The Search for Diehipster and his old men.

Fun facts about Die Hipster:

-he now owns an iphone 5, and used to own an iphone 4, and before that he owned a iphone 3g.  Seems to upgrade rather quickly.  Also he uses a macbook pro with photoshop cs6

-he has a xbox 360

-he has a gmail account

-he has a wordpress blog, twitter account.  But no tumblr and no instagram that I can find.

-he likes to judge people and posts a lot on other Brooklyn based blogs

-he likes to mess around with Craigslist

Hmmmm…kind of sounds like a hipster, minus the tumblr and instragram.


Dear Diehipster,

One of the worst things about the people who comment on is that they reveal the identity of a person who is seen as “the enemy”- including posting their facebook page, their email and links to their phone number.  Step number two is that they all go on their pages and anonymously write the meanest stuff.   Having your email and cell phone out there on a forum overflowing with hate is a traumatic experience.  I know, because they did it to me. (Well except for the fact that I put it out there at first cause the video I posted on the site had my name on it and that links to my website with my phone number and email.)

I want to reveal Diehipster and crew’s real identities so they take responsibility for their posts.  Texas Triffid Ranch became the first victim.  His real name is Paul T. Riddell.  And he dresses worse than a hipster.  Paul, take off that hat before you judge others.  The next victim was Killer of Yuppie/Hipster Trash.  Ripshop got hurt the most.  I feel bad about that, I like the kid.  Sorry Ripshop.

And I got some more including Bill Baerga.  After that, I kind of quit.  Catharsis. Bill was my ace of spades.  I guess I didn’t know it until he let me get him.


32 Responses to The Search for Diehipster and his old men.

  1. tcaster says:

    I think this is a bad idea.
    Just sayin’.

  2. I'm so unhip says:

    NO! Ok, I’ve been bearing with you here, but this time, I’m calling you out on your bullshit. Diehipster posts ANONYMOUSLY. The commenters are ANONYMOUS. They have that right. They made YOUR information available and that’s unfortunate for you. However, YOU provided that information knowing what type of person you were providing it to. The guy didn’t go out of his way to hunt you down and bring the fight to your door. YOU brought it to HIM. YOU provided a link with your own info on it. The only other person I know of who they provided anything for was Steve. And guess what? Diehipster didn’t go out looking for him all on his own either. Steve Lam was given up by Trey, not sought out until after Trey dropped phony “clues”, and not given up on the forum until Trey posting as “Steve” had already engaged in several conflicts with the “knuckle draggers” of the bunch over there. So, you’d have to turn over his identity too as an accomplice of sorts.
    What else do you have? They said mean and hateful things? Guess what? There are mean and hateful people in the world! Surprised? They said them on blogs? Well, the blogs were PUBLIC. I can go to a public blog and for no reason at all leave hateful remarks anonymously just because I feel like it. Because the blogs are PUBLIC. ANYONE can absolutely go to ANY “unsuspecting blog” and leave the “meanest comments”. That’s the nature of the internet. If the people who write them are so hurt they can make the blogs PRIVATE. These people put themselves out there looking for attention and feedback. And it’s not all going to be constructive. And it’s not all going to be positive. That’s the chance you take when you put yourself out there. You might get your feelings hurt. And if a group of sociopathic, angry people can hurt your feelings so much with anonymous typed words, you need to grow up. The posters are hurting feelings. They’re not assaulting anyone. They’re not destroying property. (Even the ones who claim to be may very well just be bragging.) They are practicing free speech. Or do you only agree with free speech if it’s in agreement with your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings? No one is forced to go to diehipster. No one is forced to read the hateful comments. Comments left elsewhere can be deleted. No one is forced to engage in conversation or verbal battles with these people. If you don’t like it the option is always there to just leave it alone. If you do get their identity, and you do publicize it in any way without consent, they will have the legal right to sue you. And I would hope they do, They are angry and hateful, and maybe even racist sometimes, but, again, free speech. Or do you only agree with that right when it conforms to your ideals?
    You told me keep you honest? Here I am calling you out. Drop this. You don’t like diehipster? Fine. Stay off the site. Or don’t and keep complaining about it, as is your right. But this is a level so ridiculous I find myself being nearly as angry as the people you’re looking for.

    • Trey Parasuco says:

      “If you do get their identity, and you do publicize it in any way without consent, they will have the legal right to sue you.”

      Not if this information were available online as that would mean it’s public domain and freely available to anyone who looked hard enough. There would be no legal basis for any lawsuit.

