The Love Diehipster Craves – he loves all the blogs talking about him.

More and more since the ending of Diehipster there has been a lot of blogs writing about the matter:

And the more blogs, the more Diehipster has been tweeting about it.  He’s an attention-whore just as bad as me and any other modern blogger type person.

And that’s what makes him interesting – in that he’s anti these blogs but in the end, lives and thrives from them.

Oh the hypocrisy.

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27 Responses to The Love Diehipster Craves – he loves all the blogs talking about him.

  1. Bath Beach Bob says:

    Nobody reads your blog.

    Not even other idiot hipsters. Who all have their own blogs.

    But everyone read Diehipster!!!

    Now we talk about it in bars and taverns in Bay Ridge and Gravesend.

    Consider the day when we come into your coffe shops and…

  2. Bath Beach Bob says:

    I guess Special Ed is too busy with all the film work her gets.

    To all 20,000 hipster that follow this blog. I pray tat all hipsters are either killed by subway trains or come down with cancer.

    Look for my new blog starting up soon !!!

    • diehipster says:

      BBB, I can’t wait to see it. Maybe you can call it, Bed, Bath, and Beyond blog. You could comment on all things relating to Beds and Bath and of course hipster and gentrification. Your use of alliteration is really something. Enjoy the new hipster bars down in Bensonhearst. Coming soon. Just like some other blogger said, the more you guys publicize the hipster movement, the more self-aware hipsters are and more organized and feeling a sense of community. Keep it up.

      No wait, I’m sorry, that’s too much for you guys to contemplate. Carry on.

      • Bath Beach Bob says:

        Special Ed, was “alliteration” on the page a day callendar mommy placed in your stocking this year ?

        How did she find the time to shop after dusting off all of the trophies you got in school because you are so, well, awesome ?

        I hope when she gets vagina cancer and dies her funeral does not conflict with your kickball schedule.

        And all 20,000 of your followers must have jammed up wikipedia looking up “Bath Beach” and your luminosity-trained brain ‘researched’ and noted is was next to Bensonhurst.

        While in church today, the church that your girlfriend Megan called 311 about for ringing their bell to early this AM, I prayed that you would become unable to earn money, come down with cancer and die alone.

        And by Megan I mean your cankle-ish girlfriend, who bites her nails, tweezes her mustache, and thinks your *awesome* while at the same time is having rough anal sex with that black guy in her African Studies class.

        And you know the video game she bought you? She paid for it with her model mayhem booked bondage photo shoot.

        But your girlfriend, who you are showing this to, while she exclaims out loud, “I don’t have cankeles….yadda yadda” should know this real fact:

        1) your film buisness will take off and you will ditch her or 2) your film buisness will fail and she will work three jobs to support your stay in bed because your *depressed* lifestyle.

      • diehipster says:

        BBB, you were going well until you invoked some good old rascism into your post. Well done story. I enjoyed it. Thank you.

  3. Hipster-Hater-Hater says:

    It’s a sad day. Where are all the narcissistic haters going to go now to get their hate on?
    Oh, that’s right, where they’ve been going for years: YouTube!

    • Bath Beach Bob says:

      All of us haters will get you in the end.

      • Hipster-Hater-Hater says:

        Oh BBB, you’re just an impotent little whiny bitch with too much time on his hands. You’re not going to “get” anyone or anything except a well-deserved heart attack. When it happens–and it will–think of all the people you’ve wasted your life hating, and how they’re all still alive while you’re going down for the count. That should make your last few minutes on Earth a joyous experience.

  4. Bath Beach Bob says:

    @special ed: one more thing, there is no “hipster-community”, you guys would sell each other out for an internship….or a page view, or a room in a kewl loft share….or to be “booked” for whatever kewl service you offer….or a table at the kewl club.

    FACE IT: We outnumber you, we hate you, we are the people who don’t refund your money, place fees on your account, make you wait in the ER, tell you to move on, cancel your reservation, deny your loan, charge you more and more fees to your account, issue you summons and we do it with zeal and gusto !!! We are the earners. The do-ers. We run things. You run out of things, energy, patience, anxiety drugs, health coverage, food and money.

    And we will kick you in the head (figuratively) when you are lying down and out in the gutter and earn nice OT cleaning up your remains because we are not afraid to get our gloved hands dirty.

    Brooklyn is a campfire to which there is no seat for the likes of you despicable in-human hipster. Leave now or be destroyed.

