says:

    Diehipster is finished. I thought you might have something interesting to post about that.

  5. cedganyLync says:

    terapia legnica

  6. Besttman says:


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