      • Jash says:

        I saw your Urban Dictionary definition of hipster. This is probably none of my concern, especially since this is from five years ago, but I’m tired, cranky, and figure what the hell. I’m not even going to get all that into it but let’s just say I couldn’t even read the whole thing. Hear me out; it reeked of pretentious vibes and seemed to indicate that hipsters are better than everyone else. I notice it a lot with hipsters. Only reason I even bring this up is because you should know that the reason people get so annoyed about hipsters isn’t due to being envious of their “better” lifestyle. It’s because of the pretentious attitude that often goes with it. I myself for example love the styles and ideas that go with the culture, but what I don’t like is the stuck up tone. If it wasn’t for that tone, I’d happily refer to myself as a hipster, as even if hipsters are generally more intelligent and forward-thinking, these are not the only good attributes to have.. Here’s a little soul-searching project for you, write a definition for humility next time.

    • Lee Jones says:

      Wonderful post, I’m so unhip.

      You’re absolutely right: the anonymity of the posters ought to be respected unless they can be proved to be INSIGHTING any violence or other criminal activity.

      There’s a big difference between saying, say, “I hate women” and saying “I’m going to go out and kill women” (sorry to any women reading this, I’m not picking on you). Everyone has the right to their beliefs and lifestyle (including hipsters) as long as those beliefs or lifestyle doesn’t DIRECTLY impede someone else from engaging in their own lifestyle

      Ed, you’re a good guy. I mean that. My talking with you has confirmed that you’re not trying to hurt anyone and that you do at least attempt to take in all sides of a debate. So don’t become guilty of doing all the things you say offend you. Don’t go out of your way to ruin anyone’s reputation or life.

      DieHipster doesn’t do anything to hipsters. Neither does “I Killed Josh” or “Bill.” They express their opinions in rude ways but they have that right, just like you have the right to respond to them in any way you choose.

      As you said, you put your info out there and no, you don’t deserve to be harassed personally for expressing your point of view, but to be “the bigger man” here, you shouldn’t be playing on the defensive end by trying to “out” diehipster or anyone else.

      The reason I emailed you in the first place (and subsequently told you my real identity) is because you seem trustworthy; the type of person who respects the privacy and rights of others.

      You’ve got a good blog going, but if you’re simply intending to turn it into a witchhunt for a group of people who offended YOU as an individual, you’re no different than those so-called bad guys.

      As you know, I don’t support violence, theft, or any other harmful actions, but I’ve been called a lot of “mean” things in my life and I’ve survived just fine. And I’m of Jewish heritage as well and I don’t think “outing” a suspected anti-semite will do a lick of good. If anything, it’ll fuel the fury (and, by the way, DieHipster himself has been pointedly un-antisemitic, often defending the actions of The Hasids).

      In any case, you’ve got a good thing going with this blog. I certainly can’t say that I agree with all of your ideas and positions, but you’ve respected my thoughts and I respect yours. Don’t let this become another place for avenging personal problems. I know you’re better than that, so don’t make me regret saying it.

      • No witch hunt here, Lee. I respect everyone’s privacy unless they start slandering people. And then I will merely make them responsible for their actions. I want to clean up the rasicts. If someone makes a Jewish slur towards me, they are going to have to own up to it. As I said in another post, my great grandparents didn’t get murdered so I could grow up one day and sit back and be a giant pansy. If more people did something back in 1939 in Germany, things may have been different. Same goes with every instance of brewing hate/

      • I'm so unhip says:

        The posts lately from me have been emotion fueled. I haven’t been sleeping. I posted over on DH too a couple times today, got picked on, won’t engage. I don’t agree with everything on either site, but I agree with enough on both they both make an interesting read.

        Also, I still find DH to be funny. I can’t help it. It’s funny.
        But, not every white, bearded guy fits in my definition of “hipster” which has more to do with personality type than look or origin. And I can’t support the real violence.

        Ed I’m sorry I didn’t catch the line about your grandparents last night. Again, not sleeping. I still don’t think you should out anyone just for comments. If you knew of anyone committing real crimes or being violent I’d support finding their identity. While I understand being upset by anti-semitic comments given your family history, they are still just comments. And DH, as Lee said, is not one of those making them. I actually think he really just hates what he considers hipsters and not anyone else. I don’t think he’s racist, sexist, anti religious group, etc. I think it’s pretty much just hipsters. What do you intend to do if you find identities anyway?