    • diehipster says:

      Guess what BBB – I’m not a hipster! I am a small business owner. I have an LLC. I files taxes. I hire people on each job. I do jobs for giant corporations that you may have actually seen on TV. I volunteer in NYC with NY Cares. I go to local government meetings. I am an activist of some sort. I donate my gear and equipment and myself towards non profit work, political work, and artistic work. My aunt has been a New York City teacher for over 35 years. And you probably don’t hold two candles to this woman’s tireless devotion to trying to survive the city.

      And you would find out that a lot of the “hipsters” that you target are actually not “hipsters” at all. A lot of my friends work in the ER, work in banking, work in pretty much every field you can imagine. Some are extrapaneurs, some work in technology, some are teachers, some are soldiers, some are government employees. They are quite diverse. And guess what, I’m friends with two people from Bensonhearst – I used to work with them at a cable network. And they are good people.

      And guess what I did during Hurricane Sandy, I volunteered. I brought food and water up to people living in Seaside Heights. I probably helped your poor grandmother go up the stairs. She appreciated my help. She didn’t taught me and call me a hipster.

      But you’ll probably never find that out – because it would scare you. And you “non-hipsters” don’t hate me or my friends, and we don’t even dress like hipsters.

      But thanks for inspiring me to write the above.

      Way to be a great, well-rounded human being. Your mom would be so proud of you right now.

  5. Bath Beach Bob says:

    @every little hipster douche out there….very soon is a Money Magazine, you know that boring rag your parents read, about how to cut off your hipster kid.

    Think of that while you sit at the toilet and pinch out your precious poop which you ALWAYS check beofre you flush.

    You are NOT special.

    • diehipster says:

      You DH commenter tolls are like Republicans who can only spout the same talking points they are told to spew day in, day out. Please, sir, please for the love of all things holy think of some more creative things to say about young people. Watch an episode of Girls and make fun of that. God, no wonder Die Hipster stopped the site. I would lose my mind if you were part of my “fan base.”

  6. Bath Beach Bob says:

    @Special Ed: You and Steve Lam were the children that were brought into reaturants by your parents.

    I predict, but will take no action to cause, your slow painful death and then I will hold dance parties with oldies music at your gravesites….

    And then your mom will suck my dick.

    And your dad will be happy to spend money on his new wife and not YOU.

    You little miserable spawn of yuppies.

    Sorry to hurt your self-esteem.

  7. diehipster says:

    No, BBB, the more you post, the more you boost my self esteem. Come on, Mister Talking Points.

    • Bath Beach Bob says:

      Special Ed, sorry to have taken time away from the no pants subway ride. How did they manage with you? Did they run out extranpeneurs?

      Brooklyn, NYC and the Greater New York Area have become over-run with people deemed not fit to stay.

      I know, there are hipsters in our places. But guess what, they are slowly being eliminated.

      Ben Douchecock was never liked. He will never be an EMT or work in public safety again.

      There are more of us then you. We are better organized and better connected.

      You and your kind will be driven away from this place that is my right and the right of like minded people who share my vision.

  8. Bath Beach Bob says:

    I am everything that frustrates you and puts you on edge.

    I am what causes every hardship you encounter.

    But what about you? Not busy enough making YouTube videos for the Mast Brothers?

    And do you fell so proud identifying innocent people from anonymous blog?

    What did that get you?

    The answer is more of the same to come.

  9. diehipster says:

    I didn’t make a youtube video for the Mast Brothers three years ago. I made it for the Scout magazine, an online blog. I did it for free. I was helping out my friends who were the producer and director.

    I do feel good “outing” anonymous trolls. It’s well-deserving. My thoughts behind it is that if your name and identity are attached to what you post, you are less likely to do “troll” type things. Like say that you want to kill my mother.

    That way, your mother will read your comments and she won’t be happy.

    And you don’t frustrate me at all. And you don’t put me on edge. Why do you think you know me so well, friend?

  10. Mill Road Mark says:

    You tell him Triple B !!!

  11. Benson Avenue Barb says:


    Die Hipster exists !!!

    New venue. Same good stuff.

  12. skipjuggalo says:

    In powerful circles, “Ed,” your blogs about yourself are known as’ wagging the dog”. Layman might call it “electioneering’! But. they have far more than ego and disaffection of a misspent youth at stake.

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