This blog is a parody-site.  No harm is meant to be done.  It exists to make fun of the irony of diehipster.com but also to celebrate it.  The Diehipster website is an important part of freedom of speech – controversial ideas are brought up and discussed. Unfortuately it’s done with a lot of hatred and anger – I guess that’s what you get from an anonymous web blog.  Anyway this blog attempts to continue the conversation but without swear words and pure hate.

My name is Ed.  You can contact me at ed (at sign) kittyguerrilla.com.  I’m not hiding.  Which is probably a pretty stupid thing to do.

Here’s a video interview of what I look like and what I sound like in case you are curious:



6 Responses to About

  1. Killer of Hipster/Yuppie Garbage says:


    • Killer of Hipster/Yuppie Garbage says:

      There are so many islands!
      As many islands as the stars at night
      on that branched tree from which meteors are shaken
      like falling fruit around the schooner Flight.
      But things must fall,and so it always was,
      on one hand Venus,on the other Mars;
      fall,and are one,just as this earth is one
      island in archipelagoes of stars.
      My first friend was the sea.Now,is my last.
      I stop talking now.I work,then I read,
      cotching under a lantern hooked to the mast.
      I try to forget what happiness was,
      and when that don’t work,I study the stars.
      Sometimes is just me,and the soft-scissored foam
      as the deck turn white and the moon open
      a cloud like a door,and the light over me
      is a road in white moonlight taking me home.
      Shabine sang to you from the depths of the sea.

  2. Mildly-amused by bigoted make-believe/pretend killers says:

    I kind of like swear words.

  3. The King of Never Lose says:

    Its a given that assholes come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

    You took the message board at diehipster too personally.

    That being said, I’ll prob check this blog out from time to time.

  4. John, not Josh, Seth or Brandon says:

    To the Real Diehipster:

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
    Even when it comes from a hipster loser.

    Congratulations, diehipster.com

  5. Hipster-Hater-Hater says:

    I demand RIGHT NOW that Brooklyn goes back to the way it WAS! When Indians ran the place! Did you ever see an Indian hipster? I DIDN’T THINK SO!!

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