  3. I really appreciate this post. All I want to do is have these guys be responsible for their posts and I am using a journalistic technique to find out about these guys. These guys are writing homophobic and anti-Semitic stuff.

    If these grown men are outed I don’t think a single one of them is going to be so blantantly homophobic or violent or misogynist.

    These guys are brutal – they haze. Nobody will get hurt if their name is out there – noone. I have the legal right to search for their name if they also put it out there. That’s a part of journalism clause of the first amendment. I am not blackmailing or anything. Just organizing the information that’s already out there.

  4. Also “unhip” – I will only reveal the identities of those we all can all agree are the toxic ones. Please don’t think I will say anything about you or the many others on the site who are not spouting anti-semitism and other forms of hate. My grand parents didn’t give me the freedoms I had to stand back and watch mental brutality. Kitty Guerrilla Films, the name of my production company, is based on Kitty Genovese.

  5. Wow so Hipster Holocaust is an African-American woman. Mikey is over in diehipster knocking things over. Thank you Mikey. Things are getting much more interesting. Also Bill owns properties – so he’s a landlord making money probably off of hipsters. Also Diehipster seems to live on the F line and seems to have two kids. Wow the things you can learn.

  6. I'm so unhip says:

    Mental brutality? Whoa boy. You’re a “words have power” person. We need less of those. I’m more a “sticks and stones”. Words only have the power you give them and only in certain contexts. For example: If I walk down the street and get called a “pasty, ugly, fat, bull dyke bitch” I look at the context of those words. Who’s saying it? My mom? Well then, that hurts. I might want to look into what motivated that verbal assault. A big, burly, middle aged, drunk, fat man whom I’ve never met before? Fuck him. He’s probably just angry and being stupid. An otherwise decent seeming human being? Maybe I should review my look and/or actions to see if he was in any way justified and maybe evolve accordingly. After all, it is through critique that we evolve. I have enough of a sense of self not to let the ridiculous hazing bother me. It may irritate me to get made fun of by anonymous people. But that’s why I don’t do things to draw attention to myself. I don’t publicly blog. I don’t go do interviews. I don’t wear outlandish outfits. If I do go out and do something a bit off the beaten path, I almost expect some sort of ridicule from someone. But it doesn’t bother me. Don’t seek attention if you can’t handle when it’s bad. For every person writing some hateful comment, there are others defending the original poster, agreeing with him/her, and sending love. If you need approval so badly you shouldn’t be in public domain.
    As far as being named after Kitty, you should also know that, while tragic, the true story of that attack is much different than media sensationalism. It’s burned into the minds of almost every non-native New Yorker as a cautionary tale that this young woman was raped and murdered among 30 something witnesses, screaming for help, over a half hour period, and not one called the police. It makes for a fantastic story of the horrific apathy of us NY people. For a little bit more of the real story, go here: And here: . The people on diehipster are brutal in words only. To me, they serve a purpose in that way. I’ve always felt that in life you should be taken down at least once physically, mentally, and emotionally. Destroyed. Because it’s in picking yourself up and putting yourself back together that you figure out who you are and what you’re made of. If someone is destroyed by the crazier guys over there that person needs to be destroyed quite a few more times. Because their sense of self and self-esteem is far too fragile and up in the air to exist down here in the real world. It’s completely hipster and completely what these guys hate on. They hate people drawing attention to themselves looking for approval and validation. If they can reduce you to a blithering mess with their sharp and pointy words, all the more reason to hate you. If you can laugh it off, well, maybe they’ll get bored and go bully someone else. They’re eating this search you’ve got going up. It’s the equivalent to “You picked on me and now I’m telling the teacher.” You’re sort of the caricature hipster.
    Also, it’s just a blog. But, if stalking blogs to find wrongdoing hurtful, anonymous bloggers and/or commenters is your thing, I have some better suggestions on where to start your illustrious journalistic detective career.
    The scary thing about these people is that they’re not just writing “FUCK YOU HO!” “You’re ugly”. They sound like halfway intelligent people. Far more scary.

    Also, there’s this site here:
    There’s the list. Better get on with your search for everyone in those groups.
    I’ll send you a participation award for reading the blogs and writing your thoughts if you like. We can’t have anyone’s feelings hurt can we?
    Yes, I am genuinely annoyed with your antics here. Also, I need a valium and a week to myself to sleep.

