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Hipsters don’t vote.  Do you vote?

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The End of this Blog.

This blog is closed.  Moving on with my life.

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The name, “Ripshop” has been retired. And the search for Bill Baerga

Goodbye Ripshop, you poor hypocritical fool.  You who cast the first stone.  Who made fun of a musician on kickstarter but was shown to be just as bad or possibly worse as a musician.

As the Little Prince says, “the hardest person to judge is one’s self.”


“What’s up everybody? I have been refraining from posting on this blog because of special edd and his posse of obsessed male groupies that look for any reason to derive content for their stupid blog. I ended up getting “exposed” yet again…but this time he felt the need to include a video of me that I posted on youtube 2 years ago and a picture of me from 4 years ago from my (now inactive) myspace account.

Rather than give him the internet back and forth argument he so desperately wanted, I just blew up his spot and posted links to all of my music and sites to promote myself and steal his thunder. I really don’t know why he (or they) spend so much time to a site they hate…why not avoid it and carry on?

I just moved to New York and I don’t need weirdos on my jock…I just posted on here to express my disdain towards my generation (the hipster generation) and vent about how some of my favorite avenues of culture (art, music, etc…) were being polluted with BS because of hipsters. What is up with these guys? I know their blog sucks and is devoid of any real substance, but it seems like they wanted to pick on me out of the many people that post on here. I don’t know.

With that said, I’m going to retire this handle and come back under another handle. I don’t want these people trying to pry my personal info when all I’m trying to do is talk about things without the intent of harm.”

It doesn’t feel good right, to get bullied on the Internet.   “Why me?” you ask.  Because you’re a douche who posts on a douchy website.  You deserve it, buddy.  Move on with your life as I should.

And speaking of which, I just spent an hour looking into Bill a.k.a (Mr. Baerga) aka William Baerga and all I could find is possibly his home address in Staten Island and possibly a community service he works for to improve the area (go Bill, that’s great!) and the fact that he has posted on a bunch of hipster blogs including Brooklyn Paper and Brooklyn Vegan.  But what fun is that?

And why does he keep using an IP address from Lima , Peru?  Could it be that he moved there and he is just keeping up with his former stomping ground via the Internet?

It makes a lot of sense.

Since pretty much no one besides I think Hipsterminator and Diehipster actually live in NYC.  All that anger because they are away from it.  Which I don’t understand, because I have a strong love/hate relationship with NYC.  But maybe that’s just me, being the transplant from Connecticut who has only lived there now for ten years.

But who knows, maybe Bill is just using a fake IP address which actually makes more sense, because every post he does, it keeps changing the address.  Including two posts he made to DDH that took place in the span of a few minutes.

Will I ever find his identity?  Will I find DH and Hipsterminator’s identity as well?  If I found them I would finally feel satisfied?  Of course not.  It’s an endless game, this revenge thing.

But I will say I’m on this right now especially because they are picking on Matt Silver.  And I don’t like that.  I don’t stand for bullies.  I fought them when I was younger, and now I will fight the online nerdy dumbass ones too.  That’s just who I am.

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Undercover as Ted Danson – Exclusive

The past few days I’ve been posting the meanest shit as the avatar, “Ted Danson” on the website.

I’ve decided that probably the things that really sting people on DH is a) personal attacks b) attacking people’s intelligence and c) calling them out on being dorks and irrelevant. All the while doing it while trying to be witty.

So far people have taken a tune to being upset with me.  A few have called me assholes.  So it works, I think I am upsetting some of them.

And I will admit, anonymously upsetting people is a lot of fun.  It’s addicting.  I am beginning to see why they do it on DH  and on real websites like 4chan that actually have an audience.

It’s the same rush you get from chatroulette – you are playing out your fantasy – or at least I am – of being a mean snarky asshole – that you can’t do in the real world  really.  You can call out whomever you want, and there is no fear of retribution.

It has stress relief and its fun.  But of course they know who I am really so it’s not entirely without its consequences.  But for now I’m riding high!

People of course, your victims, get hurt.  Its not fun to be called out on having a little dick and the likes.  But you don’t know that.  You can’t tell how much you are hurting someone.

