Ed Koch’s Pre-Hipster New York

The big news of course of the past week is Ed Koch’s passing.  Former mayor of New York during the 80’s.

This was the glory days of New York for Diehipster and his sockpuppets.

I was a kid in the suburbs of Connecticut.  I would go into the city sometimes as a kid like to the Bronx zoo.

But in the 90’s I would go in with some friends to see bands at places like the Knitting Factory.

And New York was so incredibly cool to a suburban boy like me.

Now look at it – is it still cool?  How has it changed?  The rents have increasingly gone up everywhere.  Crime is down.  Times Square went to Disneyworld.

But what do real honest New Yorkers have to say about it.  Is it possible to accurately gauge it without the eyes of Nostalgia?

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7 Responses to Ed Koch’s Pre-Hipster New York

  1. Bath Beach Barry says:


    Hey special ed, Die Hipster is not biting !!

    So go after him, big intellectual talky man.

    YOU WILL die a slow painful death of cancer after which I shall dance on your grave !!!

  2. KevColeman says:

    Seriously…it”s time to give up this blog and finally “move on with your life”. I’m almost embarassed for you ED….let it go.

    • diehipster says:

      Seriously Kev, I have. It took me 10 minutes to post that. It was nice writing. The more you and others comment, the more I am encouraged to post.

      Also, who’s Die Hipster ? Why do I care about him? I’m talking about our experiences with New York City. I don’t know who you are referring to.

      • KevColeman says:

        You don’t know who I’m referring to? You know…the Die Hipster? The one you based this site on to “expose” him and “his old men”? Which resulted in numerous troll wars on both sides? Which kind of made you lose any credibility that you would and will have in accordance with this blog?

        Don’t take this the wrong way, cause I respect your right to blog and whatnot…but does anybody care anymore? Really? You actually tried to put forth some sort of effort to “expose” the guy…and then shut down this blog…then started up again after two years. Then quit again and made no new posts. Then DH called it quits, and you used it as an opportunity to start this blog up again…which judging by your “exposures” and BS posts about trolling on DH…trying to steer the direction of this blog towards serious discussion is like trying to buy a ferrari with a dollar…it’s not going to happen!

        In the end, if DH called it quits…then technically…you won! Move on with your life! It’s over! All those commentors/trolls you made or you were chasing are gone! I don’t even know why I’m making this comment other than the fact I checked out both sites.

        This is pathetic to keep continuing this blog and you know it deep down inside. I used to check out DH. I was one of those “losers from leave it to beaverville” DH would ripped on. I found it entertaining. Then it died. I moved on. I don’t care anymore. No one cares anymore. No one cares about this blog. I live my life care free now. Some of my friends are hipsters and are cool. I moved on.

        YOU SHOULD TOO. It’ll make your life better. You seem like a smart dude who has stuff going on for themselves it’s just time to let it go. Stop trying to feed into the fire or rekindle the fire and just let it die out! I’m rolling my eyes at this blog scrolling through these posts honestly. SMH man.

  3. diehipster says:

    Your post was passionate and persuarsive. I fully agree with you – time to move on.
    But hey, if I can spend 10 minutes a week keeping this blog going, and it has readership in the tens ,if not twenties of viewers a day – why not?
    What do I lose?

    It’s my fantasy – turning the hate and anger on the diehipster blog into positive political discussion about the increasing problem of New York City – that the rent is too damn high!

  4. John Weaver says:

    Farbeit for me to inject sanity into this discussion, but none the less I shall attempt it. I lived In Manhattan during the mid to late 70’s, So I saw the gentrification of Soho and the lower east side. It usually starts with the artist moving in to find low rents, as for most people art just doesn’t pay. Next come the trendy hangers on and those with cash. Next the serious artist move out because they can’t afford the rents. Then the whole process repeats itself somewhere else. Today it’s Brooklyn, maybe Yonkers next, who knows? BTW, we old folks dress like we do because we don’t give a rats ass what others think. With age comes a certain security.

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