    • I’m so sorry but I swear – this post went into the SPAM filter. It’s an amazing post. You’re right – this are bigger fish to fry in terms of hate. But for some reason I feel like I can affect these guys. If I went to a KKK forum to stop them from preaching hate – I think I would be talking to a wall. Hipster Holocaust is an example. She came on this site and apologized for her actions. That’s a huge victory!!

      Also for instance, your post with Rabbi and then he’s like calling you a “pussy” for not wanting to kill hipsters – it’s that kind of stuff that may be as potentially dangerous as the “bigger” hate sites. Because kids go on the site to have a laugh at hipsters and maybe it’s triggering thoughts of violence. I know DH is a joke, and a fun place to bash stupid hipsters – but it just goes too far. Is there really a reason to say that they want to kill hipsters in a brutal way? Why can’t they just make fun of them? I am super happy that you went on there and also tried to talk some reason onto them.

      Believe me, because of you and Lee Jones, me and my girlfriend have been affected. We think a lot differently now about our actions as whiteys. So thank you for talking sense to us. There are people here who want to hear it, without all the childish death-threats and machismo. And that’s why this forum stays.

      • I'm so unhip says:

        Yeah but “Rabbi” is over 60. I didn’t realize that at first and I actually did tell him off and curse at him the second time he came at me. But then I apologized. Because the guy is over 60. I’m 30 years old. I’m a kid to him. I wouldn’t want some 15 year old cursing me out.

        I still agree with them for the most part. The overflow in bikes is a hipster thing. Gentrification is bringing hipsters. There’s no respect for what was there before. People walking around unaware of their surroundings in certain areas, acting like they’re on a field trip, with expensive gear, sometimes need a good beating to teach them not to do it again. I don’t want anyone killed or seriously hurt, but sometimes people have to learn the hard way. Don’t look like a victim. Don’t forget where you are. I’m not for violence. But I don’t necessarily feel sorry for those who basically have a flashing neon sign above their heads that says “victim here”, as long as they’re not hurt seriously.

        I don’t think most of them would seriously kill a hipster, or anyone. But it’s a way to let off steam. I tell people I love I’m going to kill them when they make me angry. Sometimes it’s satisfying to imagine ringing the neck of someone being stupid on a train. I wouldn’t do it, but humans are prone to violence, even if imaginary. It’s all imaginary. And anyone who says DH inspired them to real violence was going to go out and do it anyway. Those who are violent just look for reasons to justify it. And if it’s not DH, it will be something else. They’re looking for excuses and they’ll find them. If anything, I think DH in all it’s insane glory probably prevents some outburts in real life. People can come, read, type, be validated, get it out of their systems.

  7. Trey Parasuco says:

    1. Hipsterminator also likely works in IT based on some of the information he’s leaked about himself. My guess is that he’s probably a bored systems administrator with too much time on his hands. That might also explain his extreme hostility against other commenters that he perceives as “Steve Lam” because apparently the real Steve has a background in computer science. He probably feels somehow threatened and insecure in the fact that Steve has a degree in a similar field but seems to be living a happier and more fulfilling personal life.

    2. Parkslope=YuppieToilet likely has problems meeting women based on the types of personal insecurities he reveals about himself in the comments he leaves. He’s also mentioned serving in the military in the past, but how credible his claims are should be questioned since he’s often inconsistent. Here’s the link to his Youtube profile:

    Based on some of the videos that WERE in his favorites list in the past, he seems to take a certain interest in Asian culture…but this isn’t as evident anymore. One very telling video he has in his favorites list currently deals with a pick-up artist and his techniques :

  8. sorry guys The Constitution does not have the right of anonymity (this is not a privacy issue as the statements are public) nor the right to defame. There is no first amendment argument here. I do however have the protection from the first amendment to do research and put together research about the person behind the hate and bigotry and racism and antisemitism. so thank you first amendment for that!

  9. great discussion on rights of anonymous posters here:

  10. Hipster Holocaust apologizing on this site about her actions on really like made my day. And I was having a great day already. I love finding the redeeming qualities in people.

  11. Hipmart says:

    Steve Lam, a bit of a stalker aren’t you. Seriously bro, your stalking a bunch of people on the internet.

  12. Trey Parasuco says:

    Ed, what do you think about having a definition for Diehipster on Urbandictionary? Would you care to write one, or perhaps add some feedback to a definition I write before I have it submitted? Or both? Definitions for “Hipster runoff” and “LATFH” are both on there already.