And you can’t stop, because it’s too much fun.

This is important, I think, as more and more relationships in the 21st century are born on the Internet and anonymously.  It’s a whole new way of communication and there needs to be taught a code of honor just as there is a code when you are a kid and meeting friends.

Civility.  A dying art-form.

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Today’s hipster beating.

Today on my way home from work I took a giant hammer and started beating the shit out of hipsters at a movie screening of a restored 35mm print of the “400 Blows” at the Film Forum in the Village.  Every hipster got a blow, but not the kind they wanted. They thought my performance was “meh” but overall, “pretty decent but not obscure enough form of violence that they probably could have thought up better and more creatively.” The victims went to the hospital, but don’t worry, they have freelancers insurance. So everyone was okay – because mommy and daddy make sure they are covered, even if they are working as a waitress even with their expensive BA from a strong college. But however they aren’t just a waitress because they know they can look cool while doing it, it’s because they chose to try to be an actor and can’t get a decent paying job,  because their parents told them to be whatever they wanted to be when they were younger, and now they are trapped because there’s not enough work as a actor and they are shitty actors. So really it’s the fault of the post-industrial wasteland known as the USA and the lack of jobs for young people.

So to make our country actually produce things, we need jobs, and the easiest way to do this is to go to war, just like FDR did during the Great Depression!  So I took a giant nuke and dropped it on the USA, pretending to be Pakistan.

After that, we declared war with Pakistan, and then we launched into WWIII, with China siding with Pakistan and Russia, and Europe siding with us.   Jobs were created.  Little Meghan was drafted into the US Military, so she was no longer a waitress.  She controlled a drone and on her first mission, she killed over 12 innocent women and children, which got her a promotion! Look at her in that uniform.  No more hipster.  But wait! When she goes to sleep, she can’t hide her ironic “artisanal chocolate” tattoo on her upper arm. Luckily for her, the military has an insurance plan that may or may not cover tattoo removal if she can prove that she needs to remove it to help with her depression infused with PTSD from murdering innocent people with the push of a button, just like you are doing by reading this post.

A lot of people started dying, but ironically, not because of our fighting with Pakistan and China and Russia, but because we diverted all funding and attention into this war that could have gone towards solving the environment.

More and more droughts occurred, and around the world, poor water supplies and starvation took the lives of over a billion people.

And while this was happening, here I was in my room typing on my Macbook Pro, posting another fucking retarded “hipster beating” on my favorite website, Die Hipster, all the while feeling bad about myself and really mad at hipsters, so mad that I have kept a blog going for over five years on a subject matter no one in the world cares about anymore besides a few hundred people.  Seriously.  And I feel so self-important I type up this retarded hipster beatings every week like clockwork, like it’s an assignment from 11th grade English class, and I type them in all bold just so you know how important it is to read.  End of story.

See how I wrote, “End of story” – in case you don’t know – that means the story ends there.  It’s a literary technique I learned in English class a few years back.

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A film about DH

Someone sent in this video that does a good job showcasing the commenters on DH.

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Ladies and Gentlemen Meet Ripshop!

Like yah, here’s one of DH’s regulars.  Also, interestingly-enough, one of them that is coming down hard right now on a musician trying to raise money for making an album on kickstarter.

Oh my goodness, do you notice how hipster he looks and all the hipster stuff he has in his apartment? Also notice the NY Yankees hat.  And he lived in Pittsburgh.  A little envious of NYC, eh?  LOL!

He was making fun of that musician on kickstarter and Matt Silver. LOL!

Now you can make fun of how shitty his beats are.  I mean, let me break this down. There is nothing going on there, musically in this song.  It’s boring and repetitive.  Look how he’s dressed.  Trying to act so cool, like yah!

Temisian, this is as good as you can get?

Where’s your kickstarter campaign?

Hey, you live in the Midwest!  I hope you don’t move to NYC, like yah!

And what’s with your name, man?  Shouldn’t it be Temisijosh?  LOL! LOL!

And here is a picture of him via Myspace.  Oh my god, I am feuding with little boys.  God help me.  This is my last post ever on DDH.  This has to end.  Time to move on.  Seriously! I need help. LOL!

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