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Bloomberg continues to take away affordable housing

From Looks like Bloomberg is making it increasingly difficult for lower-class and middle class people to live and work in New York City and he continually gives developers contracts to make luxury housing. Why do people let politicians get away with this? … Continue reading

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Ed Koch’s Pre-Hipster New York

The big news of course of the past week is Ed Koch’s passing.  Former mayor of New York during the 80’s. This was the glory days of New York for Diehipster and his sockpuppets. I was a kid in the … Continue reading

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Leaving New York

More and more of my friends have started to leave New York, as the cost of living has gone up too much for most young people to afford. Also its not easy trying to find work out here. And in … Continue reading

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The Love Diehipster Craves – he loves all the blogs talking about him.

More and more since the ending of Diehipster there has been a lot of blogs writing about the matter: And the more blogs, the more Diehipster has been tweeting about it.  He’s an attention-whore just as … Continue reading

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My Brooklyn – a great documentary about gentrification OR there is more to rising rents than hipsters

Just saw “My Brooklyn” tonight – highly recommend it. Shows the histrory of gentrification in Broklyn focusing on Downtown Brooklyn and how the local government and businesses can change areas faster than Megans and Joshes. Specifically it also dealt … Continue reading

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Please sign my petition about subway platforms: Trying to help further protect NYC from horrible deaths. Comments on this?

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So looks like its over for now: At first I didn’t care.  But I am starting to reminiscence a little now.  With all the hate and anger on the site, the more I looked at it, the more I liked it. … Continue reading

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