Bloomberg continues to take away affordable housing


Looks like Bloomberg is making it increasingly difficult for lower-class and middle class people to live and work in New York City and he continually gives developers contracts to make luxury housing.

Why do people let politicians get away with this?

This is amazing.

This is why hipsters are invading Die hipster’s territory – because they can’t afford to live in these types of buildings.

Even though most have mommy and daddy to support them, Mommy and Daddy won’t give them more than 1200 dollars a month to live their dreams in New York City.  The luxery condo go for at least $3500 around for a one bedroom.

This is what I keep talking about -this is the bigger issue why your rent is so high, why you have to move out of your neighborhood.  It’s a bigger issue than just hipsters.


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11 Responses to Bloomberg continues to take away affordable housing

  1. Mr. Talking Points says:

    I disagree.

    It is the fucking hispters.

    Feb 14th 0800hrs, take a moment of silence to wish Special Ed be vaporized and die. May he die a horrible horribledeath by outer-space aliens.

    Now show me the God Damn Birth Certificate.

  2. T-Bone from DoBro says:

    I found him….

    Note the style of writing and the dates of the reviews. Too old to be a copycat.

  3. diehipster says:

    I think you got him – Jerome R

  4. skipjuggalo says:

    come out to playyyy

    Come on you self promoting larvae

    You were better off to have just vomited your bile and be done with it. What’s the matter? Being an ineffectual commenter on other people’s sites got you ignored eventually, so you Resurrected your Blogs of Infinite Irony? Get help dude.

  5. frank says:

    yeah, she did…with your dads lips once she was done telling him to suck her off…but then, you being daddy’s little pillow biter, well, you’d know all about what an excellent seal he can make around people’s clits, and such…so where are you selling your ass these days Dante? hey, not judging but have some friends in from Germany looking for a little special attention from just your type…invite your pops too…ha, you got your cover blown only to find oit the same 12 tards that flop on your other site really don’t like you either….but they’re bored and dont have the heart to tell you that your ‘hipster beatings’ have all the humor of watching paint dry and you ain’t had an original idea in ten years….yeah, stick with humping shit apartments tomall the hipsters you claim to hate…you can bite pillows for dime bags n between

  6. Why do these damn government authorities keep giving developers “the keys to their cities”?
    …thus allowing construction crews unlimited fee rein over entire neighborhoods, wherein one’s freedom-of-movement is constantly blocked due to streets and sidewalks being “butchered” and torn up everywhere one turns?

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