    • I think that’s a nerdy high-school idea. Urban dictionary – isn’t it a website to understand slang? Anyway I recently saw you submitted a comment that pretended to be from Agent Beardo Breaker which makes me think that you are very similar to the woman from “Catfish.” EXcept she seems even better than. Stevie, I want you to watch that movie and see a true sock puppermaster pro. You can get good tips from it.

      • Lee Jones says:

        Ed, post the comment in question.

        And Stevie, grow up you pathetic troll. It’s sad to think that you manipulated a kind-hearted guy like Ed, who actually defended you.

      • It’s in the post about Sarah Palin. Lee, maybe you are being a little too harsh on Stevie. He didn’t manipulate me that badly. He made Beardo Breaker say some nice things, actually, but still I can see why DH gets mad at the guy. Of course I’m not innocent either – I went on DH recently and pretended to be ICJ and Bill and all them. But I really tried to do it to show them that the world of anonymity can also hurt them as someone can easily and quickly assume their “identity.”

      • Lee Jones says:

        Ed, I’m also a bit disappointed that it took you this long to discover that little “Trey” was Stevie, or at least a troll. That should been obvious when he revealed himself to be DH’s biggest fanboy…posting about the secret lives of DH’s regulars.
        Who’d be so pathetic as to track them down, except for a pathetic stalker/troll?

      • Trey Parasuco says:

        Actually I didn’t impersonate Agent Beardo Breaker…ever. That’s news to me. I saw you mentioned something about someone impersonating someone on Diehipster for months. I didn’t realize that was supposedly me. Evidence please?

      • Just trying to help create your myth, Stevie. I think I cheated Stevie – I believe one day I noticed Bye.Hater.Bye had the same IP address as Trey. Sorry man. Anyway, I fully support you, as long as you don’t resort to their level. Do not make of Italian Americans or Frat Boys. Keep to the higher ground – you will win that way.

  13. Lee Jones says:

    “Of course I’m not innocent either – I went on DH recently and pretended to be ICJ and Bill and all them. But I really tried to do it to show them that the world of anonymity can also hurt them as someone can easily and quickly assume their “identity.””

    I saw that and was kinda disappointed. I expected better of you. But I’m willing to forgive something like that under the assumption that you weren’t simply trying to troll.

    But seriously, you’ve gotta stop “proving points.” It’s just making you look like an idiot and a hypocrite.

    And Stevie is totally pathetic. The guy actually researches DH posters. Even you realized how stupid that was.

    • We’re all proving points all the time – those who stop trying to become boring and stale. You proving a point right now but say how what I did was immature and hypocritical and I appreciate that a lot. Because in many ways it was. But it was also really interesting seeing what it would do to the guys. And Bill’s reaction was priceless.

      Anyway, Steve is not that pathetic – I mean sad and I have sympathy for him, but he was completely and utterly attacked personally on an anonymous forum. I don’t care who you are – that hurts a lot.

      To deal with this, he is getting together info on those who attacked him similar to me as well. We become fascinated by our enemies, sometimes more obsessed with them than those we call our friends. It’s not pathetic that he’s finding out all about Park Slope=Yuppie Trash. I’m curious too about him, especially the type of guy who can laugh at a girl being killed.

      Isn’t that the first rule of that Samurai book – “know your enemies?”

      And maybe by Stevie becoming in sense a person to fear as in he is coming off as nuts, it keeps the DH trolls away.

      Anyway it’s all pretty boring after awhile. is a blog that can’t really progress or move past its semi-lame jokes about hipsters liking organic food and having bed bugs. But who really cares if Diehipster progresses? Why do I care? I care cause to me DH represents HATE and EVIL, to a very very very small scale. I love that. I can jump into it and get my small fill of it and write about it and learn from it, without really getting hurt. Why do you care about DH, Lee? Aren’t there better things to waste your Internet browsing on?

      • Lee Jones says:

        There’s often a fine line between serious discussion and “trolling.”
        I’d say that if you asked any regular DH poster they’d argue that their 100+ response threads are a combination of serious discussion and humorous anecdotes, and I’m not really in a position to entirely disagree.
        In the 21st century, “discussions” on blogs and forums have degenerated to the level of a bunch of middle aged drunks hurling comic insults at each other and making fun of another, and equally pathetic group of drunks, at the table next to them. That’s what DH is.

