Leaving New York

More and more of my friends have started to leave New York, as the cost of living has gone up too much for most young people to afford.

Also its not easy trying to find work out here.

And in the end, why do we all want to live in a place that has so much hostility?

This is more than Hipsters being to blame.  This is more landlords keeping rental vacancy rates in the city around 1%.  It’s a very tough housing market for anyone looking to just rent.

You could live in Austin, Texas for 1/3 the cost of New York.

What in the end do we all get out of New York?  I love it here, some days.  Biking around, discovering new areas.

Living in a walkable city.

But at what cost?

This anger fueled the website, Die Hipster.  But his mistake was putting all blame on the hipsters.  So many factors made this city tough.

As one commenter said, New York changes every 7 years.  Right now, in 2013, this is a city I don’t see increasingly as a place for young people throughout the country to move to.

Unless there really is enough employment for people to justify moving here. And man, I really don’t understand how the lower middle class can possibly survive here.  Maybe commuting everyday from Long Island – where is there cheap rent still?  Subsidized housing?  Is there really still enough of that to go around?

So guess what, in the end Die Hipster wins.  I see less and less people trying to struggle to make it out here.  So New York may return to what it was – more localized, less people moving from the Midwest.

I’d be curious to see the trends in 2013.

And how New York changes by 2020.  How Diehipster’s kids will see the city.

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10 Responses to Leaving New York

  1. george says:

    This has been happening forever, its nothing new. I said the same thing when I had to leave after living in Brooklyn since 2001. Did I want to go? Nope. Does it take awhile to get used to living anywhere else? Yup. But you adjust. Not a big deal.

  2. Bath Beach Barry says:

    Brooklyn is for people with pedigree and heritage here.

    It has been settled. We do not need more settlers.

    Affordable housing should be for people already here. People who need a head start.

    Any of those deemed hipsters, well, lefe should be made as miserable as possible and then they self-deport. The government should build a lzer gun that gives them painful diseases so they die slow death. We have the technology.

    The NYPD should have a joint hipster task force to target them with tickets, fines, etc. This will pay for services for South Brooklyn people.

    Lastly, just distibute bats, pitchforks, and chains and let an angry mob loose on the hispsters.

    • Citizenrich says:

      The city has been hammering these Peter Pan like androgynous clowns with lots of C summonses. NYC has always been efficient at extracting revenue from residents and hipsters are easy targets. Mostly for riding their stupid fixies and xtracycles on the sidewalk or peeing on the street. I guess bringing culture to nyc includes peeing all over it…

  3. Bath Beach Barry says:

    Death to Hipsters and all who support them.

    No conversation. No insight. No opinion. Just a swift death.


  4. Bath Beach Barry says:

    One last idea, all the encarserated vivisectionists, we cal release them, to save money, and let them loose in North Brooklyn to deal with all the HIPSTERS.

  5. Bobby Bathsalts says:

    I can’t believe this site is still being run.

    I thought you said you were “moving on with your life”? But then again when DH quit it gave you an opportunity to attract attention to this piss-poor and fledgling blog. Seriously, give it up and get over it. Your blog will never have 1/10th of the attention DH did. You don’t have the poise, you don’t have that “it” factor that he did, and after all of the bullshit you pulled on that blog and this one, you don’t even have a leg to stand on. DH was a real dude who could admit his faults and never claimed to be the bet writer, but he still managed to draw people in case he was genuine. Every post on this horrible blog is just an extension of your whiny, pussy-boy, and ultimately pathetic demeanor. It’s just time to hang it up for good.

    • diehipster says:

      I agree with you Bobby. I ended this blog about a year ago and moved on, but once his site ended I felt there needed to be a forum for DH fans to talk about their issues – it needed to continue. I am simply providing a forum for DH fans to continue.

      I get nothing out of this blog. And I am whiny and annonying. I look back on some of my old posts and I’m embarassed by them. But I keep them, because they are who I was in the moment, I guess.

      If you don’t like this blog, don’t read it. Simple as that. But please, I encourage you to post. You are a good writer.

  6. Citizenrich says:

    Holy co-dependency, Batman! Do you have any identity without die hipster?

    We townies have no problem with earnest people moving to New York City and bringing all their hopes and dreams packed in a suitcase and the figurative suitcases of their minds. Huddled masses and all that stuff. The constant inflow of new jacks is what always separated nyc from every other city in America, especially LA, that lame ass giant suburb with no culture except plastic surgery and cocaine.

    You see what really pisses us townies off is you patronizing hipster buffoons who come to New York armed with mommies credit card and her co-signature on an apartment lease.
    At least Holly Golightly showed up broke.

    You beardo bores and your ugly Olive Oil girlfriends look at Brooklyn as though it’s some sort of personal petting zoo. Starting blogs to rank pizza palors? Lame . Shoving bike lanes down our throats? Lame. Taking the 75 grand you inherited from your poor grandpa who worked his whole life so you can blow it all opening some stupid gluten free cupcake shop and driving up commercial rents. Lame. You’re such a lame ass cliche.

    I get that you hate where you’re from; I’d hate it there too. Unlike you, most of us like we’re from. We don’t want to be gentrified by the gentry class of some lame ass town in Iowa.

    You’re God’s clowns. Every single last one of you and all your sustainable bullshit. Your bullshit is the only sustainable thing about you. I enjoyed taking your moms money the last 15 years. You urban pioneers! Keep “discovering” the next stop on the 7 and I’ll keep taking more money from your guilty father as you continue to bring culture to Brooklyn and New York City. We don’t know what the birthplace of rap and hip hop would without you and your fixies. I’ll stick with my BMW.

    Goodnight Caleb and Xander. Rent is due tomorrow – don’t fuck up your moms credit!

  7. diehipster says:

    I’m from Fairfield, Connecticut.
    But anyway, you wrote more a letter to the midwest hipster invaders, so you are forgiven.

    I agree with you. People need to come in and actually get active in their communities, not just be with each other.

    I wish more people would feel true identity to Brooklyn and Queens more than just a rented apartment in that area.

    I think maybe true idenity comes slowly, like it takes over 5 years and young people to be a little bit older to start feeling settled and more fitting in.

    Perhaps Hipsters feel guilt of their displacement of working class folks and smaller communities? Or maybe they are too drunk to notice?

    I didn’t really notice that much when I was in Williamsburg in my early twenties. But I was young. All I did was work. And then hang out with friends. I didn’t have time really to stop and breathe.

  8. skipjuggalo says:

    you sure do knew an awful lot about all the details Anthe costs of living, q better time in NYC, various politics and their impacts on Residents VS. Newcomers. I hear apartment brokers who have cashed-in up there do too. Interesting.

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