        People take that stuff too personally, even if it is meant to make the person being verbally attacked feel bad.
        There are plenty of people out there who say and do terrible things. You probably live within walking distance of a person so vile that simply looking at them would make you wish they were dead. But unless you know what they’re guilty of, seeing them in person wouldn’t affect you.
        That’s where I don’t get this whole vendetta/research thing. Take “Park Slope=Yuppie Toilet:” you seem to be especially reviled by his/her posts. If you figured out who was posting, what would you do? Post a sign on their front door stating “Hipster-Hater lives here” or “This person made a joke about a woman being killed.” I don’t think anybody would care, and even if you got a few bleeding heart followers to organize some kind of protest or whatever, they/you’d look like bigger idiots than “Park Slope” ever will.

        You throw around words like “hate” and “evil,” both very powerful but sorta meaningless words. Those make your arguments seem very impassioned, but don’t really amount to anything. For instance: I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs. I find all three of those behaviors despicable, for various personal reasons. But I also have a lot of friends who engage in those behaviors. I often call them out on it, express my absolute loathing for the lifestyle associated with those behaviors, but would never physically harm anyone who engages in them. Same goes for DH. They’re clearly disgusted with what they perceive as a hipster lifestyle (as am I, in part because it usually encompasses drinking, smoking, and drug taking, as well as undue feelings of entitlement, all of which I HATE and find a bit EVIL), but I’m not about to go out and hurt someone because I disagree with them. And neither are they.

        As to the question of why I care, why not? I need something to break up the monotony of watching, researching and restoring movies. 🙂 And I thoroughly enjoy reading comments from people who truly think this crap matters…on both sides of the debate.
        Ed, I’ve chosen your blog over DH because it’s more fun and I think you’re interesting. Yes, I’m [overly] passionate about the topic, but a lot of that is just me trying to start some real debate, so that this doesn’t become the home for hipster apologists to compliment each other’s views in the same way that DH has become a boring and repetitive “hate” site, as you’d put it.

        As for Stevie, he’s about as frightening or intimidating as the faux “scary” revelation in CATFISH. Just another miserable loser with nothing better to do than create fake personas in the hope of being respected. It is sad, but it’s not interesting.
        And on that, I’ve never read the “attack” threads since I’ve never been able to find them. Can you post a link please?

    • Trey Parasuco says:

      There was no research needed. All information has been obtained from the DH posters themselves, from their various comments, or from Ed, who has revealed information about them on this blog and on DH. Consolidating and summarizing freely available information isn’t the same as “researching” in the context that you imply. Please get that straight.
      As to the PS=YT “stalking? It’s fact if you run his handle through Google you’ll reveal hundreds of links to various comments he’s made all over the internet. This is simple fact, and I wasn’t the first person to bring this point up. I’m merely reiterating a point brought up about PS=YT that someone else had previously mentioned way back before DH switched to WordPress. I have a good memory and I’m making sure newcomers are fully aware of the history. Don’t give me more credit than I deserve.

      • I am with you, Trey. I think you should be able to look someone up if you want. I find it more interesting to learn from Hipsternator that he is an IT guy with a love for Eastern European women and makes 100 dollars an hour as an Oracle IT guy. And he thinks more women lay him because he has money. It’s kind of hilarious.

      • Lee Jones says:

        Stevie, you may be right about the information having been provided to you rather than being something you spent time seeking out.
        The fact of the matter is that you are here, what, a couple your after you were “emotionally tormented” on the internet, still with nothing better to do sit online and take this stuff SERIOUSLY.

        Does this not get old for you? Do you not see how ridiculous this all is? And it’s not like you’re actually doing something interesting with all your feelings of “hurt.” Obsessing over trolls is a very trolly thing to do.
        Living as an anonymous blog rat really heals those “wounds,” huh…

        Now, I hope I’m not being too mean…after all, I don’t wanna see you start waxing nostalgic about how you were berated by yet another “self hating hipster.”

        A few years ago, a guy tried to sue me for something that I wasn’t guilty of. Bottom line was that nothing ever came of it and the moron was legally obliged to apologize. It did cost me a month of my life and a lot of real mental anguish, not just hurt feelings. You know what? I’m over it. It’s done. It sucked but I don’t need to worry about it anymore. If I got over my bad experiences, so can you.
        Stop playing victim. It’s incredibly immature. Or channel your “victimization” into something creative, like our friend Ed has.
        And if you want to be respected by more than a select few, stop hiding who you are. Leave that to those who aren’t wallowing in self pity.

  14. “The Search for Diehipster and his old men. | D I E, D I E
    H I P S T E R . C O M” truly got me simply
    addicted on ur web site! Idefinitely will wind up being
    back much more normally. Thanks -Hung

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